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Growing hair out to the hairstyle of Curren Caples
07-27-2015, 07:06 AM
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Photo Growing hair out to the hairstyle of Curren Caples
Recently, I've become a bit bored with my basic hair cut (about less than an inch all over). Therefore I was wondering if it would be possible to get something like the hairstyle of Curren Caples, and how long that would take. Also what would I do with my hair while it was growing.

Picture: Type in Curren Caples on Google images, I'm not yet allowed to post pictures on here as this is my first post.
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07-27-2015, 01:42 PM
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RE: Growing hair out to this
First and foremost, his hair appears to be wavy so if you know that your hair type is straight your hair will look different when grown out to a similar length.

As far as length, it looks like it might be anywhere from 5-7 inches. The rule of thumb is 1/2 inch per month so if your hair is at around 1 inch right now you're looking at 8 months to a year.
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07-28-2015, 08:46 AM
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RE: Growing hair out to the hairstyle of Curren Caples
Yep I also agree, he seems to have wavy hair so the first thing to know is if you have wavy hair or straight hair. If you have curlier hair then getting the same hairstyle of Curren Caples will not be easy if not impossible unless you are into pressing and curling your hair.

In most of his pictures his hair reaches his mouth which is about eight inches of hair length. As mentioned above the rule of thumb is half an inch of hair growth per month or about one centimetre of hair length per month. His hair is the classic surfer hair look which is very easy to do. You just bleach the hair if you aren't a natural blonde when it's about six inches and then you grow out the extra two inches with your natural hair which creates a checkered effect or surfer hair colour. I actually like that look and I've done a few at our barbershop, usually for skater guys. We don't have a lot of surfer here in the UK so it's mostly skater guys asking for the surfer hair style.

I will post some pictures of Curren Caples hairstyle. This is to give other lads reading this thread an idea of the hairstyle that you are talking about and also to know if that's the hair length that you want to grow your hair to. In some pictures his hair reaches his chin which is about ten inches of hair length while on other pictures his hair is just above his nose which is more like six inches of hair length.

A couple of questions would be... how long is your hair right now? what is your hair type? and what is your natural hair colour? If you can answer those questions then it will be easier for us to tell you if growing your hair like the hair of Curren Caples is something that is within your reach.

Check these two hair guides for reference on how to know your hair type and your hair length: It's very important to know your hair type and your hair length. Both of these are the most important factors when choosing your hairstyle. Without knowing them you're lost when it comes to choosing a hairstyle or a haircut. For example the hair of Curren Caples is wavy but if you had straight hair then you would still be able to get his hairstyle.

These are the pictures of Curren Caples hair:

[Image: 5b745ce7089c749d961483ee2d9909ba.jpg]

[Image: 75597bd72b97fd53a234f48de75c2ad2.jpg]

[Image: f33cb832db7b8daf5eef492121087235.jpg]

[Image: d606e1aca09c7da8168b9a3e9adc96fd.jpg]

[Image: 89193fd7ddb64f0724e45987f5a34b77.jpg]

[Image: 39e7230a10a9c9a0e051873b2bc9804d.jpg]

[Image: b4bdecf43afbb4c8a758bb853c3d3412.jpg]

[Image: 5742fa2313d914964c6f18f698eb170d.jpg]
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02-15-2017, 05:18 AM
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RE: Growing hair out to the hairstyle of Curren Caples
Heyyyy! My hair length is currently around 1.5 inch and I have already had the same hairstyle for like 4 years ^ So recently I would like to change my style and would like to get a longer hairstyle and CURREN's hairstyle would def be my choice since it looks cool. I have short straight hair. so is it possible to get like around 6 inches and how long does it take usually ? and would you recommend me to curl my hair first or wait until I get the length ? thank you very much !!
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02-28-2017, 11:48 PM
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RE: Growing hair out to the hairstyle of Curren Caples
For "Curren Caples" hairstyle you need the following things

1. Your hair size should be 6 - 7 inch long
2. Your hair type should be curly if your hair is straight then it should be little bit difficult, first you need to change your hair to curly.
3. Face shape is also an important factor to achieve hairstyle like "Curren Caples"
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