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How to do Conchita Wurst beard 0 0
How to do Conchita Wurst beard
05-11-2014, 11:14 AM
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How to do Conchita Wurst beard
Did any one of you watch Eurovision? and if any did do you know how to do Conchita Wurst beard? surely it is a fake beard so what products are used by the guy who interprets Conchita Wurst? I cannot remember where I saw it you guys were saying how the beard of Conchita Wurst was fake and that he used paint for the beard.

My mind is blown with this guy... come on so it is a guy named Tom Neuwirth who dresses like a Kim Kardashian lookalike but keeps the beard. But the beard looks fake... not that i want to imitate the look lol but well curious about how he does the beard to look like that.

[Image: 399px-20140321_Dancing_Stars_Conchita_Wurst_4187.jpg]

[Image: 400px-Kim_Kardashian_2011.jpg]
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05-11-2014, 03:39 PM
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RE: How to do Conchita Wurst beard
Alex, we have indeed discussed Conchita Wurst's beard. And yes, Conchita Wurst's beard is fake, if anything because the person behind the Conchita Wurst persona, Thomas Neuwirth can hardly grow any facial hair himself, let alone a full thick beard. What he does is use a special type of makeup as well as synthetic fibers to get the beard going as well as giving it shape and fullness that most guys would be jealous of Big Grin

You can actually see the beard fading away in paint in several of Conchita's pictures.

[Image: wurst230212hoff726.jpg]

[Image: 5831844404_58c9b04a1c_b.jpg]

[Image: Conchita+Wurst+conchita.jpg]

And now compare those pictures to these 2 pictures below of his "supposedly" full thick beard.

[Image: 108.964.201]

[Image: conchita_wurst2.jpg]

To do Conchita Wurst's beard, you will need a type of makeup used in theater plays. You should ideally have some facial hair grown already so that the facial hair can enhance the "painted" beard and make it look like a real beard, and that is what Thomas Neuwirth actually does. So, once you have grown some facial hair (i.e. mustache, sideburns and chin hair), you then use a special theatrical makeup kit to create a beard. A great theatrical makeup kit to create a beard like the one of Conchita is this special makeup kit that has everything you need to layer and shape the beard. You can use that makeup kit in the link for many other types of special makeup effects, so not just to recreate a fake beard (although it works really well for that).

To further enhance the fake beard, you can also use Toppik, which is a synthetic-fiber product that attaches to the facial hair you may already have grown (as mentioned above). The synthetic fiber of Toppik does a great job at adding bulk and fullness to the beard, and, in fact, Toppik is actually used as a hair loss product for concealing heavy balding and hair thinning as the synthetic fibers make it look like you have real hair! An "off label" use of Toppik is using it on your beard to give a much fuller and thicker appearance Big Grin We already have had a couple of forum members trying this Toppik method (with and without the makeup kit) and they all reported the Toppik worked pretty well for thickening the beard!

Anyway, if you also want to try Toppik, then check out this huge range of synthetic fibers by Toppik and chose the color and tone that matches that of your beard or the fake beard you will be creating.

So there, that's how you do the beard of Conchita Wurst! Feel free to try this method, even if it is only to show off an uber manly beard Wink

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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05-15-2014, 03:54 PM
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RE: How to do Conchita Wurst beard
lol sorry I really had to ask it! everyone at work was asking is COnchita Wurst beard real?? knew it was fake but could not remember the paint part of it and the whole beard and Kim Kardashian look was the whole talk for the day with the women i have at work lol one even asked if a woman could really grow a beard like that...

[Image: tiX5Pnb.jpg]
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