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Hair falling out while growing long hair with seborrhoeic dermatitis? 0 0
Hair falling out while growing long hair with seborrhoeic dermatitis?
09-11-2016, 04:04 AM
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Hair falling out while growing long hair with seborrhoeic dermatitis?
Hello brothers. I'm new to the forum. I have had a problem lately. When I run my hand through my hair and during showering I often get a bunch of hairs on my hands. The hairs that fall out grow back. I know because I sometimes notice tiny hairs. Although it regenerates, the fact that some of it falls out bothers me a lot. I'm 18 after all, and I love long hair.

I have a slight vitamin D deficiency and restarting the vitamin course has helped me a lot, but I'm still anxious. I probably worry more than I should, but my chest hair is also falling out. I'm worried that may be an indication of a health problem.

I went though puberty very fast. When I was 12.5 thick body hair suddenly popped out. I have more hair on my knuckles than some people have on their entire chest. By the time I turned 14 I had a fully developed beard: Not patchy fuzz but a fully mature, rough, dense beard, people usually reach that stage by the time they graduate college. People are baffled when I tell them my real age because I look 25-27.

Since about 10 years old I've had this annoying itchy oily dandruff. I've never given it much attention until I started to grow my hair when it became really annoying. My ignorant parents have always blamed it on me saying that it's my fault because "I don't wash it properly", while I swear I could shampoo my hair up to SIX times EVERY TIME I showered EVERY DAY!

My mother would constantly nag about it and scold me saying "your head stinks, it's embarrassing" even when I came RIGHT OUT OF THE SHOWER! I would roll my eyes at her knowing that nobody has ever been able to please her, and any attempt to satisfy her is useless, as she will always find an excuse to condemn you no matter what you do. Not that she has ever cared about my well being, the reason it bothered her was because of how it looked to others, as in "god forbid anyone might spot an imperfection on the body of my offspring who has to be perfect because I'm a perfect mother because my insatiable EGO". Sorry about the rant, but it's part of the story.

When she FINALLY realized it was a problem, and not my fault, she grudgingly admitted that I had to see a dermatologist. Not that the doctor was of any help, although she diagnosed "seborrhoeic dermatitis" which is right, all she did was tell me to "try an anti dandruff shampoo such as head and shoulders", which not only doesn't help, but actually worsens the situation. Ever since I started to use head and shoulders and other BS shampoos (since about 10), my dandruff has actually increased twice if not more.

Lately I have found this VICHY medical shampoo that has worked wonders and has cut the hair falling by at least 80 percent. It truly is wonderful, but it also dries the hair.

Also I have this weird sore feeling on my scalp all the time no matter how clean it is as if I had may hair in a tight top knot for an entire day.

I realize this is more of a rant than a question, but I am very anxious and this is an important issue for me that I'm trying to solve, and I just had to take it off my chest. Sometimes I feel like my life plays sadistic jokes on me.

If any of you has had a similar situation, could you share some advice how to solve the problem? Thank you a lot!

Cheers ya'll.
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09-11-2016, 01:24 PM
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Vitamin-D deficiency can cause hair loss as well as the use of dandruff shampoos.
I've changed your thread's title a little so as to better reflect your issue since more-detailed thread titles will get people more interested.

For starters, vitamin-D deficiency can cause hair loss; you mention that you're low on vitamin D, so the hair loss that you're experiencing could be from this. It goes without saying that vitamin-D supplementation when used to treat medically-diagnosed vitamin-D deficiency should be supervised by a doctor. Fortunately, vitamin-D deficiency is solved fairly rapidly as vitamin D is a lipo-soluble vitamin and reserves of it rapidly build up on the body.

Still, I'd wait until you have your vitamin D levels in the healthy range to really try to get to the root of your potential hair loss, since said deficiency can cause hair loss in itself.

The problem with anti-dandruff shampoos is that they do, indeed, cause a dry scalp or dry hair (i.e. frizzy hair). It will also depend on the type of anti dandruff shampoo since there are several types that can be used as show in the link. You can try switching to a ketoconazole shampoo as this type of anti-dandruff shampoo is usually less drying (you can find a ketoconazole shampoo that we recommend in the posted link).

When using a deep-cleansing shampoo, which all anti-dandruff shampoos are, it is very common to find detached hair strands while showering. It is very common and it can be mistaken for hair loss or male-pattern baldness. This is because the hair strands that had already naturally fallen and were still hanging around your mane (i.e. your hair as a whole) are free to loosen up from your hair and will be removed as soon as you pass your hands or comb through your hair.

You do not mention anything about hair conditioners. The number-one rule to using a shampoo is that a shampoo must always be followed by a rinse-out conditioner. There are no excuses here, and frizzy hair as well as the impression of having a dry scalp will result from lack of hair-conditioner use. This becomes even more important if you already have long hair or if you're growing your hair longer.

Any good rinse-out conditioner will work when used after rinsing out you shampoo. Rinse-out conditioners are also known as regular conditioners, daily conditioners or simply as "conditioners". You can use them as frequently as desired but you must always use a conditioner after shampooing your hair.

Anti-dandruff shampoos are specially drying to men's hair, so using a good rinse-out conditioner will help to restore your hair's aesthetics. See our recommended hair-products guide and take a look at the two conditioners recommended under the Best-Conditioner category. Whichever of those two conditioners you choose, you'll be making a good move towards having a good-looking head of locks.

About the sore patch on your scalp, do you regularly tie your hair? If not, then a sore patch on the scalp could signal that there's excessive inflammation occurring from seborrhoeic dermatitis. Moreover, it could also signal some type of infection if you have hit or cut your scalp knowingly unknowingly. The best thing to do is to see your dermatologist, since seborrhoeic dermatitis requires that you're in contact with your dermatologist in case that something odd may be occurring on your scalp or facial skin.

Overall, it looks to me that the hair loss that you're experiencing is nothing more than your long-term use of hair-drying shampoos that allow your naturally-shed hair to fall of your hair. Incidentally, this same issue occurs when first using rinse-out conditioners as these types of hair-conditioners do also cause already-shed hair to fall off from their attached hair strands. This isn't even an issue; it's just a natural thing and should not be confused with actual male-pattern baldness.

Following from the above, your vitamin-D deficiency could very well be playing a key role in your perceived hair loss. Treating your low levels of vitamin D via a doctor's supervision should be your main priority, even over losing some hair in the meantime that will grow back fast.

I hope that my answer has helped you. I've upped your forum's privileges, and you're free to post images of your hair if you want us to get a better idea of your situation. You can either use a free image-hosting site like IMGur or upload your pictures into your next post.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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