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How to cut curly hair for men? Wet, damp or dry curls? Advice 0 0
How to cut curly hair for men? Wet, damp or dry curls? Advice
03-18-2015, 07:42 AM
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How to cut curly hair for men? Wet, damp or dry curls? Advice
I wanted to ask this question not just for advice but to also know the experiences of others, so how do you cut curly hair for men? Cut with dry curls or wet curls? When I mention wet curls I'm talking of when barbers use that water spray to wet your hair or when you get the hair shampooed before the curly haircut.

From my experience curly hair should be cut dry. I see barbers grabbing the water spray and wetting the bejesus out of curly hair before cutting the curls. Most barbers do this cause of how they learned to cut straight hair. Not just because they think wet curly hair is better for haircuts. I started paying more attention after learning of the reasons to cut curly hair dry from The Mens Hair Book.

So you curly guys out there, how do you cut your curls? Smile
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03-19-2015, 05:28 AM
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It's best to cut curly hair when dry than when wet.
Curly hair should ideally be cut dry; there should be no wetting of the curls prior to the haircut. The reason for this is because curly hair when wet is weighted down and the curls are loosened. This means that when cutting the hair wet, the haircut will cut a certain shape that will look completely different when the hair dries and is in its natural state.

The above difference between wet and dry goes back to the teaching from The Curly Hair Book. There are two types of hair lengths for curly hair: extended length and visible length, and it's the extended length that is cut when the hair is wet, which yields a much shorter (than expected) visible length. That's pretty much the reason for avoiding cutting curly hair when it's wet. This is a special problem for curly men with medium length and long length curls as the difference between extended length and visible length is huge.

A classic example of haircuts for curly hair going bad is when only cutting a small amount of wet hair and the haircut looking all dapper and nice. However, when the dude who just got the haircut arrives to his house and the hair dries on the way home, the hair will look much shorter than what it looked like on the barbershop! Not only that, but the hair will look completely different than it did in the barbershop when it was wet, and the only way to get the same haircut and hairstyle shape obtained in the barbershop is to wet the curls again and keep them from drying! Big Grin

Generally speaking, try to get your curly hair cut dry or with very minimal dampening with the water spray. Some skilled barbers and hairdressers can cut curly hair when it is relatively damp (but not wet), but these types of skilled barbers and hairdressers are rare and you'd have to go to a specialized curly hair salon or barbershop to be able to find such a barber or hairdresser.

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03-21-2015, 07:47 AM
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RE: How to cut curly hair for men? Wet, damp or dry curls? Advice
Not that i have curly hair like you but i also find the same with the haircut done with wet hair. For me the best haircut is always with dry hair. What i do is i tell the barber to keep the hair dry for the haircut but to use the water spray when he is done with the top so i can style it as he does the short hair on the sides/back so that way you can check how good the haircut is looking up to that moment.
That's just me but i always ask my barber to start cutting from the top for that reason. Some guys prefer from the bottom or their barbers just start cutting without asking, actually most barbers don't ask and just start buzzing the sides/back.
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