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Hair loss and dandruff, what hair products to use?
04-06-2015, 10:33 PM
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Hair loss and dandruff, what hair products to use?
Hello everyone,

I am 23 and having a lot of dandruff these days. And due my bad hair care, I have been loosing a lot of hair. My father has dandruff issues and it might be a genetic continuity. Am not sure..

Though I have lost hair. I am not bald. I still have more hair compared to my peers. I feel itchy regularly.. I am currently in India due to various personal reasons. So I am not able to get most of the hair products found in the anti dandruff and hair loss sections of this forum.. May I post links from Indian e-commerce sites and would you guys help me out in choosing the best product?? I am able to find neutrogena t gel.. However, rogaine is not available. I am also confused about the shampoo + conditioner combo that I should use. I lost a lot of volume compared to my teenage. I am now looking forward to tame dandruff(control hair loss) , and want to grow my hair long.

I am a complete noob when it comes to hair. So any suggestions would greatly help me with improving my condition.

I will post pictures if you guys need it... But dandruff and hair loss are my main concerns. I am planning to grow my hair for next 12 months.

One more question : this site is blocking Indian IPs, I guess. May I know the reason?? I had to take my friend's help for posting this.
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04-12-2015, 02:28 PM (This post was last modified: 04-12-2015 02:31 PM by Bradley.)
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RE: Hair loss and dandruff, what hair products to use?
Hi mate we have covered in the forum the topic of dandruff. Read this huge dandruff thread as it goes thru all the anti dandruff products for men. If your dandruff is mild you can use a shampoo like Head & Shoulders to control your dandruff. But if your dandruff is very heavy then go through that thread as the mods discuss many other anti dandruff products that you can buy from places like Amazon.

There is a theory that dandruff and male hair loss go hand in hand. That doesn't mean that cause your balding your dandruff is the root problem. It just means that the fungus which causes bacteria also causes inflammation in your scalp which makes your hair loss worse. By treating your dandruff you will be taming your hair loss indirectly.

You should be able to get some kind of minoxidil foam. The name for the famous minoxidil product is Rogaine in the United States. In the United Kingdom, the name for Rogaine is Regaine. I am saying this as you're from India so maybe the same Regaine minoxidil preparation is sold in India as it is sold here in the UK.

What I would do is hop over to that thread I posted and get something like a Head & Shoulders shampoo. This shampoo contains a type of zinc which is proven to tame dandruff. I would then also buy a tea tree oil conditioner as tea tree oil also helps to tame dandruff and helps to thicken hair.

Actually if you go to this post in the thread I mentioned before you will see that the last anti dandruff product recommended in that list is for a tea tree oil shampoo. If you click on the link for the product you will see that that shampoo is recommended to be used with a tea tree oil conditioner from the same brand (Paul Mitchell). You can either buy the shampoo and conditioner together, or you can just buy the conditioner and use the Head & Shoulders shampoo as your regular shampoo. That tea tree oil shampoo in the list is really good for dandruff too so choose either of the two shampoos but make sure to buy the tea tree oil conditioner as it helps a lot with dandruff.

After you use the anti dandruff shampoo, you then coat your hair lightly with the tea tree oil and leave it for two to three minutes as you're showering. If you're pressed for time you can leave the tea tree oil conditioner for just a minute and a half or ninety seconds. After the waiting time is over, you quickly rinse out the conditioner in seconds and you're set. You dry your hair and then proceed to style it dandruff free!

In you managed to get Rogaine/Regaine or any other form of minoxidil as a foam or liquid, you apply the minoxidil on your hair after you dry your hair and before styling your hair! this is so that you give enough time for your scalp to absorb the minoxidil and have it working on your follicles. All minoxidil products whether it is Rogaine or a generic minoxidil preparation will com with detailed instructions on how to use the minoxidil product. But you basically want to use it with your hair dry, before styling it and after having shampooed the hair and conditioned it with both an anti dandruff shampoo and an anti dandruff conditioner.

You may have already gone thru it but if you haven't yet, go thru this OTC hair loss products thread to learn of the OTC hair loss products that you can buy cheap and that will surely be sold in India too. That thread includes recommended international sellers for all the OTC hair loss products and that includes of Rogaine substitutes that work just as well since they're minoxidil preparations after all. It's the minoxidil that does all the magic to stop and regrow hair in men. There are three minoxidil preparations recommended by the mods in that thread and not to mention the many other recommended OTC hair loss products for men.

If you have any questions I will try to offer more help.
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04-16-2015, 10:19 AM
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RE: Hair loss and dandruff, what hair products to use?
Hey there,

Thanks for the detailed reply. I strongly agree with you that hair loss and dandruff are related. So, shall I avoid minoxidil for the time being and go with a thickening shampoo?? Please help me with the below questions and that would be of great help.

1. I am looking into neutrogena t/gel anti dandruff shampoo.. Shall I use it twice a week until I get rid of the dandruff? And, then switch over to head and shoulders as a regular one(alternate days)

2. I heard that tea tree oil shampoo is for oily hair. Is that so? Mine is a dry hair or may be my dry hair is due to the dandruff. Please advise.

3. Paul mitchell shampoo is out of my budget. Are there any other alternatives? Or advise me on how I should choose the alternative...

4. Suggest me a thickening shampoo and a conditioner other than paul mitchell as it is out of my budget..

Any other suggestions are also welcome. I am looking forward for your reply.

Thanks a lot. Please reply ASAP as my shampoo is about to get over.
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