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Good shampoo for men? 0 0
Good shampoo for men?
10-16-2014, 11:35 AM
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Good shampoo for men?
Hello friends which do you think is a good shampoo for men? this question is for normal hair or maybe a little bit of dry hair. Is a good shampoo ok from the supermarket?

I think of a different shampoo. I read other forum posts and I buy other shampoos with good results. I see now shampoos with curious ingredients like beer! is it possible with some different ingredients that somebody recommend a good shampoo for men?

I hope it is ok that you can understand my question Cool
Greetings from Spain!
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10-16-2014, 12:25 PM
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RE: Good shampoo for men?
I don't claim to be a shampoo expert, but I do know a good shampoo when I see one. Some shampoos will leave your hair feeling greasy, weak, and/or limp. Now I'm not the kind of guy that's concerned with looking great all the time, I just want to know that I have healthy hair. I've tried a good deal of different brands with those interesting ingredients you mention, more like exotic ingredients. and have only been pleased with a handful. If we go by your specs, then this are some good shampoos for men.

Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo

This can be used by both men and women. It contains actual algae, coconut, and palm oils that will naturally moisturize your hair and scalp. The smell is relaxing, don't worry, it doesn't smell too much like seaweed. If you have dry hair, this is a great shampoo to try. Also, if your hair is dyed or highlighted, this does not strip color at all. The major downside is that it's a little overpriced. If you don't mind spending a little extra on shampoo, then this is definitely worth a try.

SkinFood's Hop Beer Hair Wash

I found out about this South Korean brand some time ago. They have cosmetics, lotions, face washes, shampoos, and a growing selection of men's care products. The best thing is that the products are made with natural ingredients, is packed full of nutrients, so it's great for your skin. My fiancee has tried a ton of different products from them and has been 100% satisfied with everything.

Anyway, back to the shampoo. This is made with rosemary, keratin protein, and beer ingredients (I'm assuming mostly hops) which strengthen your hair and scalp. If you have fear of losing your hair, then get this shampoo. It's designed to prevent hair-loss. My hair seems much more full since using this. The smell isn't exactly like beer, but it still smells really good. It's piney and peppery, which is probably what it would smell like if you stuck your face into a barrel of rosemary and hops. It's a masculine smell, that's for sure.

As far as I know, there aren't any suppliers in the USA but you can find the shampoo on Amazon (mods know any links?). You will be pleased with any product of theirs, and the cost is well worth it.

Aveda Men Pure-formance Shampoo

I bought a bottle of this some time ago too. I like it, but somehow forgot about it until now. There's a lot of natural ingredients in this, which makes me feel good about using it. There's babassu, tamanu, seaweed, sage extract, licorice, and spearmint oils. This cocktail leaves your hair feeling moist, but not greasy. Not to mention the stuff smells great. They claim in their studied that after two weeks of use, 72% of men showed a noticeable reduction of scalp greasiness, and 65% showed a reduction in scalp dryness and itchiness. It's formulated to treat any type of scalp or hair problems so it's a good shampoo for everything. The only bad thing is that it's kind of expensive.

If you aren't pleased with your shampoo or want a new one with exotic ingredients, then try one of these. All of them work for any type of hair. My favorite of these is the SkinFood beer shampoo. Check them and see for yourself! Smile
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