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History of the Man Bun Undercut with Hipster beard style 5 1
History of the Man Bun Undercut with Hipster beard style
06-30-2015, 12:10 PM
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History of the Man Bun Undercut with Hipster beard style
Here's a classic man bun undercut with hipster beard look. The goal of this look is to blend the messiness of the beard with the sleek nature of the undercut manbun.

This is how a bun, an undercut and a shaggy beard look when blended together:

[Image: tumblr_noauo9rSYn1tvk4g1o1_500.jpg]

Hipster beards continue to trend in 2015 and show no signs of becoming less popular in 2016 as the hipster culture continues to grow and settles. As many of you should know from reading this forum the previous hipster hairstyle from 2011 to 2013 was the slicked back undercut with no facial hair. Since a slick back undercut requires a medium to long length, the transition from slicked back hair to long hair and then a man bun was quite natural and smooth.

This is the slicked back undercut:

[Image: f8d11ec31f69292f91623c122b5f28a9.jpg]

Since most hipster lads already had an undercut from their slick back style, they preferred to keep their undercut and only continue to grow the hair on the top of the head. Let's remember that the perfect slicked back undercut needs a length on the top of the head of four to six inches. The minimum hair length for a man bun is eight inches so those guys who wanted to move on to the man bun only needed three to five months to grow their hair long enough to tie it into a bun.

The hipster beard style requires some three inches of facial hair length. Facial hair grows at a similar speed as scalp hair so the transition from a clean and sharp slicked back undercut to a hip man bun with a messy beard was very easy, all you had to do was to just grow your hair and not visit a barbershop at all for three to five months!

You can see how easy the transition from slick back hair with no facial hair (or little facial hair) to a man bun with a beard is. Start with this:

[Image: 5286d178eb8575c4050b2fb2ff9d296a.jpg]

Four months later you have this:

[Image: 48722038e58499277cf66e47bbbb25c9.jpg]

Just giving you guys some hairstyle history from my perspective as a barber. To me it's interesting to see how the male hairstyle trends evolve and how facial hair has been used to complete a unique look. By unique I'm talking of that look never before being a mainstream look. Nowadays you find it everywhere and it isn't just hipster fellas wearing man buns and shaggy facial styles!

My prediction as a barber is that we well continue to see the man bun and the hipster beard styles in 2016 and possibly 2017 as an estimated timeline. I can see guys cutting their man buns and going back to vintage hairstyles like the side swept and the slicked quiff hairstyle by 2017. The haircut of choice will be the executive contour haircut which is already showing its head and becoming almost as common as the undercut here in the UK and the United States.

I hope this post has given you lads some more knowledge into the awesome world of barbering and keeping up with hairstyle trends! Smile
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07-10-2015, 12:10 AM
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RE: History of the Man Bun Undercut with Hipster beard style
I instantly think SHEEP when I see any of these haha
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