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Hello there :D 0 0
Hello there :D
01-04-2014, 07:09 PM
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Wink Hello there :D
My name is Mohamed , a 20 year old Egyptian who can't wait to leave it .. I'm here in order to "discover" New hair cuts .. and to know How they could be done .. cuz where I live , there is no skillful Hairstylist ..

My first Language is not English - I bet u knew that .. That's why you should take it easy when I make a grammatical or spelling mistakes ( Corrections are always welcome ) ..

I have the interest of learning ANYTHING ..

Hope I find the help I need in here Big Grin
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01-04-2014, 07:20 PM
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RE: Hello there :D
I'm having a trouble posting on any other place in the forum .. I can't post replies to anything .. I can't even enter to my CP .. I have no idea what I should do rather than posting what I want in this part of the forum ! >


Is it possible that I ask about how a haircut of an actor* of a particular movie was done .. where should I post the inquiry ? ..

* ( Hugh Grant's Haircut\style - Notting Hill )
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01-05-2014, 12:25 AM (This post was last modified: 01-05-2014 12:29 AM by Javon.)
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RE: Hello there :D
Hey, welcome to the forums! There are a lot of features that aren't available to newcomers -- you have to have a certain amount of posts to unlock those features. You need at least 11 posts to create a thread. Also, you can reply to a thread, but you can't reply directly to posts/comments -- I, myself, still can't reply directly to a post. Here's a post that may answer any further question you have (I just copied/pasted from a thread located in the Troubleshooting and FAQS section):

Why can't I access my control panel (User CP)?
As with private messaging, you need to have 11 posts or more to access your User CP.

Why can't I private message other forum members?
Private messaging (PM) is only allowed for members with 50 posts or more.

Why can't I see attached images?

Attached images can only be seen and downloaded by forum members with 11 posts or more.

How can I post an image?
To post an image, grab its URL and post it by either inserting the link by clicking the "insert image" button in the text editor or surround the link with [img] tags (put [img] at the beginning of the link and [/img] at the end of the link)

Who should I contact if I have any questions?
You can contact either an Admin (myself included) or a moderator; use the private messaging system for contacting. If your post count is less than 11 posts, then contact us though our contact form.

Can I have my own signature?
Yes, but forum signatures are only allowed for forum members with 21 posts or more. However, ask us first if you can have your signature and what you plan on putting in it.

I can't post a thread
You very likely don't have enough posts to start a thread; you need at least 11 posts to create a thread. If you can't think of what to say in 10 posts so that you can then create a thread, then this forum is quite likely not for you.

Please avoid filler posts, which include posting generic comments with no value or posts that do not contribute anything to a thread in order to increase your post count. This isn't a forum for that kind of borderline-spammy rats; this is a community and we welcome anyone who wants to become part of our community. We absolutely do not welcome leechers and/or opportunists, and we ensure to keep our community interactive and healthy.

Welcome on board!

That's the end of the post I copied/pasted -- hope to see you around, enjoy!
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