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Hairstyle advice for long forehead with thin hair and widows peak
08-25-2015, 09:02 PM
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Sad Hairstyle advice for long forehead with thin hair and widows peak
I know I should be thankful that I have hair, but my whole life I've struggled figuring out what do with it. It's thin, sparse and I have a long forehead with a strong widow's peak. I also have this pronounced ridge that goes around my skull making hair on the sides poof out. In short, I have awful hair.

I don't have enough posts to paste images yet, but I posted pics of my hair at the url below (moderator edit: images have been embedded below):

[Image: 8e339e4d-c5e0-43c7-9783-389533106d1a_zps4oulvkek.jpg]

[Image: 399719d4-af5d-45f3-9e1c-6bdead876df9_zpsng0skfva.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1929_zpsngdlwxu0.jpg]

I've tried product to make my thicker, but because my hair is so thin and long in this state, it ends up just looking gross.

I was hoping someone could suggest what I do with it. Is it time to give up and just shave it all off with some dignity? Or is there some product or style that would help? Any suggestions are welcome!
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08-26-2015, 12:51 PM
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RE: I'm about to give up on my hair completely
(08-25-2015 09:02 PM)dayvancowboy33 Wrote:  I know I should be thankful that I have hair, but...

I'm not a barber and I don't have similar hair but here's a few tips I've gained from personal experience in pursuit of finding hairstyles that suit me:

First, go to a trendy men's barbershop. They're easy to spot, will be full with hipsters getting undercuts, fades, pompadours, hard parts, etc. It may cost you a few extra bucks but is wholly worth it to finally get a haircut you like.

Be honest with your barber, tell him/her what you said in this post. Explain your weaknesses and ask for advice. If you can find pics of something you want online that is based on someone with similar hair, bring those pics in and show your barber and ask if your hair can do that. If you don't find any pics you like, then ask your barber what he/she recommends. If they are talented, they will be able to offer ideas. Most trendy barbers are very passionate about what they do and they want all their clients to look good. They are also aware of current trends and know what styles work for different hair types.

The idea is to build a rapport with your barber. Keep an open mind and think of your relationship with your barber as a creative journey. You may not get the perfect look with your first cut. They have to learn your hair so once you find a barber that you click with, keep going back. Offer honest feedback and ask for honest advice. Check your feelings at the door, tell them to be honest and objective.

Regarding a specific style for you.. Your hairline is pushed back pretty far on the corners so google phrases like "good hairstyle men receding hairline".. stuff like that. I hope that doesn't sounds harsh, again, just being objective.

You definitely have options bro, just need to put time into researching and find that barber!

Hope this helps. Cheers.
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08-30-2015, 12:30 AM
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Hairstyle advice for long forehead with thin hair and widow's peak
I feel your pain, it sucks not to know what do with the hair... and then you spend a lot of time thinking about it and you're never happy.

Maybe try this hairstyle of Jude Law:

[Image: Ju8CdKy.jpg]

Or this hairstyle of Jude Law with shorter hair:

[Image: NWocP10.jpg]

A beanie looks cool with the shorter look. Wish you the best. See you.
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08-30-2015, 08:05 AM
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RE: Hairstyle advice for long forehead with thin hair and widows peak
I'm afraid that you do not have a widow's peak. Instead what you have at the front is the "island of hair" that forms as part of the process of going bald. The hairline of the forehead recedes at the sides while the center of the hairline remains un-receded but with progressive thinning of the hair strands. A widow's peak does not mean that one is balding, but in your case I can confirm that you are in the early stages of male pattern baldness. The good news is that it is not too late to treat the male pattern alopecia if you want to keep your hair over the long term.

This is how a widow's peak looks on a guy (Paul Ryan):

[Image: 490px-Paul_Ryan%2C_official_portrait%2C_...ress_2.jpg]

A widow's peak is a genetic trait and has to do with how the skull forms as well as the distribution of the hair follicles along the hairline.

The thinning of the hair that you're experiencing is also part of the male hair loss process. You still have a lot of hair on the rest of your head and that includes the top of your head from the middle and backwards.

What I would recommend is that you grow your hair longer to about four inches and then either do the shaggy hairstyle of Jude Law as in the pictures above or instead get yourself a Caesar-cut hairstyle. With a Caesar haircut your hair is styled forward which then conceals the recding hairline. Also since the hair lies flat on your scalp with the Caesar-cut hairstyle, you get the chance to make your hair look thicker than it really is. I would recommend against styling your hair up, for example, because thinning hair that is styled up will let through a lot of the scalp and make it visible.

The best guide online for the Caesar-cut hairstyle is the Caesar haircut guide in the forum (see the link). Go through the guide as you will find lots of pictures to give you ideas of how to style your hair with the Caesar haircut. One good thing about this guide is that it explains the two types of Caesar haircuts (classic and modern haircuts). I would recommend the classic Caesar haircut for you as this type of Caesar cut makes your hair look bulkier and is easier to use so as to conceal the receding hairline.

One more thing about the Caesar hairstyle is how it will visually shorten your long forehead. Using some form of a hair fringe to shorten a forehead is an old trick of the trade and it's used used in both men and women.

You may also look into hair thickening products. There have been many threads in the forum that discuss the different types of hair thickening products. For my money I would go with a hair thickening shampoo and a hair thickening conditioner. See this linked post on hair thickening shampoos and conditioners that recommends a great hair thickening shampoo and an equally great thickening conditioner. Both these thickening shampoos and conditioners are the same as any other regular shampoos and conditioners, only that the recommended thickening shampoo and thickening conditioner do make your hair thicker by trapping more moisture into the hair strands (swelling the hair strands) and by adding a transparent ingredient film to the hair strands too.

As for what type of hairstyling products to use then something like a hair mousse product or a hair thickening wax will work well to make your hair look thicker. A great post to read is the following one recommending the different types of hair thickening products for men which also covers the types of hairstyling products used to style your hair that will also make your hair thicker. These hair thickening products aren't that much more expensive than regular products so they're worth a try if you want to make the most of your hairstyles at the moment.

Another product that you could consider at this point is minoxidil. This is a useful hair loss product that is known to work scientifically. It slows down or stops male pattern baldness (depends on your genetics), and it can even grow hair that you've lost already. Minoxidil will also thicken up your thinning hair strands which is a major plus and benefit of minoxidil.

Minoxidil is the active compound that works to treat male pattern baldness. It is found in popular hair loss products like Rogaine (in the United States) and Regaine (in the United Kingdom). If you're interested in trying minoxidil then see this list of men's hair loss products which includes those hair loss products that contain minoxidil.

If you can afford a hair loss product with minoxidil I would definitively recommend that you get it. Minoxidil is among the very few compounds that are known to treat hair loss and thicken up hair strands of guys who are balding. I've seen plenty of results on our barbershop customers and in some cases the results have been wildly successful on both regrown hair and thickened hair.

By the way I edited your thread title a little bit so that it would be easier for others to find and reply.
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08-30-2015, 02:12 PM
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RE: Hairstyle advice for long forehead with thin hair and widows peak
Wow, I did not think I was going to get such fantastic responses. This is some seriously great advice.

@The1HairThatWontStay, Luckily I live in Portland so fancy barbershops are a'plenty out here. I'll be sure to use your suggestion.

@Panther, you're absolutely right, my hairline used to be straight a long time ago so I guess it's receding.

My father has a natural widows peak, but baldness is pretty rampant on my mom's side so I'm not really sure where I'll end up. It definitely has slowed down to a halt over the last years so I'm not sure if I'm going bald completely.

I'm interested in trying out thickening shampoos, but I think I'm still going to avoid products like minoxidil due to having to use it consistently to avoid shedding.[/align]
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