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Hair Color Ideas for Men's Hairstyles - Inspiration Guide with Gallery 5 2
Hair Color Ideas for Men's Hairstyles - Inspiration Guide with Gallery
09-11-2018, 01:13 PM
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Star Hair Color Ideas for Men's Hairstyles - Inspiration Guide with Gallery

Men's Hair Color Style Ideas and Inspiration

Dying men's hair in unusual colors and tones such as blue or pink has been a relatively new men's hair trend sometimes called the "merman trend" and which we've picked up in this forum in the past. But there was no actual inspiration thread so here's your colored hair styles inspiration guide with lots of pictures to showcase how the different dyes and colors looks with a vast range of hairstyles. You'll be doing a favor to yourself by FIRST checking all the pictures in this gallery BEFORE you go ahead and color your hair navy blue or peachy orange. Seriously.

I've seen enough botched jobs in the last three years from guys coming to our barbershop asking for a full shave off after they went to 'that' guy to get their hair colored. Only commit yourself to the colored hairstyle ideas below if you're sure about it. Also, get to know your actual hair length in the link as hair length can determine how intricate a hair dying job can be. If you have any questions, then post them.

Colored Men's Hair Styles Gallery:
Lots of depicted mens hairstyles are included so as to give you a better idea of how a particular hair colored style may look on you. Remember that some of these hair coloring ideas require that you have your hair bleached first (uncolored) so as to them apply the base chosen color. Especially for guys with with dark hair or for darker chosen colors.

[Image: f8f90fed8d534971270910b6f9b6342d.jpg]
[Image: f5eccb0d97ab32d09348855efbf632bd.jpg]
[Image: 86579d25d260006574f9fddbe8e6b970.jpg]
[Image: 4f438592032a0a917c024110fbd51262.jpg]
[Image: 7f8f3d4d1def3f130d0c00d6dc28034f.jpg]
[Image: cd4e011d657d9adec73613e8004d64be.jpg]
[Image: 2bd83e069e453335e9ebc6c91a0f553f.jpg]
[Image: 60abe9d26a0a1963b1b835d994390063.jpg]
[Image: 3df5f39a138474bb6441bf1ba599310c.jpg]
[Image: 3c8aa66ccbd0d6d47fa4ef6d0f2d58e3.jpg]
[Image: 974fa87c7541ba5f7cd79b0b9ab4d8cc.jpg]
[Image: abc69f43adc63e56c68b8b67fcb416f5.jpg]
[Image: 8d8c30cc9b8f1eaf4ae689fc0282c09d.jpg]
[Image: 94434b13398f18a008291df57d917c93.jpg]
[Image: 366263294a24cbccf5e30685335d13fe.jpg]
[Image: e909de22f66d7f3235ab3a4b1519dab4.jpg]
[Image: afe386c60cf8d03ecee3d1a96b60c0dc.jpg]
[Image: f479d0f63c43bd88552f6787406fd4fe.jpg]
[Image: 866df0f49ff13a446136be2c88ae46eb.jpg]
[Image: 9452e9ee974c8f00d38ab00cf640f543.jpg]
[Image: c3c0838b694a5f4fd13ec2b6ff080aa5.jpg]
[Image: 0e7c14f728b44e5add814609112a46b5.jpg]
[Image: 610c94368323d5da0d81514ef7071549.jpg]
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09-11-2018, 02:46 PM
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RE: Hair Color Ideas for Men's Hairstyles - Inspiration Guide with Gallery
More hairstyle ideas to color your hair as:

[Image: a7f68da3a1aeff36414839d7f9821127.jpg]
[Image: ec177e485127cd7fc494bfdd5173409d.jpg]
[Image: 8f918cf98b75516f6eb111afac37c9f0.jpg]
[Image: 6a2741f66c1055f1abd222cfe10ac07f.jpg]
[Image: 7f77e39a7f1551978839d5ab2614616a.jpg]
[Image: d5f70d8f83b1a11228359f2663283d9c.jpg]
[Image: 10fab7fcb4a074f10694503cf8e5a6f9.jpg]
[Image: 743eb2bd7e55338856172142ff2f9597.jpg]
[Image: 18e1458c3802b39947dbbcddee5a4d5f.jpg]
[Image: ba7f8dc07ce699e0291e5efff3741928.jpg]
[Image: 48b27798588e7b65a1d8704568739705.jpg]
[Image: 83a35c9ddfd404e8b07fa056c5190b4e.jpg]
[Image: fc207b768da6ebce25b911cd206ed68c.jpg]
[Image: c2308ee2e80903459b1aced8fd545c62.jpg]
[Image: 12f70502928d632c1a9ca510de35d355.jpg]
[Image: 57b79e94d9724d2d79f02b7160d843cb.jpg]
[Image: ae2387a1db8d5181d67971ca349d4122.jpg]
[Image: 8586726d5247b8df3c8ec63da75641eb.jpg]
[Image: e398b5776ec21eafaf83b4d6d827db84.jpg]
[Image: ace9b7ae498733e17b0f724718f1c628.jpg]
[Image: 0210569b9ca856aed1812a958dd39994.jpg]
[Image: 23d3ff1990b6a6a7253153003a9634ea.jpg]
[Image: 755ad65999fe2ed79203643987579814.jpg]
[Image: 04fc50a9552cecd865540945110ded14.jpg]
[Image: 970ccaa70f887917709cd6966ec7188a.jpg]
[Image: 566621a72d4ece98196667ddb0fad748.jpg]
[Image: 092c0ba479e6306ab3d1ffb4d8d99f11.jpg]
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09-11-2018, 04:54 PM
Post: #3
RE: Hair Color Ideas for Men's Hairstyles - Inspiration Guide with Gallery
Another set of merman hair color styles. Do note that the merman term also applies to facial hair and beard coloring as seen in the link.

[Image: 8a0bf0cccce7c7ac32635a524550e07a.jpg]
[Image: 9e35ff95d92f0d5807806c19b8afcf77.jpg]
[Image: 6342236683b78d9719ea960e068fb3e0.jpg]
[Image: 1ae285c95b2c04c5142a8f05dc96d9b3.jpg]
[Image: 7a39366e6ee3181a7623083ea98749fd.jpg]
[Image: 65156e98d7497e6d3e45de492b285071.jpg]
[Image: 247b20b77732017634675b5d8b585034.jpg]
[Image: f2f5f680b991b7062f69047aef2f610d.jpg]
[Image: a326256df8c2fe0b1f406c09a9cc19a4.jpg]
[Image: 59518275d54f8f1d8d3a25da2cb67ab8.jpg]
[Image: 3ba99cd683c9a743c32d27f2bfcdff44.jpg]
[Image: 22243e5ed22522dd305ed0a2cd7d646a.jpg]
[Image: bc254f8af51189737f067599f3622a07.jpg]
[Image: 832455a81a291a6b260ecc72f995e28b.jpg]
[Image: f81bf5c7086e66afea5b0697d2a3114c.jpg]
[Image: 08f78ebaf23b88a65ec9a6c4b1aa7914.jpg]
[Image: 06445eac93e0a65144c5b6f76b86e0bf.jpg]
[Image: 1d323996fd05c758f39e2baa46de3ca5.jpg]
[Image: 8bc4301b0fb814d5cb72ac107faa6773.jpg]
[Image: d41eb816ca57d2a6f4670491f0efecfe.jpg]
[Image: 0084e46f8cc89d60eab7c1508e657650.jpg]
[Image: e15503a191cff5e0e4be6d83dbc16ee9.jpg]
[Image: 48b27798588e7b65a1d8704568739705.jpg]
[Image: e7ade6fb71000621d8db38c9e33a752d.jpg]
[Image: 468df8d3af55421a4a34d7e8124ff34e.jpg]
[Image: 636569ab91f11636b10f53f2f183cd91.jpg]
[Image: 8e76ededca70a51f624751a36e1c0c6e.jpg]
[Image: 426c5a5330fe367ce9d416506c936f6b.jpg]
[Image: b1fc74036dd36c456c5b2ba8a044ca46.jpg]
[Image: 18e1458c3802b39947dbbcddee5a4d5f.jpg]
[Image: e66f93ff6d20048be79cf520c9267517.jpg]
[Image: ee50fb49514fd7ccd45f5be22ae05426.jpg]
[Image: 79da5f57dd62d97dd8296c2a617b5cc3.jpg]
[Image: f3dc05690581ea0712078903993baf0d.jpg]
[Image: febd4a5c001c2aafd259bb9665a9b8ac.jpg]
[Image: 16da3646ec632e60a0b51b8f87110158.jpg]
[Image: d4364d939bb561e349671a82b47b6bfe.jpg]
[Image: 46728f9ae3eb1e3b281510c03b832161.jpg]
[Image: 0084e46f8cc89d60eab7c1508e657650.jpg]
[Image: 690f03b047f5e272fd0cd73e242858a3.jpg]
[Image: 85ea3eaa37ea162edaea073a2e4fd7ea.jpg]
[Image: 694bfae7a903e9aa57eb5e31281b9ad3.jpg]
[Image: 34a7e5792d92d63a7c5fa2816d434c0c.jpg]
[Image: b1d8bb6ef46df076ccc20b9c79e7d4c4.jpg]
[Image: 2f137d1626cd80177501deac5e1295cf.jpg]
[Image: 26e267f36742c7a83c8d6190c7c3ef37.jpg]
[Image: 8e01fe275c3adbf734100c141e10cfa6.jpg]
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