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Hair Color Ideas for Black Men Hairstyles - Pictures Guide 5 1
Hair Color Ideas for Black Men Hairstyles - Pictures Guide
09-13-2018, 01:09 PM
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Lightbulb Hair Color Ideas for Black Men Hairstyles - Pictures Guide

Guide to Hair Color Ideas for Black Men

The merman hair trend has caught up with all sorts of guys including black guys. As a barber I have noticed an increasing interest from black customers of ours in getting their hair dyed and colored with funky colors. No I'm not talking of blonde highlights or using some henna, I'm talking of full blue or purple all over the hair. Here's some professional advice for you from a black barber: you better be sure that you truly want to get your afro hair colored in blue as people will look, stare and point in your direction.

On this forum we ain't no one to judge so we want to give you black folks a good range of hair color ideas for your fade cuts, kinky curls, high tops, bantu knots, locks and the likes. For men's hair color ideas involving other hair types (e.g. straight hair, wavy hair, etc), then see this other merman hair color guide.

Whatever questions you may have about these hair color ideas for black men's hair, post them.

Hair color ideas for black males - Gallery:
Let's get the party started.

[Image: 8854dfb36e85524aaefd8fef638947bf.jpg]
[Image: 6802763f057833a64927b78d3575a292.jpg]
[Image: d292058dff5bbcd0fce060932210aa47.jpg]
[Image: 19139f87ff938527303f27e276410d47.jpg]
[Image: bc67883e0ece0a2f350a5359e4edd6d9.jpg]
[Image: d41eb816ca57d2a6f4670491f0efecfe.jpg]
[Image: 8e5f3b51648165b4d08b6d7d02c53b81.jpg]
[Image: ff2407ef0c6acfa5c02356335df40c46.jpg]
[Image: 8f5ae6a9b4394bcbb5b7e157f17fe0e0.jpg]
[Image: 50d0138cb4c60cb5456f469744cdff66.jpg]
[Image: e41aa9cbda27eee158190ab9e224399d.jpg]
[Image: 0f4fc5ce51ade8c52cb0a4bb1205626e.jpg]
[Image: 36b6c7ddb45948d8b2162050b1bb70a3.jpg]
[Image: c805490b3ff37901e31b043bc3945b78.jpg]
[Image: c8be6b8b5b7fc071af85872f5191d8b7.jpg]
[Image: 0c1c4e5ced057983124cf21baeb1e399.jpg]
[Image: fd306885302e32ba7c04873ab0f44d29.jpg]
[Image: 339a2a6149b0068b0dddf0b975e04a1f.jpg]
[Image: 47f1f75aaa19a5286b02411803341d73.jpg]
[Image: 2e0dc3e9df06bd2474b0e30853d874f8.jpg]
[Image: cc495a842cc56ba3200caa3435437be3.jpg]
[Image: 68e939a439f5ed1b3ca0815fecf0176d.jpg]
[Image: 959be63af3e9d09da1637c76d7f5506c.jpg]
[Image: 029100b0973e113f17692b29e067a1a0.jpg]
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09-13-2018, 01:51 PM
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RE: Hair Color Ideas for Black Men Hairstyles - Pictures Guide
More hair color ideas for those of you with kinky curly hair and afro textured curls.

[Image: ddce5d81ede86584640494bbd9563dfe.jpg]
[Image: 9da37ae581922809a425c0f1d22ac6fa.jpg]
[Image: c0066b04915b90535a6d51654b390dcd.jpg]
[Image: 01b6af50684a582c8ed99d8220792584.jpg]
[Image: fd3f69f3645e1d5fb2e7fcc913e86e9f.jpg]
[Image: 0193d301ee456987512957ce27e8eb4f.jpg]
[Image: 4b1d7fd8e9da91a9804603528650c8b6.jpg]
[Image: bf851117582ce03154b25e303cd040df.jpg]
[Image: 0ac574cf929846377643c69bf05aca7a.jpg]
[Image: 9404c5d7e2f69cb92895b611504d8c5a.jpg]
[Image: 518d1521b616bcfdc35abbe27f51fd6e.jpg]
[Image: 6b1c03d642bd37f396cb37f7bb339e0e.jpg]
[Image: 2cae7cc5ba544324468d7d2499bb4f1f.jpg]
[Image: 76d158eb061a1d849df0c5523c31d880.jpg]
[Image: a95073500bb0c8cbaf3db87133007ccb.jpg]
[Image: c67f43b86d5f764001de65fe796cb9f7.jpg]
[Image: 79da5f57dd62d97dd8296c2a617b5cc3.jpg]
[Image: 571f7bde212149543d6a71b2a03ad56c.jpg]
[Image: 7e7cc8702916a48513e0d81282eb996f.jpg]
[Image: e6c1abc7fa0c77aa167b9e79ca117c69.jpg]
[Image: 08f78ebaf23b88a65ec9a6c4b1aa7914.jpg]
[Image: 508e811cef195c1f4e1b1f2e67cc9d0e.jpg]
[Image: 0e86cc5997d150578ed6af6e26bb22c8.jpg]
[Image: eb700b683faa0fe9991ab6ec23817ef7.jpg]
[Image: 929a966266bb5ddd04125f7189c72892.jpg]
[Image: 94db22db3eedd6bd5e3cf9dc5759ff40.jpg]
[Image: afdc4b6405bca41d85b60f18c561726a.jpg]
[Image: 8b27e0db730200eeeebb513e9f7efac7.jpg]
[Image: dc507c6d9ac0ff60d521ee8497cf56c6.jpg]
[Image: 4c5d8f23577f567138fbfa5b32905fec.jpg]
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