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Hair and Beard Styles for Dapper Males: Huge Gallery Guide 5 1
Hair and Beard Styles for Dapper Males: Huge Gallery Guide
08-28-2018, 03:01 PM
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Star Hair and Beard Styles for Dapper Males: Huge Gallery Guide

Your Picture Guide to Combining Beard Styles and Hairstyles

Dapper males, here's your bearded hair-styling inspiration for lots of trendy and current styling ideas. The styles range from short facial hair with medium length hair to classic hairstyles with a full beard.

If you're interested in the actual types of beard styles, then see this beard style guide. For more trendy men's hairstyles, see this inspirational guide too. Other than that, feel free to ask any questions on any of these beard styles. Cheers!

Classic look

On point and clean. A well trimmed beard really adds to a classic gentleman look. See our classic hairstyles guide for more on men's classic styles.

[Image: 5ac56cf6ed967d6f87e3b3b661179e75.jpg]

[Image: b0429a0989ea9c985fee4ee008c7e239.jpg]

[Image: da1a32c4a80acce365adbcce564afb2e.jpg]

[Image: bfff972860cd741319e376dbd6e2bffa.jpg]

[Image: 3e9fc2d2ab329478c4633517602d11a9.jpg]

[Image: bf8421b96a906b3a876aebbde044ae22.jpg]

[Image: e1944fdea4e729caf0974e95a80440d0.jpg]

[Image: 372140fb9025b3dd4431ac21390d81a8.jpg]

[Image: c40e4dd6b2f273293419bb65a24113a8.jpg]

[Image: c52ff1a1c932e744e55c62bee16e6eda.jpg]

[Image: 20cd3aa7b20038c4ca6015ea0c7ade46.jpg]

[Image: b54e8f99057b6f2909027275bc131934.jpg]

Disconnected haircuts with facial hair

A good fade haircut or disconnected cut is paramount to making the most of your facial hair style. Always ask your barber if he or she is fully experienced with fade haircuts as chances of ruining such a haircut due to poor professional experience are very high.

[Image: 582d33359b7985791b537dc98a1cf73f.jpg]

[Image: 55a464c7935e2375ae22ff6da23f50cc.jpg]

[Image: 7d9127449b45e4c738977c002be047e1.jpg]

[Image: dcbbadab9610b24262f0ce9d3c16924d.jpg]

[Image: 8d6432a9a853c281e775cc60c32ed74d.jpg]

[Image: 59802b22a952d78dd2d22a5f1bcac98a.jpg]

[Image: 6d75ff6b2a29daca2f8095a7d269420b.jpg]

[Image: e38703e88dd74b59ecc1ce38e71eb5c0.jpg]

[Image: 058a03d387e3f76ce9bdce0d3c99d0f4.jpg]

[Image: 815f36de6ec56037a4f4ac72aa9c97dd.jpg]

[Image: c96b731a8ca15688e08683683c6628fb.jpg]

[Image: 68be8af9b625cbd35bb6f3197e26505c.jpg]

[Image: f74f13956d186d7d2a293eb72b5773d0.jpg]

[Image: a52a71bfaf5c87abeefd4a7b180fad80.jpg]

[Image: 6d7a83c7e07d50a560d2dfc94b5f0bfa.jpg]

This guide continues below.

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08-28-2018, 03:25 PM
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Shaved hair and buzzed hairstyles with a beard.

Short buzzed hair with beard

Buzzcuts are low maintenance so it's one less inconvenient to look after. It's all about the beard in this case. A full beard with short hair does also masculinize the face for those wanting to give a more masculine vibe to their overall look. For more on buzzed hair, see our buzzcut guide.

[Image: 2b14ba11d45c192268dca0daac15d2cb.jpg]

[Image: 7aab6aa0fa3f2ea9a7690fec6288da0c.jpg]

[Image: 3a882ad4971b7606782a79ab787a6ceb.jpg]

[Image: 2e9d4a8e14f0e84308f1377cc70a6f7b.jpg]

[Image: 13e444ec615eab501ed17231827f4a7c.jpg]

[Image: 7821cfa367e090b1fef1371b6139a21b.jpg]

[Image: 3d0016eaed7b2aef51831da2da7ced7a.jpg]

[Image: 2a6f34f9e5da233ae050582541dd29df.jpg]

[Image: e18e3faf91dda286272712729b468dd8.jpg]

[Image: 2fa0393feb7b6550133fe90f7576c809.jpg]

[Image: 28d7e1e4a8831590ae198d51584117e2.jpg]

[Image: 23d8fd76d74444231e49af99078bcfb5.jpg]

[Image: 666856d52479cdb7b5d449da533c2a6f.jpg]

[Image: ab927e3dab0a05d4e11bc76db725d9bb.jpg]

[Image: 0a4fc4dad1a34be854c11d358f7a7faa.jpg]

[Image: 06977f4fa6aac6d06fcdd3f151c95b64.jpg]

[Image: d66489f2f662238c8fea33a4c514c5ed.jpg]

[Image: c695a0b04991d2f522f717f80ba12022.jpg]

[Image: 1c26e106517f8a5982fa4ec4a0afc02d.jpg]

[Image: ae64d2002eae45f8ed9fd545d8df9dd0.jpg]

[Image: b3906afeb3a3700780b1442afa359096.jpg]

[Image: 9b39c3705811cfe63f086b88abda6194.jpg]

[Image: 98f8fd4aab763dcb0f7bb4ec642a0144.jpg]

[Image: 882307abefbf3c330847a9e146481102.jpg]

[Image: 28f0d8d30aed5e1bd5565435a9f6e6d7.jpg]

Oldschool barber getting it on with the internet era.
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