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Hair Head Shaving Tips for Men from Experienced Barbers 0 0
Hair Head Shaving Tips for Men from Experienced Barbers
06-27-2015, 03:21 PM
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Lightbulb Hair Head Shaving Tips for Men from Experienced Barbers
Shaving one's head hair is becoming a popular male hairstyle with haircuts like the undershave, so here are some useful head shaving tips for men!

These tips for your head shaving are meant for regular guys since these are tricks that we barbers have known for a long time already. So if you're just a regular dude wanting to shave his mane and sport a bald look, then follow these tips.
  • Plan a good time to shave your head. You can shave your head during your vacations to get accustomed to this new style and to get some tan although make sure to use some form of sun screen!
  • Trim your hair before shaving if you want to make things as easy as possible. Use a good hair clipper or a good beard trimmer if you have short hair. You can even have a barber cut your hair to about 0.25 inches of length which is enough to shave your head with a razor.
  • Use the best head shaving tools and best men skincare products if you want to get the best results. See these recommended shaving creams
  • Make sure to clean your head and exfoliate if possible to remove dead cells and make shaving easier. You can even use the clarifying shampoo from this list of recommended men's shampoos to remove any dead cells and residue from hairstyling products.
  • Always use a new blade when shaving your head. This way no hair will be pulled and you’ll save some troubles along the way.
  • If you want to avoid having a shiny head, shave with the grain. Shave against the grain for the closest results. Read this detailed wet shaving guide for men to get an idea of the shaving motions and directions when it comes to shaving with the grain and against the grain.
  • Use a good shaving gel, shaving cream or lubricant and let it work for a minute before starting to shave your head. If possible, use a good shaving gel for sensitive skin as the hair on the scalp has a higher density so irritation is more common when shaving your head as opposed to shaving your face!
  • People with coarse or curly hair may encounter problems when shaving their heads such as ingrown hair and razor bumps. Shaving with the grain can be an alternative or you can use a product to get rid of ingrown hair.
We also have another thread with more head shaving tips for guys which are very practical especially for guys who are balding and can't be bothered any more with hiding it!
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06-28-2015, 09:05 AM
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RE: Hair Head Shaving Tips for Men from Experienced Barbers
Great head shaving tips! one thing I would say is to really do use a safety razor to shave your head. Do not use a straight razor or an electric shaver. A straight razor is dangerous for shaving your head. An electric shaver is a pain to work around the contour of your head so just leave it for your facial hair.

If instead of shaving your head you want to sport the bald look but with a hair clipper, just go "bare" with your hair clipper. Do not attach any guiding combs whatsoever and use the shortest blade that you have at hand. A hair clipper blade will come with your typical corded hair clipper and cordless hair clippers so don't worry about this. Actually the blade is already on your hair clipper so just plug in the hair clipper and buzz away your hair. Any of the hair clippers in the link you posted will do fine as those are the hair clippers recommended by the barber staff in this forum anyway.

Shaving your head with a hair clipper would be the equivalent of a number zero or #0 hair clipper length. You can get even shorter but a zero hair clipper length will be a very close look to the bald look.

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