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Hair accessories for men with medium length hair? No long hair
04-02-2015, 04:49 AM
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Hair accessories for men with medium length hair? No long hair
Would it be possible to use hair accessories for men with medium length hair? I have read in the hair accessories guide that there is this type of band that you can adjust across the front of the head to get it back. I was also reading the hair length guide in the forum and it says that medium length goes up to six inches which is what's also in the mens hair book.

I want to grow my hair longer but I'm not sure if I will want to go for six inches. Would it still be ok to wear hair accessories with hair that is four inches long? That's an example as what I'm trying to say is that if it's ok to wear hair accessories for guys with medium hair and not long hair.

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04-05-2015, 09:35 AM
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RE: Hair accessories for men with medium length hair? No long hair
Right you're talking of either a headband or an alice band. These are hair accessories used across the head to pull the hair back.

A headband is basically a circular elastic band that your place it across your head so it goes above the forehead then behind your ears and ends on the lower back of your head. It's a really popular hair accessory for men. Football players also love to wear headbands on match day.

Alice bands are also used to pull the hair back but instead of being elastic, they're hard. An alice band is shaped as a semi circle and the ends of the alice band go either in front of your ears or behind your ears.

A lad who is popularising the alice band hairstyle is Gareth Bale. See this Gareth Bale thread to see the alice band that he used to keep his hair slicked back. Before Gareth Bale it was David Beckham who used alice bands. You can read about David Beckham and his hair accessories in this thread.

The best read that you go thru is the hair accessories guide as all types of hair accessories for men are explained in depth and the mods have also provided the online places from where to get the hair accessories cheap.

With medium length hair is when it makes more sense to start using mens hair accessories. But you won't be able to tie a ponytail or man bun until your hair is about six inches or fifteen centimetres long. In the meantime you can use headbands, alice bands and even dorags and bandanas if that's your thing.

As you want to grow your hair long I would suggest that you just go ahead and buy all the hair accessories now and in one go so that you have them ready for when you can start using them. You will be able to use right now the vast majority of hair accessories in that guide. You will just need a but more hair length to use the hair ties to tie your hair into a ponytail or manbun.

If you're interested in the man bun then go thru this man bun hairstyle guide as it goes thru all the details of the hairstyle and on how to tie the bun. This includes using a hair tie and hair elastics. It's a good read as the man bun is a very trendy hairstyle.

Cheers mate! Smile
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