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How to get healthy long hair after bad products and grooming?
06-10-2015, 11:14 AM
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How to get healthy long hair after bad products and grooming?
Hi guys, my first post here so be gentle. I have really long thin (practically dead) hair, which with my new job I've had to start tying up in a ponytail. The problem is I have a lot of short/mid-length broken hair strands that stick out at the sides & look ridiculous, I've tried wetting it down with water & tucking it behind my ears but it doesn't help.

I have absolutely no clue about hair or hair products (if i did, maybe it wouldn't have ended up all dead & horrible looking in the first place Undecided) but anyway I was hoping someone could recommend something that would help.

I'd also be happy to hear any advice on my dead hair in general, tho I'm pretty sure it's far beyond saving at this point. Sad
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06-10-2015, 11:53 AM
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RE: new user needing help!
Welcome to the forum! It's tough assessing your hair without a picture, try and ask a mod if they'll let you post one. About your current hair, you can use a wax or pomade to slick those side hairs back. About the dead hair it could be a couple of things. The good new is there’s a lot you can do to improve your hair quality.

First off and most importantly, has your hair always been thin? The most important thing to remember is you can definitely improve your hair aesthetics, but keep in mind you're always going to be limited by your genetics.

With that said, there could also be a number of reasons for why you're hair is currently thin or "dead". Stress really does take a toll on your health, and it shows in your hair. If you're chronically under stress try and limit that. Your diet and lifestyle also plays a big role in your hair quality. If your diet is lacking in things such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, it'll show in your hair. Try and limit things like sugars and processed foods. Also if you're lacking sleep and/or not exercising, it can also lead to "dead" hair.

Styling and hair care is another factor that may be causing your hair to not look as good as can. If you regularly use a hair straightener or hair dryer without a heat protectant you can damage the hair pretty badly. It can make the hair look very think, wirey, and frizzy. Shampooing/conditioning your hair also has a big effect. Every time you shampoo your hair it's stripping your hair and scalp of all the sebum there. Sebum is the oil present on your scalp, which makes your hair look healthy and glossy. To limit this you need to condition your hair every time after you shampoo. You also don’t want to shampoo/condition every day. Try starting off with every 3 days, and give it 2 weeks or so and then assess your hair. If you find that your hair is too oily then shampoo more frequently, and if it’s too dry shampoo less often. Once you’ve implemented this, you might want to consider getting a haircut to get rid of all the “dead” hair and start fresh with your new healthy hair.

I briefly covered each topic, but there are a couple fantastic threads here with a lot more detail about each topic. There’s also a few books written by Rogelio which are fantastic reads. But to recap:

- Limit stress
- Eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle
- Avoid heat without using a heat protectant
- Make sure you condition your hair every time you shampoo
- Find the right shampoo frequency

Some threads which might be of use:

- Best hair products + what they do (and a link to the book)
- Vitamins and minerals for hair
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06-10-2015, 02:04 PM
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How to get healthy long hair after bad products and grooming?
Thanks for the fast reply, and for so much information I really appreciate it. Unfortunately my mum has very thin hair & my dad is bald so I was doomed from the start Dodgy

-Limit stress (suffer from agoraphobia so pretty much stressed all the time Undecided)
-Eat a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle (I live on Pizza, Pasta & fast food Sad )
-Avoid heat without using a heat protectant (that I can do Smile)
-Make sure you condition your hair every time you shampoo (always do Big Grin )
-Find the right shampoo frequency (will work on that Wink)

I've been wanting to change my diet/eat healthier & get in shape for a while now, so I guess thanks to my hair I have one more reason to start Tongue as for the immediate concern I'll be sure to have a good read through those links and hopefully find a good hair wax or hairstyling pomade to try and solve the problem.

Thanks again, glad I found this great little site! Smile
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