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How to do braids hairstyles for men: Combination braid style
06-20-2015, 07:27 AM
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Thumbs Up How to do braids hairstyles for men: Combination braid style
For those of us with long hair we have lots of hairstyles available included braided hairstyles. Lately I've been playing around with braids like the French plait and the English plait, but it can get more complex than that. So here's the advice for creative braided hairstyle: the combination braid.

A combination braid is any time two braids come together into one braid at the back. The beginning braids can be any number of strand and the final braid can be either the same number of strands as the first two, or the combined number of strands minus one. If the beginning braids each have an odd number of strands, you will have to combine the far left strand of the right hand braid with the far right strand of the left hand braid to maintain an odd number of strands.

Directions to style a combination braid:
1) Learn how to do a french braid.

2) Part the hair down the center of the head, both front and back.

[Image: SxEkbql.gif]

3) Clip the hair from one side of the head out of the way.

4) Begin a french braid at the front of one side of the head. I prefer to braid starting with the strand closest to the face; in this example, on the right.

5) Continue the braid to the base of the scalp, taking care to finish with the braid as close to the center as possible. Whether you want the braid to start low and scoop in an arc to the back, or start high, pull to the back and gradually curve down (as in example), it's up to you and your artistic choice.

[Image: lcqmEtH.gif]

6) Braid a couple more times below the last addition of a section of hair, and clip off the braid.

7) Braid the second braid as the first, again starting with the strand closest to the face (on the second side, this will be the left hand strand).

8) Hold the braid on the left in your left hand; unclip and hold the strands of right braid in your right hand. You will want to undo the extra braiding you did (which will have come partially undone in the clipping and unclipping process anyway). Make sure that each strand is braided so that the next move on each braid is to braid from the outside in.

[Image: CLanhkt.gif]

9) Combine the two middle strands.

10) Either combine the two strands on the left and combine the two strands on the right (as shown) or leave these strands as they are and continue with a five-strand braid.

[Image: KZtyMM6.gif]

11) Continue braiding as for a simple 3-strand braid.

12) Tie off the braid.

[Image: AwicqCA.gif]

It's not a common braid hairstyle for men but it will give you a quasi Ragnar Lothbrok look and anyway if the manbun hairstyle has made it as a popular hairstyle then why not this type of braid hairstyle?? Big Grin
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06-28-2015, 11:39 AM
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RE: How to do braids hairstyles for men: Combination braid style
Thanks for this braiding guide. The hairstyle may look a bit girly but hey if you have some spare time and want to practise braiding you hair I think it's a fair hairstyle to try at home. I'm wanting to start braiding my kinky curly hair as soon as it gains some more length.

Do you think a braid like this one or that single french plait can be done for kinky curly hair? I ask this because I've seen these types of braids done mostly on straight hair or wavy hair. Then you have cornrows and thin braids as the braiding styles for black guys with kinky curly hair but I'm interested in trying other braided hairstyles.

Would you happen to know if such a braiding style can be done on african american hair?
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