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Good products for fine hair or a thin hair type?
06-30-2015, 08:09 AM
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Good products for fine hair or a thin hair type?
Any good products out there for a thin hair type?
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06-30-2015, 09:07 AM
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RE: Good products for fine hair or a thin hair type?
Hi mate there are quite a few great hair thinning products for men. The first one is minoxidil or Rogaine. I saw in the latest forum posts that you bought Rogaine so you have taken the first step to battle your fine hair and thicken it.

Outside of Rogaine, the next best thing to improve the thinning of your hair is to have a good diet and supplements. There's an awesome thread in this link about the supplements for stronger and thicker hair. It's quite common to be lacking in a couple of nutrients if you don't have a great diet which most of us don't have.

See the thread in the link and get the fish oil or the cod liver oil recommended by the guys there. For me the best is cod liver oil because it has the same things as fish oil but it also has natural vitamin A which is the best vitamin for hair, together with vitamin C as both vitamins are needed by your hair follicles to produce healthy hair. Fish oil and cod liver oil have fatty acids called omega-3 which are excellent at taming thin hair and helping with any hair loss. This is because omega-3 fats decrease inflammation and hair loss research is moving towards the theory of male hair loss being caused by scalp inflammation among other factors. Still I'd side with cod liver oil but fish oil will do you fine too as both have great amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

Another nutrient that helps with hair thinning and hair loss is zinc. This nutrient is cheap enough to take it daily and the guys in that thread above have recommended a great source of zinc too. Then get vitamin C as also recommended in that thread for a great combo of vitamins and minerals for hair loss. Just to recap these supplements you would use, here's the list:
  • Fish oil or cod liver oil.
  • Zinc.
  • Vitamin C
You can get some of the other supplements recommended in that thread as those other extra supplements will help you even more but if your budget is tight then go with these three listed supplements for hair loss.

One great extra hair loss product to use is one that has tea tree oil. We have discussed in the forum about the benefits of tea tree oil for mens hair. There is some research that shows tea tree oil can thicken hair but it was done on rats so whether it applies to humans or not is a guess to be fair. Tea tree oil is also great at tackling dandruff and actually the dandruff fungus is what is believed to cause scalp inflammation which then lead to male pattern baldness if you're prone to it genetically.

By eliminating the dandruff fungus off your head you're protecting yourself even more against male hair loss and being pro-active. For recommended tea tree oil products see the recommended tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner in the discussion from that link. One of our admins has recommended what so far are the best tea tree oil hair products for men in my opinion. They aren't cheap but if you can get the recommended shampoo and the recommended conditioner you will be taking a step further in your battle against hair thinning.

One more thing is that that tea tree oil shampoo and that tree oil conditioner are also thickening products in that they will give you an instantaneous hair thickening effect. This is because the ingredients in the shampoo and in the conditioner cause your hair to swell up and also to be coated in a transparent film of the product which then makes your hair look thicker. Mate you just can't go wrong with those shampoos and they're far better than some of the other hair loss shampoos that have ingredients that are plain snake oil.

To use the recommended shampoo and conditioner with Rogaine, do this:
  1. Shampoo your hair first with the tea tree oil shampoo like you normally do with any shampoo. Make sure that the tea tree oil shampoo is getting on your scalp and not just on the hair so massage your head with the lather.
  2. Rinse the tea tree oil shampoo and immediately apply the tea tree oil conditioner. To apply the conditioner just use a few squirts of the product and coat all of you hair with it. This is done very fast so don't worry if it sounds like you will spend an hour in the shower. It's done in less than a minute.
  3. Leave the tea tree oil conditioner on your hair for two minutes. After that, rinse it out with water. During those two minutes just go about cleaning the rest of your body.
  4. Once you're done in the shower and you've rinsed out the tea tree oil, you then very lightly dry your hair. Do it very lightly so that you just remove the excess water and you leave your hair damp. So don't go about rubbing the towel hard on your hair to dry your hair to the max, do it gently and leave your hair damp.
  5. Apply the Rogaine on the troublesome areas of your head. Let the Rogaine dry on its own, do not touch it or use a hair dryer to make it dry faster. Rogaine dries fast and is absorbed by the scalp fast. Don't worry about it and if in doubt, just follow the clear instructions in the label of your Rogaine box.
This method is what my barbershop customers use and it works great for them. Two of our barbers are also following that protocol and they're getting some very pleasant results. I'm not balding so I cannot comment personally but if you search around the forum this is also the protocol that is recommended for guys with thin hair, with thinning hair or who are going bald.

Again and just because I love me some lists. This is what you should use for a great hair loss treatment.
  • Use the tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use Rogaine.
  • Use supplements.
Other than these products there are also some other products that will make your hair look thicker. The tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner will already do that but if you want more thickness and volume for your hair then try these recommend hair thickening products for men which are also recommended by one of our admins and which are mostly hairstyling products.

With the thickening hairstyling products in the link above, you would for example, use the shaping wax recommended in the link to style your hair in any hairstyle right after applying the Rogaine. The shaping wax will make your hair look even thicker and so will the styling mousse and the hair dryer that are also recommended in the link.
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