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Good Hair Clipper Maintenance? How Often to Clean and Oil it? 0 0
Good Hair Clipper Maintenance? How Often to Clean and Oil it?
07-27-2014, 07:01 PM
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Good Hair Clipper Maintenance? How Often to Clean and Oil it?
Just wondering what kind of maintenance is required to keep your hair clipper running well for a long time. How often to clean it? Does it need to be oiled? I don't have one yet, but plan on getting one of the suggested clippers when it is in my budget.

Just want to know what I'll need to do when I get it. Thanks! Smile
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07-28-2014, 01:12 PM
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RE: Clipper Maintenance
Keep the hair clipper well lubricated, ideally once every week, with the oil that comes either as part of the hair clipper set or one that you can easily buy at Amazon for a couple of bucks. I am posting some affordable clipper oils further down in this post.

Keeping the clipper free of clipped hair strands that get stuck in-between its teeth is also important for a long life of the clipper. Simply use the brush that usually comes in a hair clipper to brush off the clipper hair strands. If no brush comes with your hair clipper, then simply use a soft or extra-soft toothbrush. When you buy a toothbrush, it indicates how hard its bristles are, so go with a toothbrush that is indicated as either soft or extra soft. Use a new toothbrush to clean your hair clipper, not a used toothbrush as you want the bristles to be soft and smooth.

Keep your hair clipper stored in an area that is not humid or hot. The bathroom is one of the worst places to keep a hair clipper in due to the humidity of a bathroom. Simply keep the hair clipper in a bedroom (once you have cleaned the clipper) or in your garage, but make sure that the clipper isn't exposed to heat either from the sun or any vehicles stored in the garage.

Try to use your hair clipper at least once a month, especially if you have bought an expensive (and heavy-duty) hair clipper (which are the ones that we recommend in the forum). If you ain't clipping your hair once a month, then simply turn on the clipper for a couple of minutes to allow the motor to get some movement, just like you'd do with a Ferrari car, for example (those high-end cars need their engines to be used frequently, just like a hair clipper!).

Last but not least, see the purchase of your hair clipper as an investment. A good hair clipper will last you years as they are made of durable high-grade parts. A good hair clipper will cost you in excess of 100 bucks, but you know you are getting lasting quality with those clippers. On the other hand, a hair clipper that costs you 30 bucks will go bad in 4-6 months and you'll have to buy a new one, thus, over the long term, a cheap hair clipper will cost you more than an expensive high-quality hair clipper!

As you will have probably seen in our hair clippers discussion (click the link to read it again), we have recommended a range of hair clippers depending on their price. Affordable hair clippers can be had, but just know that they won't give you as great a haircut as a top-end hair clipper. Likewise, the more-affordable clippers will not last you as long as the top-end clippers, but you can certainly get affordable clippers that will last you long enough to justify their price.

I am posting below the 2 hair clippers that we highly recommend in this forum and which you should seriously consider despite their high price. Just click on each link to learn more about the clipper itself or the accessory mentioned.
  • This Andis cordless clipper: Andis is well known for their high-performance hair clippers, and the hair clipper in the link is a top-end cordless hair clipper. It is not cheap, but, because it is cordless and incorporates a super powerful motor, it's very much worth its price. The Andis hair clipper in the link does also come as a full set, including a nice range of clipping guards (for lots of hair length options). Without a doubt, this is the best cordless hair clipper, and we highly recommend it in the forum! Smile

    On top of the above, last I checked, the Andis hair clipper set in the link above comes with an actual 4-ounce bottle of lubricating oil for the hair clipper. However, you may just as well thrown into your purchase THIS clipper oil that costs only a couple of bucks and is specific for the Andis-brand clippers. The last thing you want is to run out of lubricating oil, and you should be purchasing extra oil with the purchase of the actual hair clipper so that the shipping fees make sense.
  • This Oster clipper: the Oster hair clipper in the link is corded (i.e. it only functions by plugging the cord to an electric socket). But other than this clipper being corded, its clipping quality and overall quality is similar to the Andis clipper I posted above (i.e. it's an excellent clipper!). The price of the Oster clipper in the link is significantly lower than that of the Andis clipper, but the Oster clipper is still a high-end quality clipper and well worth the purchase if the Andis clipper is a bit too steep in price for you.

    The only thing about the Oster clipper above is that it doesn't come with the plastic guiding guards for extra hair-length clipping options (unlike the Andis clipper above, which does come with extra guards in the clipper set). However, you can easily get a high-quality set of affordable guards like THIS SET which is both affordable and very useful to have lots of hair lengths to cut your hair to. The clipper oil does also come with the Oster clipper, but I suggest that you also throw into your purchase of the clipper THIS clipper oil for some more lubricating oil to keep for many months.
So yeah, just follow the tips above and do seriously consider spending a little more for quality that will last you years! Smile

I'm one of the admins of this forum. Any questions/issue? Contact me directly or any of the moderators. We welcome any feedback to improve our community.

You can also check out our forum's BEST HAIR PRODUCTS FOR MEN thread to read opinions and useful information on men's hair products.
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07-28-2014, 01:41 PM
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RE: Clipper Maintenance
Thank you TMHF for another great post! I'm also wondering if it makes a difference whether I clip my hair while it's dry or damp. I've never used a clipper or cut any hair myself before, so I have no idea what is best.
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