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Hairstyle suggestions for short fine thin hair
05-03-2015, 05:44 PM
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Hairstyle suggestions for short fine thin hair
First off, I'm not losing any hair and have had really thin/fine hair on my head since I was like 10. I believe it is genetic since some of my moms family suffers from it as well ( always had giant bald spot). I'd like your suggestions/tips on some new things i can try or can improve on. When going out I use either clay for styling or Aussie instant freeze hair spray.

[Image: H9LaIId.jpg?1]

[Image: EsYIGCx.jpg?1]

[Image: 5nCn4Lv.jpg?1]

[Image: KUNQeZe.jpg?1]

[Image: mHCXMU2.jpg?1]
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05-08-2015, 09:11 AM
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RE: Hairstyle suggestions for short fine thin hair
Hi mate I can tell it isn't balding since you also have a low hair density on the sides and back of the head. I mention hair density because that looks to me to be what you have and not thin hair. Actually i think your hair is not thin at all and more on the average side. It's the hair density that's low. Hair density is basically how many hair strands and follicles you have per square centimetre and this is something that is inherited.

What I would recommend is that you keep the sides and back of your head really short, I'm talking almost shaved. This will remove the low hair density visual from your head. Great haircuts for really short sides and back include the undercut haircut and the high and tight haircut. You can go thru the guides in each link as both the undercut and high and tight haircut have been covered in depth in those two guides and elsewhere on the forum.

If you're interested in other short haircuts and buzz cuts then go thru our short mens haircuts guide which explains all the available buzzcuts and short haircuts done with hair clippers. You may get some more hairstyle ideas from that guide.

As for the hair on the top, I would not recommend that you get it any longer than four inches or ten centimetres. This is because in your case any longer hair will aggravate the seeing thru of the scalp. Long hair is a great solution for men who are balding but still have an average hair density, but not for those who have a low hair density. In you case you're not balding as you say but I'm mentioning that just to give you an idea of what we recommend in our barbershop when we have guys with or without low hair densities.

If you keep the hair on the top of your had at two inches or lower, then go with a high and tight haircut. Two inches is five centimetres.

If you have the hair on the top of your head between two inches and four inches, then get an undercut haircut.

As for the sides and back of the head in both haircuts, it's only semantics that are at play. But to give you an idea, if you get a high and tight ask for the sides and back of the head to be clipped with a hair clipper that has no guiding comb attached or that has the lowest guiding comb or a 'number one' clipper length.

For an undercut haircut, you will want either a 'number one' or a 'number two' hair clipper length, not any higher hair clipper lengths as otherwise your hair on the sides and back will be quite visible and will draw more attention to the low hair density issue.

As for styling the hair, I would recommend that you style it back in either a side part hair style that has the hair angled back from the parted line or in a slicked back hair style which you can read more about in the linked guides.

Another thing that I highly recommend to you is that you look into hair thickening products. If you shop around, you will find a good range of thickening hair products for men. As a matter of fact I recommend that you go thru the following linked post on the recommended hair thickening products for men that cover both hair care and hair styling.

As per the above recommendations in the linked post you will find a thickening shampoo and conditioner. This is your daily or almost daily foundation to thicker hair. There's a lot of rats on the market tho but a handful of thickening shampoos and conditioners do work, and among them are the ones recommended by one of our admins in that linked post.

You also have thickening hair styling products. Go with both the hair styling mousse and hair styling shaper that are also recommended in the linked post. Hair mousse is a very well known volumizing product for thin hair. If you're going to be styling your hair back in a slicked back hairstyle or if you want to style your hair with a lot of volume, then get the hair styling mousse recommended in that linked post. That hair mousse also has a glossy effect with high shine which will go very well with the hair spray that you mentioned that you had.

If you want to shape your hair and get a slicked finish with not a lot of shine, then get the hair shaper that is also recommended in that link. If you want your side parted hair or slicked back hair to remain flat instead of with volume, then that hair shaper is a great choice. Plus it's a thickening product per se so even tho you will use it to keep your hair in a flatter hairstyle, it will still swell up your hair strands to give you thicker hair.

For best results you should get the thickening shampoo and conditioner as well as either the styling mousse or the hair shaper, or even get both the mousse and shaper. If I had to choose tho I'd go with the thickening shampoo and conditioner that was recommended in the linked post.

I hope that my post was of help to you mate! Smile
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05-08-2015, 10:18 AM
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RE: Hairstyle suggestions for short fine thin hair
I forgot to mention one hair product that is also an excellent hair product for thin hair. It's a good hair dryer, which also works very well for creating hairstyles with low hair densities as is your case.

A hair dryer allows you to obtain lots of hair volume that is otherwise impossible to get with your fingers and air drying alone. Using a hair dryer is very easy too. You just point the hair dryer to the hair you're styling -- for example the hair on the top of your head -- so that the air from the hair dryer is blown to that part of your head as you style it.

One thread that I recommend that you read is this hair dryers for men thread as it goes thru all the questions and advice that concerns using hair dryers as a guy. It's a huge thread with tons of recommendations so it's worth a good read since you will learn a lot about hair dryers.

If you can't be bothered to read that hair dryers thread or if you would rather get right now a great hair dryer that will get you tons of volume, then go to this recommended mens hair products guide in the link and browse down within the first post until you find the section labeled as 'Best hair dryer'. Just get the recommended T3 hair dryer in the link under that section and you've secured yourself a great hair dryer that -- unlike the rest of hair dryers -- actually does some pretty nice things to hair including giving much more volume for styling thin hair or low density hair in men.

The last product that I wanted to mention is Rogaine. Now this would be more of an experiment although it would be a safe experiment. Rogaine is a hair thickening product that works really well for men who are actually balding and their hair is thinning. With male hair loss the hair density drops and the thickness of hair decreases, all until there's no more hair on the top of the head.

Rogaine contains minoxidil, which is its active ingredient and which is a chemical that works to deliver a better nutrient flow to hair follicles. So this way the follicles can continue to build strong and thick hair instead of dying down. Your case is a bit different to that of balding men but you could still have suboptimal hair thickness and density for what your genes allow. So by trialling Rogaine for some months you could see whether you had the potential to grow denser and thicker hair or not. Rogaine, which is the product with minoxidil, is quite the benign product so were the Rogaine to not work, the only disadvantage would have been the money you'd have spent on it.

Good thing about Rogaine too is that it is over the counter and its price has been dropping and dropping over the years. This forum has a dedicated OTC hair loss products guide in the link which lists all the recommended vendors for the different OTC hair loss products. This includes vendors for Rogaine which will help you to secure a long lasting supply of Rogaine. If you're interested in giving Rogaine a go then go the guide in the link and click thru to the recommended Rogaine products.

For men with hair loss the recommended minimum time on Rogaine is six months. This is because Rogaine takes a couple of months for you to start noticing its effects although Rogaine itself starts working from the same moment you apply it on your scalp. After six months, guys with hair loss can make the decision on whether to remain on Rogaine or skip it as by that time one can see the full effects of Rogaine.

Rogaine is not the cheapest of all mens hair products. As much as the recommended vendors in that linked OTC hairloss products guide above have some excellent prices for Rogaine, it's still a product that isn't cheap. So ideally you would be on Rogaine using it daily for six months but if your planned hair product budget doesn't allow for six months of Rogaine use then you could still give it a go for three months. By the end of those three months you should be able to tell if the Rogaine has been helping your hair density and hair thickness or not.

The one downside of Rogaine is that it needs to be used daily for as long as you want to enjoy the benefits of more hair on your hair as well as thicker, fuller and denser hair. But Rogaine isn't the number one hairloss product for no reason. Once you see how your hair has got thicker and you have more of it, well, it's a price a lot of guys are willing to pay. If I ever have to go thru male pattern baldness I will jump on it, that I do know! Big Grin
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