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Home hair dyeing tips for men 0 0
Home hair dyeing tips for men
12-10-2014, 10:42 AM
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Home hair dyeing tips for men
I would like to post below some tips on home hair dyeing for men. I just replied to another thread about hair colouring, then I looked around for similar threads in the forum and saw that there has been little talk of home hair dyeing. From my experience at a hair salon, hair colouring is way less popular with men, but it's still there and considering how easy it is to dye your hair at home. I posted in this thread which gave me the idea to cover this topic a little bit more for any of you interested in changing the colour of your hair.

For starters dyeing your hair at home can be messy if you don't know how to prepare for your home to become a temporary mini hair salon. By getting all your materials gathered ahead of time, you can ensure a successful and stain-free hair experience. Dyeing you own hair no longer has to be a hassle if you're prepared.

First, cover the floors with newspaper, old sheets, or cheap tablecloths. Make sure whatever covers you floor is something you won't mind getting stained. Cover any areas you might need to walk over while dyeing your hair, from the areas by the toilet all the way to the sink. You don't want your floor getting stained, trust me on that. If you do accidentally drop hair dye somewhere other than the designated cover area, then be sure to wipe it up immediately before it makes a permanent stain.

Don't forget to bring a simple kitchen cooking timer or stopwatch in the bathroom with you. You can easily set the required number of minutes for your dye to set. This will ensure your hair doesn't get too much or too little quality dye time. You also won't have to keep your eye on the clock since the timer will easily let you know when to rinse off.

If you don't have a small mirror that you don't mind getting hair dye on, buy a cheap one next time you are out or on Amazon. This will allow you to check in the bathroom mirror at the back of your head. You can make sure you didn't miss any spots with the hair dye. You will be less likely to have to perform touch-ups later on.

Many home hair dye boxes recommend putting lotion around your face to help prevent dye from dripping down off your hair. Put the lotion right along you hair line on your forehead, around your ears, and the back of your neck. While some dye may still drip onto your skin, the lotion will be an extra hurdle the dye will have to go through. Try to wipe off any excess dye from your skin as soon as you notice it.

After you rinse out all of your hair dye, immediately blow dry your hair so you can see how the treatment turned out (see this thread for good hair dryers). If you notice any areas that you missed, touch them up with any remaining dye and follow the same process of timing, rinsing, and blow drying. You don't want to go to work or around town with a brown streak of hair when the rest of your hair is blonde, so touch-ups are a must for a professional look.

By preparing your tools before you get your hands messy, you can make dyeing your hair at home fun and mess-free. Stains throughout your bathroom will also not be an issue if you follow these simple tips.
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12-10-2014, 03:08 PM
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RE: Home hair dyeing tips for men
I do agree that hair coloring has never really caught on in terms of trendiness with regards to hairstyle trends. Most I can think of when it comes to hair coloring for men, it's the surfer look with blond highlights or even bleached hair. Although the thread on the 2014 World cup soccer hairstyles did show us that hair dyes and outrageous colors have a solid (but small) following.

Here are some of my tips, although these are more focused towards the structure and foundation of a good hair dye for a guy.

Select Quality Products Formulated for Color-Treated Hair:

Always use shampoos and conditioners that are formulated for color-treated hair. Finding the right combination of moisturizing and protein-based products can be tough. Strong shampoos and weak conditioners that are not color safe or designed for color-treated hair can cause even the most vibrant colors to fade. This was always a major problem for me. Maintaining my color over time just never seemed to work out, and my "chestnut browns" always seemed to turn a dry, ugly orange color in a matter of weeks!

A really good product shampoo and conditioner for colored hair is the Pantene Pro V Color Preserve Shine shampoo and conditioner which you (Elena) actually reviewed in that linked thread. I am not a fan of Pantene, but I will certainly say they are pretty good when it comes to hair care for dyed hair or permed hair (hence why they are popular among females and not so much among males).

Permanent coloring changes the hair at the structural level. These structural changes cause the cuticle to become uneven, and the protective layer of the hair shaft will break down. This protective layer is important for keeping the hair fiber moisturized and supple. Regular use of specialized conditioners like the Pro V Color Preserve conditioner in the review will help replace the important protective layer, as these conditioners usually contain micro-polishers that help to smooth and reconstruct the cuticle. These color-safe conditioners deposit proteins along the shaft to reinforce color-treated hair, leaving it shiny, strong, smooth and vibrant.

On the other hand, the color-safe shampoos gently cleanse the hair without stripping the cuticle of much needed protection. As many of you know, you should be following your shampoo use with a conditioner, and this is where a specialized shampoo and conditioner solution comes into play when you have colored hair.

Because color-treated hair is usually porous, damaged and dry on its own, it often requires moisture-rich products to keep it strong and free of breakage. What this means is that it's always a good idea to use color-safe hair care products that contain proteins and critical, cuticle-repairing ingredients to coat the damaged, color-treated hair and give it a nice, healthy sheen and shine.

Keep Your Water Temperature Cool to Preserve Hair Color:

After shampooing and conditioning the hair with color-safe products, rinse your hair in cold water to seal the cuticle and preserve your color. Always wash and rinse your color-treated hair in cool or tepid water! Hot water causes hair color to run and fades the vibrancy of your color over time. Hot water also rinses away critical conditioning ingredients that should remain on the cuticle to protect it.

Reduce Heat Use to Make Your Color Last:

On color-treated hair, keep the use of heat styling tools to a minimum, except for the use of a hair dryer when actually dyeing your hair. Still, hair dryers, hair straighteners, crimpers and other heated styling tools can further assault the hair's cuticle and cause hair colors to fade over time. Exposure to sun, wind and salt or chlorinated water should also be limited to preserve color as much a possible.

Reduce Washing Frequency to Keep Your Color:

Water is the enemy to vibrant colors everywhere! Whether your color is permanent or a simple deposit-only rinse, each washing reduces your color's boldness. If you intend to preserve your color for longer, try cutting back on daily washing routines if possible. The less you wash your hair and agitate the color, the longer it will last.
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