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How to control wavy hair flat or slicked during awkward stage
09-11-2015, 02:24 PM
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How to control wavy hair flat or slicked during awkward stage

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the encouragement and compliment. Yes I use Pantene smooth conditioner after head and shoulders 2in1 refresh (1-2 days/week) and L'Oreal Ever creme sulfate free shampoo and conditioner maybe 2 times a week. I use L'Oreal sleek and shine leave in conditioner every time I shampoo and typically add almond oil to it for extra moisture. In the picture above I was about 2 or 3 days from my last shampoo, hence the greasiness.

Should I try and wear the bangs down like a fringe in the pictures below? Or should I keep trying to slick it back? The products I use (FX surf paste) only holds for about 3 hours which is annoying working retail when I bend over I can feel it flop. I did just splurge on some v76 Vaughn medium hold styling cream.

Today (picture below) I put a bandanna on after showering to stop the curl and flatten the bangs a bit.

I'm debating rocking an Alice band, trying to slick it back like Bradley cooper or just letting the sides hang over my ears with the bangs pressed against my forehead (ex. No curl with the bandanna trick). The fact is I can only fight gravity for so long ha ha! I can post more pics of how it looks in each style

What are your thoughts? I'd rather not use product a lot because I feel I have to shampoo more often. Not sure if I need to shampoo every day I use a paste or styling cream?

[Image: SWTLqzJ.jpg]

[Image: 38Pb5wv.jpg]

[Image: kvAbi4c.jpg]
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09-11-2015, 02:28 PM
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RE: Awkward hair stage while growing wavy hair long?
Slicked hair with paste:

[Image: LKcTTq0.jpg]

[Image: 4HujTb4.jpg]

[Image: 8pldfBp.jpg]
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09-12-2015, 10:40 AM
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The best way to manage the awkward hair stage is with longer hair and styling creams.
I think that your wavy hair is looking great so far as the awkward hair stage goes. You've managed to tame it and the most important thing when it comes to the awkward hair growth stage is to keep the frizz away and the wavy curls shaped nicely. You've gotten both so that's as much as you can do for now until you hair gets a bit longer.

The solution to encourage gravity to do its thing is to add weight to your hair which is why all the barbers in this forum (myself included) recommend that you grow your hair longer if you want it to be flatter and dangling.

Your hair product selection looks good to endure the awkard hair stage. You're using a leave-in conditioner and a styling cream which are the two best products to style your hair during the awkward hair growth stage.

It seems like you are not very happy with the results that the V76 Vaughn medium hold styling cream is giving you. So maybe look into the styling cream for the curtains hairstyle of Leonardo DiCaprio that you will see recommended in the link. That styling cream is quite cheap and does a good job.

If you can splurge a little bit more on a styling cream then do get the Moroccan oil styling cream recommended in the official men's hair products thread.

A bandana will flatten your wavy hair but it will also flatten the cool wavy shape of the hair so you're trading flatter hair for having less wavier hair. You have great hair and the wavy curls are looking good so I would instead just go with an Alice band or a headband if you want to keep your curls out of your forehead or face.

There are two main thread to read about headbands and Alice bands:
  • Read the men's hair accessories guide for different types of headbands for men.
  • Read this thread about Gareth Bale's Alice band as soccer player Gareth Bale has helped to popularize Alice bands in 2015. An Alice band is a hard headband while the other headbands are made of cotton or other elastic textile materials. You can also find where to buy Alice headbands in the men's hair accessories guide.
The headbands in the men's hair accessories guide and the Alice bands recommended in that thread of Gareth Bale's hair are very cheap so you can always get one or two pieces of each type of headband and Alice band. I would definitively go with a headband than with a bandana as headbands will not flatten and break the round shape of your wavy curls.

When I was embedding your pictures I noticed that you mention something about a mullet for your last set of pictures. That type of mullet that you have isn't the typical mullet but is instead called a Metro Mullet and can look quite stylish if you bother to use some of the styling cream on it. Just don't grow it over four inches in length as otherwise you will be stepping into the territory of real trashy mullets.
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09-14-2015, 06:00 PM
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RE: How to control wavy hair flat or slicked during awkward stage
Hey Panther,

I tried logging into my other account, but I forgot the password and tried to make a new one multiple times with no luck. So I just made a new account. Thanks so much for the kind words!
How much longer will the awkward phase last?

I tried rocking an Alice band to help with the bangs... I felt pretty self conscious when wearing it. Not sure if it's just something I need to get used to or what. Tell me what you think! I have a post on (can't post pics here) the Fierce Flow sub-reddit.

Do you think I just need to "train" my hair to go back to allow it to lay back more? It may be flopping due to me having a side part since the beginning of growing it out. Maybe I'll just wear bandanas, hats and Alice bands while at home so It can lay slicked back with ease. I'd appreciate any tips or advice!

And yes I do use a conditioner. I use the Ever creme conditioner by L'Oreal and sleek and shine leave in conditioner by Garnier. I've been trying to wash my hair as little as possible (2-4 times per week) but I'm not sure if I use paste, styling cream or wax I should shampoo every day I use that.


Quote:Hey Panther,

Thanks so much for the well constructed comment and advice. I forgot I posted this so I added another comment in a different thread (by Nickel I think?). I forgot my Wesrob351 account password and tried to reset it multiple times with no luck. So I just made a new one ha ha. I would include a pic with the Alice band but it won't let me!

I think I will definitely wear hats or headbands for now. If I am in a formal setting I will use some cream to slick it back a bit.

Once it gets longer I may try the curtain style!

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09-15-2015, 08:41 AM
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Use an oil-based pomade or a strong-hold hair gel for the slicked back hairstyle.
Since this thread was created by me as I took your initial post on the other thread, I've also posted your last reply in that other thread. This way we avoid getting mixed up so that you get your own replies instead of getting replies in the thread that was started by someone else.

I upgraded you account so that you can post pictures with this new account of yours. I also merged your other account so that all your posts are under this new account that you created, so please continue using this new account from now on.

I think that you're handing the awkward stage of your wavy hair very well. If you really want to flatten your hair and go for the slicked back hair style then you can choose an oil-based pomade or a very-strong hair gel. The problem with both of these products is that they're hard to remove so you will have to shampoo your hair at night to remove the products' residue bits. You mentioned that you follow the same guidelines of not shampooing every day as per the No Shampoo method from Rogelio Samson which is a great method of making sure that your wavy hair looks great. The problem is that using really strong-holding hair products will mean that you will have to modify your shampooing frequency.

If you're so interested in flattening you hair as per the slicked back hairstyle or the side swept hairstyle then I recommend that you choose any of these two oil-based hair pomades listed in the linked post or that you get any of the strong-hold gels from this list of great men's hair gels which was also posted by another forum moderator. I'd go for the Mohawk hair gel if I were you considering that you need a very strong hold for your wavy hair.

As far as being self-conscious about wearing an Alice band... Don't worry about it. Headbands for men are extremely common nowadays and the Alice band is becoming more and more popular especially in Europe. My barber friends from Europe have told me that they're seeing it a lot since Gareth Bale made the slicked back hairstyle with an Alice band very popular in countries like the United Kingdom and Spain. You can see Gareth Bale's slicked back hair with the Alice band in this link that I've just posted.

This is how your slicked back wavy hair with an Alice band would look like (this picture is of Gareth Bale, a soccer player, and you can find many more pictures of this hairstyle of his in the link above):

[Image: 1410078235_extras_mosaico_noticia_1_g_0.jpg]

Training one's own hair is a huge myth. Trust me on this as a barber: you cannot train your hair, this is not just wrong but also a fallacy. Think about it for a second, your hair stands are made of inert cells. Your hair strands aren't even alive, the only part of your hair that is alive is the scalp where the follicles reside. But the follicles keep pumping out hair-strand material (i.e. your hair growth) in the same way that DNA says so. Don't fall for the "hair-training" myth and don't fall for anyone telling you that you can train your hair.

One thing though is that some hairdressers will say that you can train your hair by heat styling it and perming it. But calling it hair straining is meaningless. A perm is basically hair that has been modified to be in a certain shape for the long term, this is done with chemicals and with a lot of heat which modifies the hair. But you ain't training your hair, you're just modifying the heck out of it for a lot of money and then you have to take care of it otherwise you hair will fall off from the heat that it was put through. I don't recommend perming your hair unless you're obsessed with having straight hair or having really curly-coiled long hair, which isn't your situation in either of these two cases.

You're already doing everything that men should be doing when it comes to hair care. You're using a conditioner and a leave-in conditioner, and you're not shampooing daily, which are immense factors in managing the awkward stage of hair growth, and in your case it shows because your wavy hair currently looks great. As a barber I would say that to your if you came to my barbershop for a haircut (I like to complement a customer's head of locks if they're well taken care of).

If you want to flatten you hair then do like I said before. Use an oil-based pomade or a strong-hold hair gel from the two links I posted. But only flatten your hair every once in a while, the rest of the time let your wavy locks dangle around as you maintain your good hair care habits. In six to ten months you will have a great long wavy mane to show for, take my word for it.

One last thing: do not thin out your hair or get a haircut. Just let it all grow out as you have (more or less) an even hair length across the scalp, which is the best way to grow hair long in men.
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09-15-2015, 01:13 PM
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RE: How to control wavy hair flat or slicked during awkward stage

Thanks so much!!

Is it true that it can be easier to push my hair back if I comb it back and wear a hat or beanie after showering for a bit? I guess I didn't word my question well. I meant like would it be easier for my hair to stay back after I have been combing it back for a week or more? I understand that the hair will not grow in that new position after it has been combed back, but would the hair shaft itself flatten out temporarily so that it is more manageable? I hope that makes since. Maybe that's the same definition as training.

And I have no desire to do a chemical treatment! I love having the waves! I'm hoping they become more pronounced as my hair grows out. My mom has a really thick head of wavy hair, and I think I in"hair"ited her hair genes ha ha.

Thanks so much for the compliment on my hair. I'm definitely trying my best to do everything I can to take good care of it. I figure if i am suffering through bad hair days for the long locks I might as well go all the way to make sure it looks as best as it can once it's a mature mane?. My buddy is growing his out but unfortunately his hair looks pretty dry when I last saw it...such a shame .

Good tip too on not thinning or trimming the hair. I guess thinning it out will cause flyways when I am able to bun it. I wasn't planning on touching it until i exceed goal length, despite my moms advice to get a trim ha thanks! Ill have a stylist even it up if it needs it once I surpass shoulder length.

Hmm that's interesting. I've read a few articles suggesting that you grow about 4 inches on top and shaving the sides first. After that they suggest growing it. I definitely prefer having near same length to avoid a "mushroom" look from an undercut. Starting from close to the same length allows a nice layered look when it is grown out.

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09-15-2015, 01:23 PM (This post was last modified: 09-15-2015 01:24 PM by WesleyGarrett.)
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RE: How to control wavy hair flat or slicked during awkward stage
Here is a few pictures with the headband in. This is after I wore a hat immediately after showering. It definitely helped to flatten my hair when I wore a hat right after. I think I would definitely rather wear an Alice band and maybe stand out a bit in the U.S., than to have to comb my bangs back 100 times a day!!

Do you think Alice bands can cause hair breakage or damage?


I couldn't post a clickable link so I added spaces between the "/" and "m"
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12-30-2015, 07:56 PM
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RE: How to control wavy hair flat or slicked during awkward stage
Well I came in here to offer some help but Panther took care of that much better than I could.

Only thing I can tell from the pictures is that it looks like you have a cowlick right in the center, my bad if I'm wrong hard to tell from the picture.

But if you're having issues with that then no worries it will get weighed down once your hair gets longer. I have a very similar cowlick near the same spot.
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