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Hitler youth haircut and SS haircut are undercut hairstyles?
06-04-2015, 12:49 PM
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Hitler youth haircut and SS haircut are undercut hairstyles?
I've read in some other forums about the hairstyle names of the Hitler youth haircut or SS haircut. What are these haircuts? Are they undercut hairstyles?

I tried searching around in this forum and I didn't see any threads discussing it. Is it maybe because of the taboo subject of the Nazis or any type of Nazi haircut? I'm intrested just because of reading about it. I read of it in a magazine the other day too but more about how the SS haircut was trendy despite the background of this haircut. From reading other forums which aren't even about hairstyles and from reading that magazine, I got the impression that the Hitler youth haircut or the SS haircut were the undercut hairstyle.

Apparently Win Butler of Arcada Fire is quoted as being a guy with the SS haircut. An example below of a picture of the the SS hair of Win Butler. I have no idea what kind of hairstyle this is! Huh

[Image: gmjbrcH.jpg]
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06-05-2015, 02:21 PM
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RE: Hitler youth haircut and SS haircut are undercut hairstyles?
I've heard both those terms being used at our barbershop by our customers. Some of them will come in and ask for a Nazi haircut, SS haircut or Hitler youth haircut. When all they're referring to is an undercut with slicked hair. Other names for that hairstyle is the Jimmy Darmody haircut or the Boardwalk Empire haircut. I've even heard some other funky other names that I had no idea what they meant until the customer said any of the names above for what we call in the barber trade a slicked back undercut.

This is what they're all referring to with those hairstyle names for a slicked back undercut.

[Image: 8215954b661d2efaeee0aa30d8907da7.jpg]

[Image: ee047b443bc60e871a6bf35251ce9289.jpg]

To answer your question, yes the Hitler youth haircut and the SS haircut are undercut haircuts. At least in the public eye or whenever you have guys talking about men's haircuts and they say any of those historic names. What they truly mean is a slicked back undercut which has been discussed and explained in detail in this forum for a long time, just see the link I posted above for the slicked back undercut guide.
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06-11-2015, 09:05 AM
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Nazi German soldiers had Undercut hairstyles but also all kinds of taper haircuts!
Calling the Undercut a "Nazi haircut" or "SS hairstyle" is erroneous. Not all Nazi military members had Undercut, although they all had medium length hair. The hair on the sides and back was either done in an Undercut clipped short or with some form of taper haircut or Regulation Cut.

The hair on the top of the head being of a medium length instead of a short length (as most military men have nowadays) was due to a special reason: the battles during World War II were fought in gruesomely-cold fields, especially on the Eastern front against Russia. The medium length hair of the Nazi soldiers offered them some protection against the cold while providing some cushioning for the hard uncomfortable helmets that were used back in those days by all military regimes in the world.

The hair on the sides and back of the head was clipped short so as to avoid the hair from becoming a hazard as it would cling to the upper-body clothing of the soldier.

From my experience, it is true that some guys will go into a barbershop and ask for a Nazi haircut or SS haircut, when what they really want is a slicked back Undercut with the hair swept back or at an angle and laying flat on the head.

As Bradley pointed out, the slicked back Undercut was the hairstyle of Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire, and thus the slicked back Undercut became a popular hairstyle in 2011 to 2012 when Jimmy Darmody was at his peak in this TV show. The similarities of his hairstyle were drawn with the hairstyles of the German Nazi soldiers and it then snowballed from there onwards.

I didn't know that you guys in the United Kingdom also had guys calling the Undercut a Nazi haircut. I'm talking of you Bradley since you're one of our barbers in the United Kingdom. I thought it was a "United States thing". I've actually heard of the Undercut being called a Waffen haircut as the Waffen were part of the SS.

Here are some real Waffen SS haircut pictures. You can see how the sides and back of the head are kept very short while the hair on the top is left at medium lengths for the reason that I explained above. They even portrayed such short tapered or Undercut haircuts in their propaganda!

[Image: dd24ccbcc0f562d068d28ca6cfeb5b3f.jpg]

[Image: 72530e24f3117b673fb96294b182359f.jpg]

[Image: 1954b7d3f60c537ffa9426b0923ceb7c.jpg]

[Image: 979ea56c0c166876a4e243cf1b9aea56.jpg]

[Image: a2a66a8179b55bd468f2cedbfb4cb16f.jpg]

[Image: c9414a0fc14268bfada7312bcadd4ebc.jpg]

[Image: 4625ad4d82ae7e619d115a79319e1b79.jpg]

[Image: 1d4537e38286fefcf7414b017229cf75.jpg]

[Image: 5d2480bcb82887b118d8daf4412b061a.jpg]

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