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Good shampoo and conditioner for men from same brand? 0 0
Good shampoo and conditioner for men from same brand?
11-25-2014, 12:12 PM
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Good shampoo and conditioner for men from same brand?
So from the same brand, what would you say is a good shampoo and conditioner for men? I am talking of the shampoos and conditioners that belong to the same brand or company and that you can use with good or great results. So you do that instead of mixing and matching different brands.

Never mind that I also just asked about dandruff shampoos! Big Grin I saw different brands recommend in the sticky hair products list so I was actually wondering if there was a brand we guys could trust to deliver some of the best shampoos and conditioners for men. What do you barbers and hairdressers recommend?
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11-25-2014, 02:44 PM
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RE: Good shampoo and conditioner for men from same brand?
Good hair grooming and hairstyle results start with using the best shampoos and conditioners. While not all brands have a good combo of shampoo and conditioner, there are some that do. Among those that do, there following three are brands that produce high quality combos of the aforementioned products.

Suave for men:

If you're looking for good value, the go with Suave brand shampoos and conditioners because they are affordable and the variety of scents is unreal. During the summer and fall, you can use the unscented types so the bugs will not be drawn to the rich scent of the vanilla or coconut (which isn't a girl scent either so that's good for us dudes). During the winter, the scent of the ocean breeze one is quite refreshing, as for a few minutes as you wash your hair you can smell the long-gone summer breeze itself, which feels invigorating too.

Affordable and does the job just as asked.

Mane and Tail:

Another good brand of affordable shampoos and conditioners is Tail and Mane, but it is hard to locate locally so your best best is to buy it at Amazon (although mens hair products are all best bought at Amazon).

The scent reminds me of a field of clovers and other wild flowers; it is just crisp and clean. The shampoo and conditioner come as a combo pack too and both products help to strengthen your hair and make it fuller without any residue. These are good size bottles, which will last a long time. Their size is due to these products having been used in horse manes in the past, but they are perfectly safe to use on humans. Don't worry!

Paul Mitchell:

I dig the scents of the Paul Mitchell shampoos and conditioners, they always get in some pretty refreshing scents without making the scent feminine. They know both men and women use their products so it's probably that.

The Paul Mitchell shampoos and conditioners are not cheap. If you can afford them, they are well worth the money for the premium ingredients and convenient large size bottles. They also have a good reputation with forum members from what I have read.

I like the way their product range is formulated as thickening products with premium ingredients, which lathers up quite nicely and thickens the hair notably. But don't expect a lion's mane, talking about animals. No thickening products give you a lion's mane.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when purchasing new products.

Tip 1: you do not need to spend a fortune to get healthy aesthetic hair. That also goes for your shampooing and conditioning products.

Tip 2: use scented shampoos and conditioners in the winter and early spring but switch to unscented products from late spring to fall to prevent luring bugs.

Tip 3: varieties are the spice of life, so mix up scents of your shampoos and conditioners. For instance the ocean breeze shampoo by suave goes wonderfully with the coconut conditioner, so try to mixed scents of the Suave products and create your own scent.

Tip 4: look for varieties of shampoos and conditioners which seem to always sell quickly in the stores. Most women know what works well for them and are repeat buyers. If it works for them, chances are it will work great for you as a dude.

Tip 5: if you're buying from the store and not from Amazon, stick to the shelves about waist high, as you search for affordable shampoos and conditioners. The ones at eye height are usually over priced, and not always the best value for your money. If buying from Amazon, well... you have lots of options and filters to very easily search for any price range and brands!
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