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First Post! Longhair considering a chop, need advice! 0 0
First Post! Longhair considering a chop, need advice!
04-26-2018, 08:49 AM
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First Post! Longhair considering a chop, need advice!
Hi Guys, first post, new account, glad to be here. Longhair considering reverting to a "normal" haircut or maybe somewhere in-between. Getting married in September, not sure if I want to immortalize my long hair style. Can you help? Can any guys share their experience coming back from living the long hair life?

Sorry if TLDR but here's some info about myself:

Had long hair for 2-3 years. Had beard another 2-3 beyond that. My fiancee of many years has always preferred the clean & cropped look but my new look has "grown" on her. We are getting married in September and she asked if I was considering a haircut and/or a shave. I thought changing my look for our wedding would be a strange thing to do, but I began to wonder if I'm due for a change anyway. I've never been particularly faithful to a particular barber/stylist or cut. I do like having long hair and I do get some positive reactions but I also get some questionable reactions which make me feel a little self conscious. I am committed to low-maintenance and natural-ish self-care strategies and it can be a challenge to look well-put together with my long hair while working within that commitment. I prefer timeless styles with some length on top and I think it would be hard to go back to a dull, motionless short haircut.

hair/biological info: I'm in my early 30s and I live in Massachusetts. I'm of mediterranean and native american ancestry, dark brown nearly black shoulder-length hair, pale olive complexion, average height, stout build with a little extra weight. My head hair is somewhat thick but slightly thinning and receded up front. The color is slightly fading with sporadic white/grey hairs throughout. My head hair is straight when short, and wavy/curly when longer. I wake up with tangles and it gets frizzy with bad weather. I shampoo and condition weekly and moisturize with argan oil daily as needed. When it was shorter, pomades and creams left me feeling like I had "mexican lego man hair" but matte fiber works nicely. In general I have a love-hate relationship with styling products because I tend to be a very physical hands-on person and I fidget and touch my hair, so the "hold" always gets messed up. As my hair grew out I also found those products were a pain to clean so I switched to mousse which accentuated my curls. As my hair got closer to shoulder length, the mousse stopped working because the weight pulled the curls straight near the top, and into more of a surfer wave texture near the ends. Now I'm just using hair tonic to help it flow neatly. My beard hairs are somewhat unruly: variably curly/wavy/kinky and coarse, light-medium density, a little blacker than my head hair, with sporadic red/brown and white/grey hairs throughout. I keep it on the short side of medium length. Too short and it doesn't cover well. Too long and it has problems with shape--I'll end up looking like some kind of wild fisherman from bible times.

...alright I think that's quite enough for now!

Thanks all,

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11-30-2018, 02:18 PM
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RE: First Post! Longhair considering a chop, need advice!
Hey bro just wondering if you got your big chop or not for your September date. I'm a long hair so I'm interested in knowing stories of others who have gone through the pain of cutting their long manes. Smile
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