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How to get surfer hair for men?
04-04-2015, 09:55 AM
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How to get surfer hair for men?
Hello! I have a question about how to get surfer hair for men. What is the process that I have to ask for and where can I get this? A barbershop or do I have to go to like a special hair salon for this?

I created a thread with pictures of a hairstyle with surfer hair. What I mean by this is when the hair is dark but you get it blonde. I think the word in English is a 'dye' or 'bleaching'. I know in Spanish the word would be a 'dye'.

This is an example of surfer hair. I understand that the haircut should be longer but I am talking about the concept of blonde hair with dark hair.

[Image: 61dedb06a7e6869f9260861e2fe001bc.jpg]

[Image: e66c7ab9862f629abf557e98487c144d.jpg]

Is it possible in a barbershop or I have to go to a special hairdresser? Thanks for the answer!
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04-13-2015, 08:11 AM (This post was last modified: 04-13-2015 08:11 AM by US Asian.)
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RE: How to get surfer hair for men?
From what I know it's all about getting the hair bleached or getting highlights. The surfer dude hairstyle looks really cool if it's done properly but oh boy have I seen some disasters on friends of mine attempting the surfer dude look.

I can only imagine that the surfer hair style would also be affected by the sea water and sunlight. As for myself I have noticed that if I go a lot to the beach during summer my hair will fade a tiny bit. I have thick black hair and the only time that I have seen it fade in the slightest has been during summer breaks when I would go to the beach practically every day. No I'm not a surfer but I like to body-ride the waves on the shore.

Perhaps wait for an answer from one of the forum barbers. But it looks like you would need to go to a hair salon as the hairdressers there would know how to get surfer hair. If you ever get some kind of surfer hair style it would be awesome if you could post it here in the forum too as I would really be interested in seeing how it looks and for a future hairstyle reference!
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04-16-2015, 06:40 AM
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RE: How to get surfer hair for men?
Right if you have dark hair you will typically get your hair bleached first so it loses its melanin. The hair will look like a dirty white colour when the bleaching is finished. Despite the colour what that means is that your hair no longer has the melanin that gives your hair its natural colour.

After bleaching you can 'paint' over the hair as in dye it any colour. The chap on the pictures what he had done is his locks were partially bleached. The as the hair continues to grow with its natural colour that creates the contrast between the old bleached hair and the new dark hair. That's what most people associate with the surfer hair style.

If you have dark hair then the way to get surfer hair is to bleach the hair. Once you have bleached it you can apply a new colour coat or keep the dirty white blonde colour. However if you're a tanned lad or have dark skin the bleached colour will create a massive contrast that can look funny to some. But as your natural coloured hair grows you will start to get the bleached colour over naturally dark colour contrast that the guy in the pictures first.

If you were to bleach your hair to then wait for your natural hair to grow and create the contrast, then I would say you'd need to wait at the very least 4 weeks for the surfer hair style to kick in. Ideally wait six weeks but you will notice the surfer hair by the 3rd or 4th week. It also depends on your hair length but if you have the hair length of the guy in the picture, then four to six weeks of waiting time will be ideal to finally get the surfer hair style.

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