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Hair Problems
08-13-2016, 07:17 AM
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Rainbow Hair Problems
how are you guys
i hope you're fine

i have some problems with my hair
i have a straight

i don't use any chemical products to my hair

(i use only "hair dryer" after shower )

by the way , did hair dryer hurt and damage the hair ??


lets continue ,

after every shower, I use "hair dryer"
but in the night and when i wake up i find my hair a little bad "some curly places in my hair" maybe because of turning left and right in sleeping and the change of temperature ,
so is there any way to solve this problem ?

i mean to keep the hair safe during the night and the sleeping ?
ps : i use Nightcap in the night to keep it safe , is it good or bad idea , because someone tell me it cause hair loss .

the's an other problem wich is only in winter

the cold weather ,
the cold weather damage my hear and specially humidity in the morning Angry , and the rain
so that make me angry because I had to re wash and use hair dryer every time :'(
is there any solution to those problems
ps : i don't prefer to use chemical products and gels ....
"I use a CAP in the winter to keep my hair safe , so is it a good idea or not"

so please help me
and thank you very mush Blush
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