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Hair coloring tips for men to get and dye cool hair colors!
06-23-2015, 01:10 PM
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Lightbulb Hair coloring tips for men to get and dye cool hair colors!
I've read threads in the forum about hair coloring for men. So I wanted to post here about extreme hair coloring tips for guys. I'm talking of dyeing your hair red!

How do I know these hair coloring tips? well I have been growing my hair for 4 years but the first year of growing my hair long was a total mess. I followed the advice of people and of websites that in retrospect I should not have followed so I wasted my time and my hair. I did experiment a lot with my hair and learned a lot about what not to do to male hair. So it wasn't that bad of an experience.

I buzzed my hair after the first year of hair growth to start growing my mane again. So now I have been growing my long mane in the right manner. I joined this forum today but I have been reading it for a year now and the information in this forum is priceless. If I remember correctly this forum wasn't even online 4 years ago and nor where the couple of extra websites that I follow for good hair advice. But anyhow it's all about living and learning!

I'm sure that lots of you would be interested in at least once trying a strange hair color, so here are my tips for extreme male hair coloring if you're ever up for the experience.
  • Don't get too many hair discolorations in the same year on all your hair. You can keep the red dye all the year but just make the discoloration on the roots when there is some new growth (I actually dyed my hair with blue, fuchsia and purple, but I did it just once or twice a year, not more). Right I was 18 at the time and going through a Goth phase which I'm glad it went away with my hair buzzing after the first year of growing my hair long.
  • If you want to go from a color as red to another as blue and get a nice color, it would be better to make a complete discoloration to remove all of the former color. So don't go from red hair to blue hair directly. Discolor first!
  • As the discoloration tends to dry the hair, in that period it would be better not to use a lot of hairspray or hair gel, especially if your hair is long.
  • Before discolorating all of your hair, test the discoloring on some locks of your hair. Sometimes the color can be different from how you see it in the bottle, or it can just react in a different way on your hair (once I wanted to dye my hair blue and instead my hair came out green as the dye wasn’t very good).
  • While you are making the dye and it's on your head, warm it a bit with a hair dryer before washing it away. The hair dryer will help to fix the dye and get a good result. Fo my money I would go with an ionic hair dryer because they dry the hair so much better without drying it to a pulp. Ionic hair dryers are more expensive but IMO they're so much better than regular hair dryers. Plus they are recommended by the barbers in this forum so that's a good sign that it's worth spending a little bit more on a good ionic hair dryer.
These hair coloring tips for men are also useful if you're just getting some highlights or just changing the tone of your natural hair color. I mean with this that these tips are to safeguard you from getting your hair green when you meant for it to be a dark blonde. These tips will work whether you just want to get a lighter or darker hair color or if you want to go wild and get an artificial red or blue color!
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07-05-2015, 01:17 PM
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RE: Hair coloring tips for men to get and dye cool hair colors!
Great tips for men's hair colouring! It's good to have learnt from your mistakes as many guys who decide to colour their hair will do so by bleaching it and burning it. After a few weeks of having a dirty yellowish platinum colour, they will then buzz it and repeat the cycle. I say this because I see this all the time as we have gents coming to our hair salon begging us to help them fix their hair after they went to another hair salon who literally burnt through their hair.

I think as hairdressers it's our duty to also educate our customers on good hair care habits. It also 'pays' over the long term to take care of your customer and advise him or her against certain harsh treatments like hair bleaching if you think that the customer will just not benefit from it. So I understand what you have been through since I see it a lot and much more now in summer as many guys are trying to get the surfer guy hairstyle look.

One thing that I would like to add to your tips is to also consider using henna. I've replied recently to some threads where we've discussed henna. With henna you're getting the ability to change your hair tone to a shinier and more vibrant one without running the risk of damaging your hair. It's an excellent hair dye and it's also an excellent hair dye for men. See my posts on this thread where I've posted how to make henna and the steps on how to use henna to colour men's hair:

With henna you also get some conditioning of the hair which is good as it makes your hair thicker, so it's perfect for men with thin hair who want to dye their hair. Hair bleaching and the chemicals from some hair dyes will dry out the hair and damage it which is exactly the opposite of the conditioning benefit of henna. Plus henna isn't that expensive if you buy from a good vendor which they've discussed in this thread too:

This post of mine should not be taken as my position being against chemical hair dyes. Not at all and we use them daily at our hair salon. It's the crazy hair bleaching and use of strong hair dyes without thinking twice about doing it that I am against.

One of the things that I value so much from this forum is all the great knowledge that consumers can obtain so that they come prepared to the hair salon and don't fall for any antics and they can then get the best haircut or hairstyle possible. I've seen that the stand on this topic from other forum barbers and hairdressers is the same and the use of chemical hair dyes is welcomed here and used by hairdressers and barbers alike. But I think that we can all agree that senseless use of strong hair dyes with corrosive chemicals is a sure-way of destroying your hair.

One more thread that you can read on henna is this thread where I describe and talk about what is henna.

I'd like to spread the word of the wonders of henna for men's hair colouring so that more of you can know of an extra option to give your hair some more personality. Guys you don't just have to us chemical hair dyes to make your hair unique and up to your preference.
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