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How to get a close shave with a razor and wet shaving 0 0
How to get a close shave with a razor and wet shaving
08-12-2014, 02:28 PM
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Thumbs Up How to get a close shave with a razor and wet shaving
To get the closest shave with a razor, I highly recommend to use at least a double edged disposable razor, the more blades the better. I've always have bad experiences with single edge and electric razors for the closest shave. The only time I use an electric razor is when trimming my beard and mustache. I prefer wet shaving which refers to shaving done with a disposable razor.

The best practice before you shave is to wake up the skin and soften the hair. If you have to shave when you first wake up in the morning, wait 20 minutes. Your face may be swollen from sleep and needs time to regain its tautness. Cleansing your face before you shave is important with a facial soap to help remove dead skin and excess dirt and oil.

Be sure to use warm water to clean your face before applying your shaving cream or gel. The warm water will help soften your hair, making it easier to cut. You may want to apply a hot towel a few times, especially if you have coarse hair. After applying warm water to the face, apply and massage in your shaving gel, and let that set in to moisten the hair.

When wet shaving, it is best to shave "with the grain" of your hair growth. On your cheeks and chin, this will usually be downward. On your neck, this will be upward, though everyone's hair growth differs. Shaving with the grain will make it a little easier on your skin. Your shaving method should be methodical, don't just shave in sporadic spots on your face, as you will miss spots or go over the same spot too many times and chaff your skin. A good method is to begin with your side burns, cheeks, and neck. Finish with the upper lip and chin.

While you are shaving, use your free hand to gently pull the skin taut to avoid nicks. If you pull your skin to be very taut, you will get a closer shave,but if you get razor bumps/ingrown hairs you might want to avoid pulling the skin too tightly (or shaving against the grain), as you'll risk cutting the hairs slightly below skin level.

Regularly rinse your razor in hot water and tap it on the sink to dislodge clogged hair and cream or gel. A clogged blade will not cut your hair correctly. When you are done shaving, rinse your face with cool water. Gently pat your face dry. I found it reduces red bumps when you use cool water to rinse.

After-shave toners help remove any residue left over from shaving, close the pores, and refresh the skin.

If you've cut yourself shaving Use a styptic pencil There are a couple of other products on the market to heal shaving cuts, including roll-on products that contain natural ingredients such as aloe.
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