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Hair products for Donald Trump hairstyle and haircut? 5 1
Hair products for Donald Trump hairstyle and haircut?
10-09-2016, 03:45 PM
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Hair products for Donald Trump hairstyle and haircut?
Hey I was discussing this today with some friends, does anyone know what hair products Donald Trump uses for his combover hairstyle and haircut? Not that I want to emulate his famous hairstyle, I'm just curious. One of my friends was saying that Donald Trump's hair is actually a wig but I remember reading in this forum (or so I think) that Donald Trump's hair is real.

Just how the heck does Donald Trump get his hair to look so... Donald-Trump-like? Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump wear slicked back hairstyles and side swept hairstyles, and they are well known abusers of pomades as has been discussed in this thread with all those slicked hairstyles. But Donald Trump manages to avoid the greasy and sleazy hair of most CEOs and filthy rich dudes. Donald Trump's combover is as nasty as it gets but I'm somehow impressed as to how natural and product-free his hair looks like.

Does anyone know what hair products does Donald Trump use for that combover hairstyle? Forum barbers and experts, what do you say?
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10-09-2016, 05:32 PM
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These are the hair products to get Donald Trump's combover hairstyle.
Now this is a good question! You're not alone in wanting to know what Donald Trump uses on his hair to achieve that combover hairstyle and have it look the same all throughout the day.

Over the last six weeks we've had a good number of customers at our barbershop asking about Donald Trump's hair products and also about his combover hairstyle. Most questions have been all about having a joke but some have asked about Trump's grooming habits with keen interest for 'personal' reasons. Whatever the case, I'm always happy to explain what hair products are used by Donald Trump to get his iconic hairstyle.

These are the two hair products that Donald Trump uses to style his hair:
  • Hairdressing cream
  • Hair dryer
  • Hair spray
Like you've mentioned, Donald Trump's hair isn't shiny nor oily. His texture looks surprisingly natural which is nothing but surprising when you consider the amount of fake tan that he puts on his face.

Hairdressing cream:
Donald Trump uses a hairdressing cream to style his hair into a combover. The process is very easy - dry your hair after showering, put some hairdressing cream in your hands, run your fingers through the hair and then use your fingers to comb what will be the foundation of your hairstyle. In this instance it's the Donald-Trump combover.

Why a hairdressing cream? Because a good hairdressing cream will give a natural texture with an equally natural shine. So no oily shiny hair, just hair that only looks slightly processed. Hairdressing creams range from a low holding strength to a medium holding strength. Donald Trump uses a medium hold hairdressing cream, but this is not how he gets his hair to look the same from morning to nightie - it's the hair spray that dos it, but we shall get onto that in a second.

Once the hair has been styled initially with the hairdressing cream by using his cream, it's time to comb the hair with a regular comb and a hair dryer.

Hair dyer:
A hair dryer offers three main benefits aside from drying your hair faster:
  1. Using a hair dryer allows for the hairdressing cream to augment the cream's texturizing properties.
  2. Using a hair dryer helps to bulk up one's hair. This is something that Donald Trump has been doing for many years as his hair has been thinning and his male pattern baldness has progressed. By using a hair dryer, he can crate an illusion of having more hair than he really does have.
  3. A good hair dryer also tames any frizz off the hair and tames any flyaway hair strands. This causes the hair to look slightly artificial-like, as in too perfect - like the hair of a doll. The hairdressing cream does a good job at enhancing the natural texture of the hair though.
The hair dryer is pointed at all times when combing the hair. Warm air is blown from the hair dryer towards the hair that is being combed. That's how you get the best texturizing effect out of a hairdryer when used with a hairdressing cream.

Good hair dryers are not cheap but I can guarantee you that Donald Trump will dump 200 bucks on a hair dryer like he's tipping a waiter. This forum has a lot of great advice on hair dryers and on which are the best hair dryers at different price points. If you're interestd, see this guide and discussion:

The last touches to style the combover hairstyle are done without the hair dryer. This is because at this stage you want to shape what's going to be your final hairstyle, or in this case what's going to be a combover hairstyle.

Hair spray:
Once Donald Trump has gotten his hair into what's going to be his day's hairstyle, it's then that he uses a hair spray to lock the hair and hairstyle in place.

Today's hairsprays do not leave your hair glued and sticky. There are actually some pretty good hair sprays nowadays that provide a very natural-like texturizing effect. There are even hair thickening sprays that not only lock the hairstyle for however long your day is but these hair sprays will also add more bulk and thickness to your hair. The latter hairsprays are the ones used by Donald Trump. Any decent hairdresser can tell from a mile away that Donald Trump is using hairsprays by the gallon.

I'm not advocating that you use these hair products to get yourself a Trump-approved combover (LOL), but you can get your brain juices flowing to get ideas on how to use this combination of products to achieve hairstyles with a similar texture to that of Donald Tump's hair texture. This product combination is one I recommend frequently to our customers for many hairstyles and especially for hairstyles used to disguise male pattern baldness and hair thinning - the latter is again what Donald Trump is doing when used these hair products.

To anyone reading this quick guide on Donald Trump's hair products, you can read more on these hair products here:

Here are some pictures of Donald Trump's combover hairstyle. In some picture you can clearly see how bad his hair looks which is proof as to how complex he makes his hair to be when he could easily cut it and wear a neat Ivy League haircut. He's still got enough hair for an Ivy League haircut or a businessman hairstyle. Then again Mr. Trump has been wearing the exact same hairstyle for decades, so you go and tell the guy to get a haircut and change his iconic hairstyle.

Anyway if you have more questions then let me know.

[Image: a96fc3ad27276fdd10407bdfc7542dbe.jpg]

[Image: 1ec45d9b04c168c64e8bf0684bd6d5e9.jpg]

[Image: 962c78ddef87c4af49e26062917061e0.jpg]

[Image: f1905736beb0f33494daa373f185fbe1.jpg]

[Image: edb8e73168bf6a750cd28e8db65d67c9.jpg]

[Image: bd708e5fd7d6d629389a4a6041884b87.jpg]

[Image: PUFvRsq.jpg]

[Image: 2355400df9bad9fb1b9b8d9b07441fed.jpg]

[Image: 676734d5d99566d422515a0ad7f998d4.jpg]

[Image: 75af6cbfb87a8298c166b22f730f7b08.jpg]

[Image: d0ea10481b236685eec7722d8cbadbe0.jpg]

[Image: 9eb8fe37a361fd87f768827eb63d9de2.jpg]

[Image: 896a58fe812be5252c8c66fe0ea764f0.jpg]

[Image: b7916b146c9b611d15e4833933b01955.jpg]

[Image: 8953aa485a68c71f0b878ad9ddd22194.jpg]

[Image: 52d24d23b73e8e2e61be563c568f5294.jpg]

[Image: 0460128f17e9b9f46baef234e62b4ec0.jpg]

[Image: 23330eed84a11caecef1d54d5c610475.jpg]

[Image: a99fd0764b4ca9f023a8fcec33439723.jpg]

[Image: c952e8a292569b73f82d63ee767a8a91.jpg]

[Image: 57w7oGt.jpg]

[Image: d187de7f23eb2e8bede3d41f18c8de48.jpg]

[Image: c3778c949ee0a4c0743586ecd9bc1156.jpg]

[Image: 49c6c04925979ea131388b5804e20bff.jpg]

[Image: ba873857c0fcfc6f45719ac1aa18002a.jpg]

[Image: 4d8eba2a273e6c156d5393745c43bb69.jpg]

[Image: 1402403739946923e3727d5ef756ddef.jpg]

[Image: 65e491186d757967daa110d92537f0a6.jpg]

[Image: 459d7ae53569c6f314fb74012b8144ab.jpg]

[Image: fe653c8ee1d9459825df5b98f6c6b72b.jpg]

This is what Hillary Trump would look like. Just in case you've ever wondered...

[Image: af539de48d11d3421ba717563ec85dea.jpg]
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