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Henna for hair coloring, benefits and disadvantages?
07-04-2015, 12:30 PM
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Henna for hair coloring, benefits and disadvantages?
I've read here about henna for men, and it looks promising. But I wanted to ask what are the benefits and disadvantages of henna for coloring men's hair?

I understand what henna is as after all it is a natural hair dye from a plant. I also know that it will just give you a reddish hair color if you're a blonde or it will give you a less darker hair tone if you have black hair or if you have brown hair. I think this is a cool way of experimenting with your hair coloring for guys. You aren't going hardcore on your hair and bleaching your hair, so the damage from using henna on men's hair is from my understanding minimal.

I just wanted to make sure that I am aware of the disadvantages and benefits of henna coloring for men. There are threads discussing henna with lots of knowledgeable barbers and hairdressers and other folks chiming in to discuss henna, so I would really appreciate if anyone could mention the pros and cos of henna. I also think I speak on behalf of a lot of guys who are also looking for ways to color their hair without having to go down the route of bleaching and damaging their hair!! Smile

Thank you in advance for any replies.
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07-05-2015, 09:38 AM
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RE: Henna for hair coloring, benefits and disadvantages?
Hi it's good that you're looking into using henna to dye your hair as it is not harsh or bad for your hair unlike some other hair dyes with special caution for those which bleach your hair. The colour obtained with henna is a subtle and more vibrant tone of what you already have. But you can also go as far as obtaining a red to earthy hair colour.

If you're interested in natural hair colouring for men and not only with henna you can read this post as extra information to learn about natural hair colouring methods for men's hair:

Henna is very popular for natural hair and for women but it's absolutely fine for guys to also use henna to colour their hair. The application and use of henna is the same for men as it is for women. I will give you now the advantages and benefits of henna. Then I will compare the benefits to the disadvantages of henna.

Advantages and benefits of henna:
Henna has many advantages over regular hair colour dyes for men. Instead of stripping the hair, henna adds a layer of glossy hair colour over each hair strand. This seals the cuticle making the hair softer to the touch. I have even seen that in some instances repeated applications of henna helps with permanently sealing split ends although this is more of an observation than a fact.

When I use henna, l notice that I don't need as much conditioner, or none at all, every time that I wash my hair. The silkiness and softness it imparts is one of the truly amazing advantages of henna! Also the added layer of hair colour from henna creates extra volume which is great news for those men with fine hair or for those of us who are tired of using hairstyling products to add volume.

Henna colouring is gentle, natural, and semi-permanent. By semi-permanent I mean that it adds a layer of colour that gradually fades which leaves no tell-tale roots. The colour goes on and fades slowly like a water-colour product. It is like the hair is covered with a layer of coloured cellophane over your natural colour. This 'cellophane' layer is one of the most wonderful things I have discovered about henna. When my henna-ed hair goes under the light of the sun, this cellophane layer of colour give out the 'Henna Lights' effect. What I mean by 'Henna Lights' is that when the sun shines on your hair, it lights up with an amazing array of highlights.

From what I have seen, very few people are allergic (although you should always consult your doctor with any kind of product that you use) to henna and thus it is usually recommended by hairdressers and hairstylists for people who are allergic or sensitive to commercial hair colouring dyes. As a hairdresser myself, I've also seen how henna seems to be good for people who have a problem with dandruff as the conditioning effect of henna helps soothe a dry scalp.

Disadvantages of henna:
Yes, henna has wonderful benefits but as with everything natural, it has some limitations and "challenges". First of all, henna deposits colour only. Because it has no stripping action, it will not change your hair colour, for example from brunette to blonde. Henna may add colour and make the hair darker or brighter but it will not make it lighter.

Henna does not cover grey hair very well. Because the colour is translucent, it will add some colour, from a light blonde to a bright orange-like red. There are some tricks and recipes to help cover the grey which I will also post in another thread. Light Mountain Henna has a line made exclusively for covering the grey which you may want to try.

Because henna is mixed into a paste, it can be quite messy and time consuming to apply and to remove. This is one of the major complaints that I see about henna. I have devised a method of applying and rinsing henna which will make it very easy for all of you, so this shouldn't be a problem anymore. See the following link for another question of yours for which I've posted a guide on how to make and use henna:

Another challenge with henna is the fact that, because it is a natural product and harvests of henna change from place to place and from season to season, you must be careful in using it. For this reason you should try testing the henna on a single lock of your hair before using henna to colour your hair.

Even if you have used the same henna product before, each batch is different so testing the henna on a single lock of yours is a step that you should try to do so as to ensure that you're going to get a predictable new hair colour.

Henna can react badly to chemicals which is another reason for trying the henna on a single lock of hair first. The most common reaction to henna is your hair turning a weird colour if you have bleached your hair or you have used a strong dye to change your hair to a different hair colour. So if you have blonde hair right now and you are naturally a dark haired guy, then it is in your interest to test the henna first on a lock of hair as you really want to ensure that you hair doesn't turn green were you to use the henna on all of your hair without testing it on a lock first!

One more thing is that you want to get a good supplier of henna. I've seen the results of using cheap and low quality henna and the results are not pretty. Sources from which to buy henna have been discussed in the forum before, and you can read the following discussion in this link to learn more about henna and where to buy it:

If you have more questions about henna for men's hair then feel free to let me know! Smile
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07-16-2015, 11:12 PM
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RE: Henna for hair coloring, benefits and disadvantages?
The use of henna can be taken into account only if it is used to color your hair slightly. Expecting completely gray hair to be colored is completely wrong. Henna gives completely white hair a slight reddish color and nothing more. Henna when used regularly can also dry up your hair so use a conditioner regularly when using henna.
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