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Hair loss products and hair loss shampoo advice
07-22-2015, 09:55 AM
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Hair loss products and hair loss shampoo advice
Hello everyone!

First of all, congratulations on this amazing forum! It is so hard to find good places to ask for advice and talk about this concerns without being able to be spammed by scammers and such.

Well now, I'm 24 years old (25 in December) and I have curly hair. Because of that I always had medium-to-long hair with a lot of locks and so it seemed that I always had a lot of hair. Since I moved from Portugal to Germany almost a year ago, now, I always let it grow while I'm in Germany and then when I come back to Portugal to visit my family I cut my hair short so it can grow back in Germany (I don't want to cut in Germany, my German is bad haha).

Because of having my hair shorter than normal I noticed now that actually I can already see parts of my scalp when I'm below my mirror light or depending of some angles or crazy "hair behavior". And I think before I came to Germany it wasn't like this. It was even my first time on the hairdresser that he said that I my hair was starting to get thin and I should use a hair loss shampoo. He tried to sell me one from Kérastase but it was too much for me, 50 € (~54 $).

What it is strange too is, that since I came to Germany now I have a lot of dandruff while in Portugal was a minimum. Now I notice some dandruff on my shoulders when wearing black clothes. I don't know if it can be because of changing my brand of shampoo. In Portugal I used Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner and after shower cream for curly hair. In Germany is almost impossible to find stuff for curly hair. I only find Pantene shampoo for curly hair. Conditioner I use a Garnier Fructis for Oil repair (can't find any for curly hair). The after shower cream is the same because I bring some from Portugal.

And so I don't know if it is because of the dandruff or not. I have more itching than usual, but to be honest I don't know if it is my brain, you know, when you are thinking so much about this problem it seems that is worse, if I'm working not so much. But I think the itching is not related to skin rash, I was looking at the mirror and only saw white scalp.

I don't know too if it was because of starting working my first job out of the Uni, so, I had some stress in the first months but not so much, I think. But still, in the Uni I had a lot of projects and exams and I had stress there too. So, I'm not sure if it is the stress that is causing the thinning of hair.

Or maybe is just my genes, my father is bald, my mother's father don't have a lot of hair too. My other grandpa never met him.

So to wrap this HUGE post up, I saw this amazing post: Hair Loss Products for Men OTC (Can not put links yet) and I read that Rogaine is amazing, but I think that is too early for me. Maybe in the future if things start getting bad. So I was looking for a really good shampoo that would reduce hair loss (and I don't know maybe dandruff too.) that could give me stronger hair. I searched some shampoos of the list on Amazon Germany, but it's hard, they don't have a lot to offer and with good prices like the Amazon US.

On Amazon Germany I found Nioxin shampoo with a good price, is it that good? On the link you are giving the Nioxin System 2, but I went to the Nioxin website and I think that maybe the Nioxin System 5 is better to me, I have thinning but not that extreme and with curly hair I always had hard hair. And should I buy only the shampoo or should I buy the System Kit?

Or maybe another? All advices are welcome! And sorry for the long post. Big Grin
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