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How to avoid dandruff in black mens hair? 0 0
How to avoid dandruff in black mens hair?
11-25-2014, 01:56 PM
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How to avoid dandruff in black mens hair?
I would think that the solution for dandruff in men was the same. Still would there be any special black mens hair dandruff solution? includes for natural hair men.
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11-26-2014, 11:57 AM
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RE: How to avoid dandruff in black mens hair?
Dandruff treatment is the same as for men of other races, and that also includes how to avoid dandruff. Just remember that dandruff treatment does not equal a dandruff cure as you will be able to read in the posted link.

One common tip to get rid of seborrheic dermatitis, more commonly known as heavy dandruff, is to wash the hair and scalp daily with over-the-counter or medical anti-dandruff shampoo. From my experience though, washing hair this often will dry out the scalp and could possibly make the dandruff worse.

Black men hair tends to be less oily, so the average time frame to wash hair is once a week or so. Slower sebum production is one of the reasons why African-American hair care experts and consumers buy hair products like jojoba oil and coconut oil-to add moisture to the hair to help with styling, preventing an itchy scalp or treating dry hair. The problem with many of the hair oils sold in stores is that they contain mineral oils or petrolatum, which makes hair shiny, but doesn't do much to moisturize the scalp.

Even an African-American man who shaves his hair off and uses Vaseline as a moisturizer can have a dry scalp. This is why oil products or skin moisturizers like cocoa butter or shea butter that actually moisturize the scalp are a better choice. For people who live in extremely cold or hot climates, dandruff may be more common and require more hair moisturizer.

Dandruff is actually skin cells renewing themselves too fast and too much. As new skin cells develop, the old skin cells push their way to the front. Dry hair tends to make skin cells renew at a more rapid pace.

For African-American men who choose to lock their hair (into dreadlocks) for the first time, hair oil is especially important. Right at the beginning when locking, not washing hair for up to five weeks is a good idea so as to make sure the hair locks. If washed more often than that within the first weeks, the hair will unravel. The locking ointment is also a moisturizer for the head during this process. However, after the dreads have locked, dreadlocked hair must be washed the same amount that any other hair type would be washed and to the frequency that is best for you (you can see our shampoo and conditioner thread for advice on shampoo and frequency of use).

When black men wear their hair long in hairstyles like cornrows, locks or wavy Afros, the hair may need as much maintenance as the hair and hairstyles of black women. For black men who have perms, the hair treatment is just about the same as it is for black women too. Oftentimes, men who permed their hair will also have many issues with dryness that comes about from excess heat with curling irons, blow dryers, styling gels, styling lotions, hair spray, hair sheen and chemicals from perms.

The more heat and products that are used on a man's scalp, the more likely the hair will dry out, which will require more oil and shampooing to eliminate dry, itchy scalps and dandruff.

Topical solutions to treat dandruff include zinc pyrithione, Alpha-exfoliating agents like hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acid, antibacterial therapies, or five to eight drops of steroid-based shampoo. I have given a list of anti dandruff shampoos that will treat any dandruff or itching issue that isn't overly worrying.

For those unfamiliar with steroid shampoos, steroid ointments are often only given by prescription. In fact, you must always consult a doctor before deciding to treat heavy cases of dandruff or using any other shampoo or solution that isn't over the counter in your state or country. Sometimes what looks like dandruff can be a little more serious.
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12-10-2014, 09:44 AM
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RE: How to avoid dandruff in black mens hair?
Yeah thanks for that. I wasn't that sure on dandruff differences for black men or natural hair. Good to know the managing is the same as the threads in the forum really help with choosing the right solutions.
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