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08-19-2017, 04:46 AM
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Ok, so I'm not from Germany, I just thought it would grab the eye and perhaps bring attention to this intro. I'm A 36 (37 on the 24th of this month) man who lives in the great white north. As for my hair...well I had long "hippie" hair when I was a teen. Around the time of Nirvana. However, as jealous as the girls I knew where about how thick, lush and beautiful my reddish hair was, I had to abandon it.
. I am jn a hobby, that some of us take beyond serious. I am a Reenactor. I've been doing Civil War since 1990, and both WWI&WWII since about 1996. When I'm not doing Civil War, I keep my face pretty well shaved, and my hair at a period correct length (Not a flat top or shaved mind you. That became a normal thing toward the end of Vietnam, not before.). When doing Civil War, I have anywhere from 6-10" beard (mostly just from the chin and immediate area thereabouts). No sideburns, even though they are named after General Ambrose Burnside who sported them and forever gave the style its name. I also have no mustache along with medium length, oiled with hair Greece (and lots of it) or rose oil hair. Rose oil is the longest continuing hair oil available....and it smells lovely. Especially after being in the field for 4-6 days, no shower, no deodorant, little hygiene oh and its like 115 degrees in the shade, You're in a wool / Jean clothe (cotton wool bend) jacket/coat/round about or frock coat. Same material trousers. Underneath you have a full length osanburg, wool /flannel shirt (maybe even a light weight full length cotton undershirt under all that.). And last but not least...canton flannel full length under drawers. They start at the belly button (your original waste line). And go all the way to the ankle. They tuck in your socks, and your shirts are usually tucked in the drawers as well. Not to mention you 40 odd lbs of gear such as canteen, haversack, full of food etc, cartridge box with sling (usually 40 rounds), waste belt with cap pouch and bayonet with scabbard. Oh and don't forget your wool or felt hat, 8 lb blanket, 10 lb musket or drum if your a musician in the field, half a dog tent and ground cloth.
. So, I suppose that's enough about me and my hobbies. I mean after all, they dictate how my hair appears. I get the oddest looks from people when I walk into a bar or wherever with my great big bushy chin hair, but no mustache or other parts of the beard. I grew up with horses and rodeo'd for a few years. The whole time all I wanted was a good old fashioned Sam Elliot Mustache. Couldn't pull it of no matter what. Hell, I don't even grow one for WWI or WWII reenacting. And that's all I am allowed to grow. Lol. Such is life. Couldn't grow a good stache when I was playing army, or being a cowboy or for that matter while in the real Army! Oh well.
. I live in Northern MI, and just figured I would put it out there, if anyone wants to chat or ask questions about the hobby.....well I'm an open book. So ask away! Cheers
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