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Help a brother out
09-16-2015, 07:12 PM
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Help a brother out
Hey everyone!
So I am 14 years old and I have super straight hair and thin hair.
I've had the same haircut for my whole life, like an old justin bieber straight down haircut.
I tried switching up my haircut to like an undercut style which I really want like Zayn Maliks old hair.
The thing is its almost impossible for my hair to stay up even when its shorter.
I've tried a variety of products like American Crew forming cream, Vidal Sasson Mousse, Hairsprays and Wax. Nothing is working out and I know its my hair texture. Its really straight and my brother told me its because of the texture of my hair. My friend used to have curly hair and he doesnt have to do anything to get his hair up. My hair-cutter told me that my hair was too "stick straight".

So my question is, is there any possible way I can get thicker/better hair for the type of style that I want? It really frustrates me when i try so hard to get a better hairstyle but nothing works.

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