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Frustration! (Coconut oil) 0 0
Frustration! (Coconut oil)
07-10-2017, 04:54 AM
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Frustration! (Coconut oil)
Hey guys

First post on here and I'm writing it in a frustrated mood so if stuff comes out that way then at least it's real I guess. Assume I know nothing or not much because TBH I don't, had very short here for a long time until the past two years or so which have literally been just letting it grow (with a few tidy cuts in between but nothing in the length)

So now I have long hair, apparently it's fine hair. Which I comb every day but don't know how to manage, despite talking with hairdressers, stylists etc. Have had a blow dry, and even someone away from a salon do my hair personally, and it's ok then, for a couple of days, before becoming a flat mess. Although as time has gone on, the weight of hair has helped with a lot of it, went through a phase of never being able to get it off my face which doesn't seem to happen now. I wash my hair about once a week (twice shampoo no conditioner) and aren't a big chemicals in products person TBH. Not looking to spend loads of time on it (OTT) but obviously want it in good condition and ok.

A big thing I seem to have is over information, for everything I read that's good there is other things saying its bad or not good. For a while iv been using coconut oil on my skin and have heard about using it on hair so read a thing saying to wash my hair, then let it dry before putting coconut oil through the hair and leaving it for a while, then shampooing under the shower once more.

So I did that, washed my hair twice with vosene in shower, then let it air dry outside (hot day) came home and put coconut oil on my hair (maybe too much??) sat for half an hour (instructions said to), then reshowered hair washing once with more vosene.

Hair became kinda greasy (not sure if that is right description), combed it back and left it, read a few more things about sleeping with it in and it being better the day after, good for scalp etc so did that too. Woke up this morning and it's flat and has no volume.which is just frustrating! Watched a few YouTube videos last night of people putting coconut oil on, sleeping overnight then waking up and rinsing/conditioning it (which is different instructions) and hair seems shiny and good, this doesnt seem good or clean (obviously it is clean). Also, I'm obviously wrong here but if you put coconut oil on, then wash it out in the morning, isn't that just washing it out? Then have read some saying condition it, but have been told by hairdresser I shouldn't condition it!

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07-10-2017, 04:55 AM
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RE: Frustration! (Coconut oil)
So there is

Wash hair a lot/don't wash hair a lot
Oil then shampoo/don't shampoo
Shower/don't shower
Use conditioner/don't use conditioner
Sleep on it/don't sleep on it
Wash out/leave in

Is all this how it is?
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07-16-2017, 01:45 AM
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RE: Frustration! (Coconut oil)
So let me get this straight. Your hair is now greasy after you put coconut oil in it?
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