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Flat Iron Reviews: Conair Infiniti vs. T3 Bespoke Labs hair straightener 0 0
Flat Iron Reviews: Conair Infiniti vs. T3 Bespoke Labs hair straightener
10-10-2014, 11:23 AM
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Lightbulb Flat Iron Reviews: Conair Infiniti vs. T3 Bespoke Labs hair straightener
Ok guys so here is a flat iron review, comparing the Conair Infiniti Instant Heat ceramic straightener and the T3 Bespoke Labs Narrow Duality hair straightener.

First when choosing an iron for your hair (curling or flat) keep in mind that your hair is delicate and fragile. You want a tool that takes care of your hair, to its fullest ability. You want a tool that is gentle yet effective especially for us guys as many of us are either new to flat irons or don't have much experience. When looking for an iron to purchase, be sure to do your research. A good iron can be a fine investment. You're investing in the health of your hair. And that's definitely important whether your are a guy or a girl.

I'm into electronic gadgets and hair styling tools so naturally I've seen and used many different types of hair straighteners (and curling irons). I know what's good and what's not. This product comparison is an example of something that is "worth the extra penny". I went to the drugstore and looked for the most expensive, well known brand of flat irons. Then I looked on line for (one of) the most renowned and expensive flat irons. Then I looked in the forum but I avoided buying the recommend hair straighteners in the forum and instead went freestyle and purchased 2 low profile hair straighteners. I finally settled with the Conair Infiniti ceramic hair straightener and the T3 Bespoke Labs Narrow Duality Iron.

I tested them out in the name of flat iron reviews. Got too many of these gadgets laying around Big Grin

Conair Infiniti Instant Heat Ceramic hair straightener

This flat iron is from a well-known brand name, Conair. It has 100% ceramic plates, "powerful" ceramic heaters, 30-second instant heat and a 5 year warranty.

So I washed and dried my locks, then I proceeded to straighten my hair using this tool. First of all it took a long time (over 30 seconds) to heat all the way up and didn't feel that hot. I proceeded to run the straightener through my hair and having seen a good number of irons, I could already tell that it's not looking too good. The fact that I could touch the plates (after it heated up) with my fingers for a few seconds, tells me right there that this hair straightener doesn't get that hot. One of the key factors to a good straightener is reaching over a temperature of 250 degrees. And I don't think this did it. Well I couldn't know for sure as it didn't have a temperature indicator on it which I thought was kind of odd and not very high quality.

The only thing that the straightener lets you know with regards to how hot it is is this little bar on the top that has a red light that goes up and down to tell how hot it is. Even at it's highest setting, it didn't feel very hot. So I still proceeded to straighten my hair, and it took me over a half hour which is insane for me. My hair usually only takes about 10 minutes as I don't have long hair anyway Huh

So how did my hair look when I was finished? Not it's best to put it bluntly. It seemed a little frizzy and I could still see some sections that looked a little wavy still. So I went over them again and finally they looked straight. However, My hair wasn't flat. It was straight yet puffy (yeah it was that weird). I was not thrilled with this hair straightener, so I am returning it. However if you have fine or thin hair, this Conair Infinity hair straightener might do the trick. My hair is thick, dense and wavy so the Conair hair straightener was a fail.

And now on to the winner...

T3 Bespoke Labs Narrow Duality flat iron

I was happy to be trying the T3 Bespoke Labs Narrow Duality hair straightener. First of all I've heard great things about it. For example, Jennifer Aniston swears by this iron which don't ask me how I even got to learn about this fact (I read it in the ad page itself so take it with a grain of salt). Lots of women swear by this hair straightener and you know that if women swear by a hair product, it surely will work for us dudes Smile

Through a technique perfected by T3 called Flawless™, the T3 hair straightener's Narrow Duality ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline gemstones, resulting in hair enriched with high concentrations of cuticle-smoothing negative ions and healthy far infrared heat. Perfectly suited for straightening or curling broad areas of hair. The straightener also features toothed-ribbing and custom built vents, while its sleek and ultra-stylish exterior makes it a cool hairstyling gadget for men.

So I washed and dried my hair (I didn't put any styling product in for either trials because I wanted to see how my hair really felt afterwards). Now this iron reached a whopping 450 degrees Fahrenheit so I could see and feel the difference from the former Conair hair straightener immediately. My hair felt smooth and soft (even with no styling product in it) and it worked so good. My hair felt hydrated, smooth and sleek all day long (even through the daily humidity). This T3 Bespoke hair straightener gave great results and it did everything it said it would.

Now the price is a bit too high into the high one-hundred bucks, but the health, straightening results and achieved textured on the hair is really worth the price of the T3 Bespoke Labs Narrow Duality iron. I have also seen in this forum the T3 hair dryer recommended which also has a high price but which is also of excellent quality, so that should tell you how good a product is the T3 Bespoke Labs Narrow Duality hair straightener! So yeah I'm keeping this straightener and returning the other Conair hair straightener Smile
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