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03-12-2017, 03:34 PM
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Hi all. My name is Brandon and I'm new here. I just turned 28 years old on the 11th of march. Since going into high school I've maintained a short buzz cut hairstyle. The reasons were that it required zero styling, and it worked well with a baseball cap, which I wore daily. Unfortunately my hairline is receding nicely now due to the hat wearing, which I've recently discontinued. Exactly one year ago I began a journey, for no reason at all, to grow my hair to a length far Longer than I've ever experienced. My goal is to acquire and maintain a bob style haircut that rests about shirt collar level. I currently have about 5 inches of hair and I am here for advice on how to style my ever changing mop of hair. I look forward to talking to you all about hair, life, etc.
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