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Hair protein treatment for men? And hair protein products? 0 0
Hair protein treatment for men? And hair protein products?
10-07-2014, 08:46 AM
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Hair protein treatment for men? And hair protein products?
What do the experts in the forum think of a hair protein treatment for men? and would you recommended any hair protein products? I just learned about this and it feels to me like this is more of a buzzword than anything that would have benefits for mens hair. I could be wrong though which is why I am asking you.

Hair protein treatment? yes or no? Smile
Fyi, I am dealing with hair loss so maybe even advice on how useful for hair loss is a hair protein treatment. It would also be perfect if I could have the hair protein treatment at home!
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10-07-2014, 02:24 PM
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RE: Hair protein treatment for men? And hair protein products?
Yes there is a lot of talk about protein here and protein there. In your diet and also for your hair.

When it comes to your hair and whether you go for a treatment at a high-end salon or personally whip up three eggs or and stick them in the blender with a tablespoon of lemon juice, you want to add some type of protein to your hair to help restructure, strengthen and protect your hair from your daily routine, not to mention the elements.

Hair, as well as nails are mostly made of protein (hair is 70% protein) which is a vital component of each cell in your body. And since hair is mostly made of the material, you want to restore it with protein to build and repair it.

Many of us have been hearing the buzz about the Brazilian blowout, which according to them is the most innovative and effective professional smoothing treatment in the world. They claim to use of a nutrient-complex system that creates a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the hair cuticle. I actually covered the Brazilian blowout method in this hair straightening post which talks about the other hair straightening treatments for men.

You can use a hair protein product without having to straighten your hair like in a Brazilian blowout. There are hair protein products for men that you simply use like a hair conditioner and that helps a lot with smoothing frizzy hair. Here are some good reasons to consider a hair protein treatment for men.
  • A high protein treatment restructures your hair. What does that mean exactly? The treatment actually penetrates the hair on a molecular level. It doesn't give you the Cinderella treatment meaning that it won't wash off after one shampoo or at the stroke of midnight turning you back into a pumpkin or in this case, limp brittle hair.
  • A hair protein treatment protects and strengthens your hair and helps it through the daily abuse when blow drying, using hot rollers or curling irons, If you process your hair, color it or straighten it, there's already some type of damage present or it at least leaves it very susceptible. Styling with heat-applied instruments takes your hair to the next level of abuse. And whether it's summer or winter, the elements can play such a vital role in damaging your hair. In the summer, the heat dries it out just as much as the cold winter winds do.
  • A protein-based treatment can sometimes cut your styling time in half. When your hair gets treated with an effective treatment, it not only restructures it and strengthens it, it also can restore volume and shine as well as structure which leaves your hair "done". You no longer have to spend time styling it because it's so manageable and looks styled because it's healthier and fuller than before.
One note to mention is that if you are going for a Brazilian blowout and straightening your hair, then your home treatment may not be as powerful as the salon's but when it comes to your hair, you might want to go with an expert.
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