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Hair coloring at home and problems with hair dye box use? 0 0
Hair coloring at home and problems with hair dye box use?
12-10-2014, 09:38 AM
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Hair coloring at home and problems with hair dye box use?
Say if one as a dude were to hypothetically go about hair coloring at home, what potential problems do you see with using as a guy a hair dye box? for the record i am talking of those products that come in z box to colour hair and which you use by your self without going to a hairdresser.
Hypothetical question... just asking Smile
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12-10-2014, 10:16 AM
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RE: Hair coloring at home and problems with hair dye box use?
The potential problems are there to be honest.Have you ever looked in the mirror after applying a box colour to your hair and discovered that your hair looks absolutely nothing like what the box said it would? Have you ever called up your hairstylist in a panic, because you know that you just can't possibly go to tomorrow morning's business meeting with hair that looks like something out of an old horror movie? If anything like this has happened to you, please rest assured you are not alone!

As a licensed stylist, I have encountered many people who have made the same mistakes above, and who were equally as horrified at the results. There are a few facts that I have come to know about box colour, and I would like to share them with you. That way, if 'hypothetically' you decide to colour your hair or anybody else is thinking in doing so, you will be prepared with some knowledge of how hair colouring works.

Why did my hair turn black?

One of the most common problems that some clients have struggled with has been the dreaded accidental 'Goth' look. Yes, this has happened often, and there is a simple reason as to why this happens. It is impossible to lighten colour with colour. Let me repeat that. You cannot lighten your hair colour with another colour. Imagine taking a bowl, and mixing in various ingredients from around your house. Each time you mix in a new ingredient, the colour of the mixture changes and becomes darker. It's the same with hair colour. If you put one colour over another colour, your hair will continue to become darker.

So, if you have coloured your hair, and then have decided that you want your colour to be lighter, you will need to remove the colour pigment that is already there before you re-colour. Also, if you have a colour in your hair that is called "Ash Blonde", but you want to try a new colour called "Auburn Brown", be aware that mixing the two colours together in your hair will most likely not turn out the same as the picture you see on the front of the box.

Be aware of metallic or mineral based hair colours:

Many of the store bought colours that are sold to the public have a metallic or mineral base. It is important to be aware of permanent colours that contain a metallic base because these can and will affect your ability to change your colour once you've already coloured it. Metallic based colours are very difficult to remove once they are in the hair. There are ways to remove the colour, but often the best and least damaging approach would be to visit a hairstylist who can apply a professional hair colour remover, followed by a colour correction service.

Also, be aware that the metallic or mineral colours can also cause a reaction when mixed with a perm solution, whether it is for curling hair or as a hair relaxer to straighten curly hair. In other words, permanently waving or straightening your hair after using a box colour will often cause severe damage or melting to your hair, so it's best if you don't do it. Consider picking just one or the other, curly/straight hair, or coloured hair. If you would still rather have both, I would highly recommend visiting a stylist rather than doing it yourself.

I wanted my hair to be blonde, but it turned orange. Help!

If you have lightened your hair, and it's turned orange, you simply did not lighten your hair enough. When using a lightener or bleach on your hair, you are breaking down the phases of pigment one by one. One of the most difficult phases of pigment to break through is what I like to call the "orange phase". You cannot achieve the desired blonde you are looking for until you have broken past this phase. Also, once you have lightened your hair to the desired pigment, you may still want to apply a tone or colour that matches the shade, in order to avoid the "fake" blonde look.

If at any point you are unsure of what you are doing, I always recommend visiting a professional stylist. Yes, paying a stylist for a service is more expensive, however, repairing or correcting damage to your hair could be much more expensive in the long run.

Use the right products:

Hair colouring, whether done at home or in a salon is damaging to the hair to various degrees. So, it's always important to make sure that you are giving yourself regular conditioning treatments and also using the appropriate products to help protect your hair in between chemical services. You don't have to pay a stylist to offer you advice on what products you should use, so it will never hurt to stop at a salon and ask as many questions as you want.

Hairstylists are trained in their profession, and they should be more than happy to help answer your questions. If you meet a stylist who does not seem to be helpful, don't be afraid to shop around until you find one who is!

Those are the main issues I could think that you would encounter. Hope it's of use! Smile
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12-10-2014, 10:49 AM
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RE: Hair coloring at home and problems with hair dye box use?
I posted the tips below as a thread on home hair dyeing tips for men. I will post it here too as one of the potential issues you may encounter is stuff like making a mess out of your house by incorrectly using the hair dye.

For starters dyeing your hair at home can be messy if you don't know how to prepare for your home to become a temporary mini hair salon. By getting all your materials gathered ahead of time, you can ensure a successful and stain-free hair experience. Dyeing you own hair no longer has to be a hassle if you're prepared.

First, cover the floors with newspaper, old sheets, or cheap tablecloths. Make sure whatever covers you floor is something you won't mind getting stained. Cover any areas you might need to walk over while dyeing your hair, from the areas by the toilet all the way to the sink. You don't want your floor getting stained, trust me on that. If you do accidentally drop hair dye somewhere other than the designated cover area, then be sure to wipe it up immediately before it makes a permanent stain.

Don't forget to bring a simple kitchen cooking timer or stopwatch in the bathroom with you. You can easily set the required number of minutes for your dye to set. This will ensure your hair doesn't get too much or too little quality dye time. You also won't have to keep your eye on the clock since the timer will easily let you know when to rinse off.

If you don't have a small mirror that you don't mind getting hair dye on, buy a cheap one next time you are out or on Amazon. This will allow you to check in the bathroom mirror at the back of your head. You can make sure you didn't miss any spots with the hair dye. You will be less likely to have to perform touch-ups later on.

Many home hair dye boxes recommend putting lotion around your face to help prevent dye from dripping down off your hair. Put the lotion right along you hair line on your forehead, around your ears, and the back of your neck. While some dye may still drip onto your skin, the lotion will be an extra hurdle the dye will have to go through. Try to wipe off any excess dye from your skin as soon as you notice it.

After you rinse out all of your hair dye, immediately blow dry your hair so you can see how the treatment turned out (see this thread for good hair dryers). If you notice any areas that you missed, touch them up with any remaining dye and follow the same process of timing, rinsing, and blow drying. You don't want to go to work or around town with a brown streak of hair when the rest of your hair is blonde, so touch-ups are a must for a professional look.

By preparing your tools before you get your hands messy, you can make dyeing your hair at home fun and mess-free. Stains throughout your bathroom will also not be an issue if you follow these simple tips.
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