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How to get rid of greasy hair? men advice 0 0
How to get rid of greasy hair? men advice
10-18-2014, 11:49 AM
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How to get rid of greasy hair? men advice
I fear my natural tendency and too much pomade is adding to the greasiness of my hair, so would you know how to get rid of greasy hair? i also exercise and sweat, my diet is not the best either. Fish and chips for the win Big Grin what would you say are some good methods to avoid all this or remove or clean greasy hair?
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10-18-2014, 12:43 PM
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RE: How to get rid of greasy hair? men advice
Greasy hair can have many causes. Sometimes it isn't just one factor causing it either. It's even worse when people try to advise you who know nothing about the problem. Let's look at some of the things that are often blamed for causing greasy hair.

Dandruff shampoo

If left untreated, Dandruff can cause your hair to be greasy. If you have dandruff and aren't treating it, that may be your problem. If you're already using a dandruff shampoo, then your complaint may be that dandruff shampoo doesn't clean your hair properly. But if you stop using your dandruff shampoo, all this is going to achieve is greasy hair with dandruff. If dandruff shampoo is leaving your hair feeling not quite clean, try using a regular shampoo after you rinse out the dandruff shampoo.

Not washing your hair enough

Some people feel that people with greasy hair simply aren't washing their hair enough. In some cases, this may be true. However, that isn't always the problem. Washing your hair too much or scrubbing your scalp vigorously can stimulate your scalp causing even more oil to be produced, making your hair even more greasy. Washing your hair once a day is sufficient, and if your hair is still greasy, then try every other day to see if it makes a difference.

Cheap shampoo

People who have greasy hair generally look at this as the first problem. But I've known people who use shampoos of all prices and still have greasy hair. A side thought - old shampoo may not get your hair as clean as newer shampoo.

Hair care products

Hair conditioner is one of the things that people also blame for greasy hair. Using these products in excess will certainly make your hair a bit greasy. But if you stop using everything except shampoo, and your hair is still greasy then that wasn't the problem.

Eating greasy food

Eating healthy food makes for healthier hair. But eating greasy food doesn't make your hair greasy. To test this out, if a change in diet doesn't help then you have your answer.

Touching your hair

People's hands are generally dirty and they don't usually realize it. If you're constantly touching your hair, especially when your palms are a bit sweaty, this could cause your hair to be a bit oily. But that wouldn't cause greasy hair to happen in excess. If you touch your hair a lot or excessively brush it, this could stimulate those oil glands in your scalp and make your hair greasy.

Stress and hormone changes

Greasy hair can be caused by hormone changes and stress. In most cases, a hormone change does seem to be what causes greasy hair when all else has been ruled out. Given time, the problem may pass on its own. For men, greasy hair is caused by steroids as they skyrocket the levels of testosterone in the body. And for women, birth control pills can cause hormone changes. But all this should be dealt with a doctor if the greasy hair is from your hormones.
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