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How to get a silky smooth mane from rough and dry male hair?
08-17-2015, 05:59 PM
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How to get a silky smooth mane from rough and dry male hair?
Hi guys,

I used to have very silky hair. Over the past few years I have neglected my diet and now my hair is extremely rough and dry. I know that I am not going bald. My hair grows at a very good rate. However if I go on a diet, my hair starts to fall. If I improve my diet, my hair stops falling. But my hair, whether I diet or not, is now EXTREMELY dry and rough and looks burnt and dried out.

I have to put oil on my hair all the time. It looks like a person who had been travelling for days in the desert with his hair filled with sand.

Now I know it's the diet issue but I am failing to figure out what is causing this hair dryness. What kind of vitamins (etc) am I lacking which can help me to get my silky hair back?
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09-03-2015, 08:54 AM
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You will need a good hair conditioner, a hair mask and a high-quality styling cream.
You haven't mentioned anything about using a hair conditioner, so I will assume that you don't use one. The number-one tip to improve the silky aesthetics of dry hair for men is to use a good conditioner. You should already be using a conditioner on your hair anyway as part of your regular hair grooming routine but with dry men's hair, you simply must use a conditioner almost daily.

What I would do is to first get a good conditioner. See this men's hair products discussion and go a little bit down within the first post to where you find the "best conditioners" section. Buy the Argan oil conditioner. This conditioner will be your new friend and will improve the aesthetics of your hair over the course of the following four weeks.

Every day, use this conditioner. It doesn't matter whether you shampoo daily or not. Just get into the shower, wet your hair and apply the conditioner. If you don't know how to use a conditioner, here are the instructions:
  1. Wet your hair first.
  2. Grab the conditioner and coat all of your hair with it. A thin film of the conditioner on your hair strands will work well. However you can coat your hair with as much conditioner as you want.
  3. Now, you leave the conditioner on your hair for two minutes as you continue cleaning the rest of your body. This is very important, you must leave the conditioner on your hair for two minutes so that the conditioner works its moisturizing magic on your hair.
  4. After the two minutes are over, you rinse out the conditioner with water. Just us the shower bulb to rinse out the conditioner. This won't take you any longer than a minute, if at all.
So those are the instructions on how to use a hair conditioner for men. Since your hair is so dry and possibly damaged, you will also want to get a hair mask to give a boost to your hair aesthetics.

A hair mask is similar to a hair conditioner but a hair mask is more powerful and it will help a lot in giving you silky and smooth hair. To use a hair mask, you apply it on wet hair like with the conditioner above, but instead of leaving the hair mask on your hair for two minutes, you will leave the hair mask on your hair for fifteen to thirty minutes.

During those fifteen to thirty minutes as the hair mask is left on your hair and works its magic, you can leave the shower and get on with your day. A great day to use a hair mask is when you have the whole day to yourself like most guys do on a Sunday. So you wait patiently for the hair mask to work its magic during those fifteen to thirty minutes as you read the newspaper or watch television.

I would recommend that you leave the hair mask on your hair for thirty minutes the first time that you use the hair mask. Any other days when you use the hair mask, you can leave the hair mask for a shorter amount of time but the hair mask must always be left on your hair for longer than fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes is a good time period for men's hair when it comes to using a hair mask.

A hair mask is to be used periodically, anywhere from once a week to once a month. Most guys do great with using a hair mask once a month. However in your case, I recommend that you use the hair mask once a week for the next four weeks. This frequency of use for the hair mask will work a miracle on your hair provided that you also use a conditioner daily. On those days that you have to use the hair mask (for example, every Sunday), you don't use the conditioner and you instead use the hair mask alone.

There have been some great hair masks recommended in the forum. An excellent hair mask is the hair mask recommended in this post by one of the senior forum moderators. Read the linked post to get a better idea of what a hair mask is and click the link of the recommended hair mask. It's the perfect solution for your situation.

Lastly, to style your hair you should be using a styling cream. Don't use hair gel, pomade or hair wax, instead use a styling cream and styling creams are the best men's hair products to style rough dry hair.

After rinsing out the conditioner, you leave the shower and towel-dry your hair. Leave your hair slightly damp (so there is some wetness in the hair) and then use the styling cream to style your hair. Then once a week you use a hair mask instead of the conditioner and after you rinse out the hair mask, you can leave your hair un-styled or you can style it with a good styling cream.

Like with the other men's hair products, there are some excellent recommendations for styling creams in the forum. Two styling creams that are great products to improve the aesthetics of your hair and to give you silky and smooth hair are the following (see each link):
  • See the recommended styling cream in this list of recommended hair products for men. Like with the conditioner (which is also found in that linked list of men's hair products), you will have to browse down a little bit until you get to the section inside the first post that is labeled as "Best hair cream or styling cream". The styling cream recommended here is simply excellent and will work extremely well when used as a treatment for dry hair with the conditioner and the hair mask.
  • See this list of hair products for Leonardo Di Caprio's hairstyles and get the styling cream in the link that is recommended for the curtained hairstyle. That styling cream is cheaper than the other styling cream above and it is also a very good styling cream nonetheless and despite the lower price.
So here's again the list of products that you need to get to improve your hair from dry and rough to silky and smooth:
  • A conditioner to be used daily.
  • A hair mask to be used once a week.
  • A styling cream to be used whenever you want to style your hair.
If you are unsure about any of this then let me know. By the way all of this is explained in a book called The Men's Hair book which is regarded (and which I also regard) as the hair encyclopedia for men. See this thread if you're interested in getting the book but plain and simple, the book is excellent and it's worth every cent and then some more.
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09-03-2015, 09:14 AM
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Nutrition is very important for great-looking hair in men as well as healthy hair.
One more thing to add is that when it comes to vitamins, the essential vitamins for men's hair and male health are the following as listed below:
  • Vitamin A: you can get this from meat, liver and vitamin-enriched milk.
  • Vitamin C: you can get this from most fruits and most colorful vegetables.
  • Vitamin E: you can get this from nuts, olive oil and wheat germ oil.
As for other nutrients for great men's hair, we also have:
  • Zinc: you can get this from read meat, eggs and chicken.
  • Iodine: most plant food and meat have iodine but there are some areas in the world where iodine is lacking in the soil. It's mostly in very hot or very cold areas that have deserts.
  • Omega-3 fats: you can get this from eating oily fish like salmon and cod. The best product with omega-3 fats for men's hair is cod liver oil since cod liver oil also has a lot of natural vitamin A.
All the above nutrients for great male hair have been discussed in the forum before. One great forum resource to read is this linked forum discussion on the essential vitamins and nutrients for men's hair as this discussion is full of some of the best nutritional advice that you will find on the internet when it comes to discussion healthy hair on both women and men. You will also find several recommended sellers for each of these nutrients and I do know that the senior moderators in the forum are constantly searching for the best deals online to recommend to all of us.

A balanced diet with some smart supplementation is the best approach to having strong and healthy hair that is both smooth and silky. I suggest that you read that hair-nutrition discussion in the link and ask questions in your thread here or open a new thread if you want to ask questions about specific vitamins and nutrients for men's hair.
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