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How to get Jay Alvarrez Hair Style
06-14-2015, 05:20 PM
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How to get Jay Alvarrez Hair Style
My hair is between wavy and straight and I was wondering if there is any way that I could train my hair to be as wavy as Jay Alvarrez's hair and also get his cool wavy hairstyle. It is amazing!
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08-29-2015, 12:13 PM
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RE: How to get Jay Alvarrez Hair Style
It's a myth that one can train his own hair to look like someone else's hair. It's a big myth actually and it has no logic since hair is made up of dead keratin cells piled on top of each other. Unfortunately myths like this one are very common, even with hairstyling professionals who should know better.

Forget about training your hair. The hair of Jay Alvarrez is wavy and his hairstyle is quite easy to do. All that you need is his hair type (wavy hair), his hair length (six inches of hair length) and the right hair product to enhance your curls (a styling cream).

The main thing here is to have his hair length and hair type. I take it that you do have his wavy hair so that should not be an issue. In the case that your hair is a little bit straighter than his hair or that your hair is a little bit curlier than his, then use a good styling cream (see the styling cream in this list of recommended hair products).

You will need six inches of hair length which falls under the long-hair category. Depending on how long your hair is at the moment, you may take between two months to twelve months to get Jay Alvarrez's surfer hairstyle.

Another great hair product for long wavy hair is a leave-in conditioner. This type of men's hair product is one that many wavy haired guys do not know of, even though it's extremely useful to keep your wavy curls in check and have them fuller and with a thicker body. While the styling cream above will give you a similar hairstyle result but with a high hair-shine, a leave-in conditioner will not give you any hair shine and will simply make your wavy curls look much better. See this list of leave-in conditioners to go through a selection of some of the best leave-in conditioners for guys with wavy hair. Any of the leave-in conditioners from that list will do the job very well.

I'll post below some pictures of Jay Alvarez's hairstyle, it should give you a good idea of the type of hairstyle that he has and also give you some good inspiration to grow your wavy hair longer. Long wavy hair is the perfect hair type to grow a surfer hairstyle. By the way the hair of Jay Alvarrez in the pictures varies a little bit in length, but six inches of hair length should be your starting point if you want the same surfer hairstyle of Jay Alvarrez.

[Image: 900faf4bf18bb037933666292ea45362.jpg]

[Image: 7345563f75b2370ff1c9eb256554165b.jpg]

[Image: eaa600b69dfb76d5e4f9868eee376ddd.jpg]

[Image: 59e5918647ba6c22d381b5897acb8b89.jpg]

[Image: 9dc1f6374d0aed1a6f3070cfb83eaeee.jpg]

[Image: bf4fd983bf598c832cecda8fd07fd6d7.jpg]

[Image: 3bd95b1c7fc6a164eacef6b41c2ffcc7.jpg]

[Image: b96159b9c4b1594afca7603c6a780cd1.jpg]

[Image: 4517ad9efa1fb14e036a2b91e96dac95.jpg]

[Image: fdda88c8776483b4c030a1c56875ad31.jpg]

[Image: f9a732a525e84fa4cf258dc8e8bc8ab6.jpg]

[Image: c8bc32ee560a804ee2b26d95f1daafba.jpg]

[Image: 458c0e8c077a18e94c9fa908ee8a54ef.jpg]

[Image: f835e44e68dbbf4c8e0a4a933d7b89a0.jpg]
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