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Good hair grooming tips for men 0 0
Good hair grooming tips for men
08-22-2014, 10:12 AM
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Star Good hair grooming tips for men
Here are some hair grooming and hair care tips for men. The cool thing of this forum is that there is a lot of detailed conversations going on and lots of chaps who know their stuff. For once this isn't the typical place with just pictures of handsome men with undercuts lol so let's me add some more information for you folks in the form of male hair grooming tips.

Overall and more than likely, your hair grows without a lot of action on your part. You’ve got a win-win relationship going on – you let it do it’s thing and it keeps the top of your head warm. If you’re tired of your hair being a useless pile of warmth, then pay attention. You’re ready to take that hair and turn it into something you can be proud of, right? It needs to rise above its status as a boring, warm hat. Here are four easy things you can start doing tomorrow that will turn your hair from lifeless, drab insulation into manageable, healthy hair you can be proud of.

Pay for a Good Haircut Once

Working with a bad haircut is possible, but it’s hard. Too hard for you to waste your time on. Instead of trying to work miracles with a mistake, just pay for a top-of-the-line haircut. You’ll look great, save time on styling (often times, it styles itself), and your cheaper barber will have an easier time replicating it than inventing it.

Don’t Neglect your Facial Hair

Your facial hair. It’s important. Between hair and facial hair, you have to understand that the two must complement each other. Take the time to pull up pics of your favorite bearded and mustached actors. Note how the facial hair rarely sticks out – it’s always an educated decision. It looks like the entire look was on purpose (it was). Once you find a good hair style you like, stop by a barber and ask his recommendation for what to do with that chin scruff.

Don’t Hide Under Hats

The only time a man will ever truly be confident in a hat is when he’s comfortable with what’s under the hat. A good hat will get you places, but a great haircut and style will take your farther. Before you leave in the morning, style your hair and make sure you look good before the hat goes on. Baseball caps, wool hats, beanies, and fedoras all exist to cover up that mane of yours. Why do that? Use hats sparingly, like aspirin – you’d be okay without it, but it feels great every now and again.

Gain a True Understanding and Appreciation for Conditioner

There is nothing more awesome in its power than hair conditioner. Listen up.

If your hair is oily, slick, and thin after one day of not washing, burn all of your conditioner and never look back. A good clarifying shampoo will lift the daily dirt and grime from your hair and give you that soft hair you’re trying to achieve. That is what you’re trying to achieve, right? Remember to also shampoo frequently if you have naturally oily hair. It will keep it from being weighted down.

On the flip side, if you’re not using conditioner and your hair looks more like frizzy cotton candy than hair, you need conditioner. Badly. Work it into your daily shower rotation – it works just like shampoo, only you do it after. Pick one just for men with a strong, clean scent.

A great forum thread for mens shampoo and conditioner including how to use them is this thread.

Read the Right Stuff

This forum is a goldmine of knowledge so use it. You are basically in the best place on the internet to learn and get inspired. I only recently joined but I have been visiting this forum almost from its start and I already know a couple of things about male hair. Other than this forum do read useful stuff. I finished reading 'The Mens Hair book' by Rogelio Samson. Great read and lots of knowledge and tips to learn even for us long hair dudes. If you are clueless about your hair then that book can literally change your life for good. I'm reading his second book 'The Curly Hair book' and it is also an excellent read.

Above anything though do spend time on this forum. Lots of helpful folks who know their stuff and who aren't fly by night hairdressers.

Done and dusted.
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