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Hello From Central Florida 0 0
Hello From Central Florida
11-15-2014, 09:33 AM
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Hello From Central Florida
My historical hair experience has been less than satisfying. As a teenager in the 80's I played guitar in a rock band and wanted to look the part of my musical influences. I grew my hair long but knew nothing of proper hair care. As a result, I sported a rather large and unruly dead rat upon my head. It was long, but was flat on top, frizzy on the sides, puffed out in the back, and was the epitome of what my mother hoped I wouldn't look like. I washed and blow dried it daily, never used conditioner, and tried chemicals to straighten it. It was a mess.

At 18 I joined the Marines and the long, unkempt hair had to go. For the next 7 years I wore a buzz cut out of necessity. I actually liked it as it was easy to manage and looked good. When I got out of the Corps, I decided to let my hair grow long again. I made many attempts, but never succeeded as the same old mop kept coming back. Mind you I wasn't doing anything besides the same routine that had resulted in the mess I wore for years earlier. I'd get a few inches of frizz and flop growing and I'd cut it off. So, for the past 21 years after my discharge, I've worn a buzz cut with sporadic periods of unruly short-medium length hair sprinkled throughout.

Earlier this year after going from a buzz cut to bald, I decided to give the grow another chance. My last haircut was sometime around April or May and was all pretty much the same length. I was shaving it bald and started back to a buzz cut so the difference from top and sides is no more than about 1/2 inch. I'm now 46 and have a fair amount of sliver alongside the brown in my 4 inch waves. After reading The Men's Hair Book, I feel confident that I can succeed in growing it out this time. I'm no longer trying to grow my hair out, I am growing my hair out, and will continue to until it's shoulder length and longer. I'm still working out my hair-management equation based on Rogelio's recommendations, but have already seen improvements and know in which direction to keep going. I still have "good" and "bad" hair days, but they're better than anything I've experienced before. Quoting Rogelio, "…your hair inherently expresses itself as it wants to, not as you want it to express."; keeping that in mind I have lost any interest in trying to straighten out my waves and can better embrace what my hair does on any given day, even if it's not exactly what I may have wanted.

As for the style I'm going for, I just want long and wavy with bangs that go past my shoulders as well. I know this will take a considerable amount of time but I'm already enjoying the journey. I work in the medical field, but am fortunate to be in an environment where I can grow my hair without negative repercussions. I've received a little chiding from some of the other guys I work with but it's all been lighthearted. Most of the comments I've received have been from the female persuasion and have been positive. My wife of 20 years is supportive of my endeavors as well, so as long as my hair stays manageable, it should be smooth sailing.

Thanks for having me on the forum.
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