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Guide on how to use a hair dryer for men
05-09-2015, 12:07 PM
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Guide on how to use a hair dryer for men
There is already a huge discussion on hair dryers but I wanted to post this quick guide on how to use a hair dryer for men. All the advice comes from my own experience, from reading this forum and a couple of other websites, from reading a book called the mens hair book, from learning from my cool hairdresser and from asking my sisters.

Also the best websites that I've used to learn how to use a hair dryer were for a female audience, aside from this forum and maybe one or two more sites. The saying I've seen in this forum is that if it works for a woman it will work for a dude! Big Grin

Before I give my advice, you should bookmark the official hair dryers thread in this forum as it has all the things that you need from hair dryer advice to which hair dryer to buy:

I used to lurk around this forum a lot before joining so I have lots of bookmarked threads that are hairstyle guides. I also recommend that you do this as the huge number of threads in this forum means that you can lose track of a useful hairstyle guide or hair product guide.

A note to the mods, if my formatting is not the correct one for this type of thread then please modify it. I've seen there's a formatting to follow for forum guides but I may not have gotten it right the first time.

Before I start this hair dryer guide, let me run through the jargon quickly.
  • Hair dryers are also known as blow dryers. They can also be just called 'dryers'.
  • The act of using a hair dryer is known as blow drying. I've seen different ways to spell it but that's the actual verb.
  • Air drying is when you just let mother nature dry your hair. You may dry it a little bit when it's soaking wet from taking a shower but after a quick towel rub you just let your hair dry on its own. This can take an hour to six hours for long hair guys.
How to use a hair dryer:
Actually using a hair dryer is very easy. Just stand in front of the mirror and point the hair dryer to your hair as you style it. The jet of air should be flowing to the part of the hair which you are styling so just change the direction of the hair dryer flow as you keep styling your hair.

Temperature of the hair dryer:
Most hair dryers come with a range of temperatures that you can choose. The hottest temperature works the best for hair shaping and styling but it also does the more damage to the hair. The difference between the coldest and warmest temperatures in terms of hair styling is minimal so it's always safer to use the coldest temperature on your hair dryer, or at least a mid range temperature.

You can use the hottest temperature every once in a while though if you need to dry your hair super fast or if you're looking to gain the most volume on your hair. Make sure you're using other hair volumizing products for men. For ideas of which volumizing and thickening hair products for men to use see this forum post:

How often to use a hair dryer:
Using your hair dryer is best done for special days when you really want to rock a big hairstyle or a really shaped hairstyle. Or if you're running late on time on a cold winter morning and you just won't leave your house with your hair damp. Talking about my experiences with that...

You can also use a hair dryer daily. It's not the safest method if you take your hair care seriously and it will eventually cause damage on your hair. Heat damages hair and the jet of air that hair dryers give out can get really hot.

If you're going to blow dry your hair daily then it's very important that you use a heat tamer. These are also known as heat protecting sprays or some other name like that. The goal of these products is to allow you to style your hair with heat styling tools like hair dryers without damaging your hair. Heat tamers also work really well for flat irons and if you have yet to know how to use a flat iron, then read this flat iron guide:

So yeah use a heat tamer if you're using your hair dryer daily. You're fine without the heat tamer if you're not blow drying daily. You can still use the heat tamer if you're blow drying only on special occasions but would rather save it for anytime I increase my frequency of hair dryer use. Like in winter when I'm running late for class and it's too freaking cold outside to wear my hair wet or damp. Forget about it.

How to use a heat tamer:
Using a heat tamer is just as easy as using a hair dryer. So far all the heat tamers that I have seen come as sprays. So you just spray the heat tamer on your hair lightly so your hair is only lightly covered in it.

Think of when you go to the barbershop and the barber sprays some water on your hair before cutting your hair. You want even less sprayed heat tamer on your hair. Seriously a small amount goes a long way although give it a go and find the right amount that works for you. One spray shot per area of your head is a good start. In case you don't know the areas of the head these are:
  • Front of the top of the head. The part just above the forehead.
  • Center of the top of the head
  • Back of the top of the head. Also known as the vertex of the head.
  • Sides of the head. One spray shot for each side.
  • Back of the head.
Spraying your head with the tamer will take you ten seconds, if that.

Which is the best hair dryer for men?
Remember that huge hair dryers thread I told you to bookmark? Read it as the barbers and hairdressers of this forum have recommended the best hair dryers for men. Good hair dryers are usually ionic but not all are.

Ionic hair dryers dry your hair differently to conventional hair dryers. I'm not so sure on how the technology works but it helps to dry the hair strands from the inside out so the heat flow is even across the hair strand. This is a good thing as it kills any frizz and if you got curly hair then the best hair dryer for you is an ionic hair dryer. One of my sisters has curly hair and she swears by them but they are not cheap.

There are some good hair dryers that are not ionic. There are quit a few recommendations in that hair dryers thread so it won't be a problem for you to find a good non ionic hair dryer. There's also another thread about hair products that I recommend you to bookmark and which has a list of all the recommended hair products for men:

They recommend three hair dryers for men in the thread above and the price points are different too. So you have hair dryer choices no matter what your budget is like. There is also a recommended heat tamer in the list of recommended hair products from that thread in the link. It's a really good heat tamer, so buy it if you're going to be blow drying your hair frequently or if you plan to be blowdrying your hair frequently at some point.

I can answer any questions that you may have on hair dryer uses. You can also post your own advice or even the barbers from the forum add in any other useful stuff. I hope this hair dryer guide helps at least one person to avoid frying their hair! Big Grin
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05-10-2015, 05:34 AM
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RE: Guide on how to use a hair dryer for men
Thanks for this hairdryer guide, it's extremely useful I agree on that. I'm a regular dude like you say and I find that these hair product guides make things much easier when it comes to choosing hair products.

According to you or to any of the other barbers, what would be the optimal distance between the hair dryer and your head when blow drying? how much distance should you leave between your head and the hair dryer as you keep moving it to blowdry the different areas of the head and hairstyle?

Another question, should you point the hair dryer nozzle up or down when styling? this question is tied with the previous question the distance to use with the hair dryer.

I'm ready to drop some money on one of the high end hairdryers. Between that thread with the recommended hair dryers and this thread I think I have enough info to go ahead and buy a hair dryer. I just have some minor questions as asked above before I drop some good bucks on a hair dryer that doesn't fry my hair or make the frizz worse...
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05-10-2015, 11:18 AM
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Here are some additional tips to this useful hair dryer guide.
A complete hair dryer tutorial, great job!

We do indeed have all these tips and steps to hair drying in our official discussion on hair dryers for men, but it's a good idea to have the actual method posted in a thread like you've done so as to have this valuable information compiled in one single place.

Frequency of use with a hair dryer is of the utmost importance. Exposing your hair to very-hot air on a daily basis will wreak havoc on your hair and will eventually cause irreparable damage. That's why, as you rightly put it, it's imperative to use a heat-protecting product when using a hair dryer daily with the highest temperature available.

Narrow nozzles and concentrators can make matters worse if not using a heat-protecting product and blow drying daily with hot air. Such nozzles and concentrators pinpoint the blown hot air to a very small area of the scalp, thus you're getting a more concentrated version of the hair dryer's power on a smaller surface area. This is good for styling your hair, but it isn't good for the long-term quality of your hair. Hence it's important to emphasize the use of a good heat-protecting product (see our recommended hair products list for one) when blow drying your hair daily with a narrow nozzle or concentrator.

If possible, use a hair dryer diffuser on most days to disperse the heat over a larger surface area, or simply don't clip in any narrow nozzles or concentrators for your daily hair dryer use. Instead, use a narrow nozzle or concentrator when you want to rock a wildly different hairstyle or get a lot of hair volume on your chosen hairstyle!

(05-10-2015 05:34 AM)US Asian Wrote:  According to you or to any of the other barbers, what would be the optimal distance between the hair dryer and your head when blow drying? how much distance should you leave between your head and the hair dryer as you keep moving it to blowdry the different areas of the head and hairstyle?

Another question, should you point the hair dryer nozzle up or down when styling? this question is tied with the previous question the distance to use with the hair dryer.

A good distance to use when blow drying your hair is one foot or about 30 centimeters. That's the distance from the end of the hair dryer (i.e. from where the blown air comes out) and your hair. You can get closer if you want, but, for a long-term rule of thumb when using a hair dryer, one foot of distance between the hairdryer and your hair is a good distance to adhere to for your regular blow drying.

As for whether to point the hair dryer up or down when blow drying, it's up to you. Using a hair dryer is quite intuitive, so you will get the grasp of it easily and you will know when to point the hair dryer up or down. In essence, you will point the hair dryer up when you want to achieve more volume on your hair, while you will point the hair dryer down when you want to flatten the hair.

For regular hair styling (i.e. not getting a lot of volume nor flattening the hair), simply point the hair dryer horizontal at about the same height as your hair is. So essentially you will have the hair dryer blowing hair parallel to the hair instead of at an angle. In any case, you will grasp the use of your hair dryer very fast as you will be able to see what you can do by changing the angle of the hair dryer.

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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