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Finding a style for fluffy, sticky-out unruly hair 0 0
Finding a style for fluffy, sticky-out unruly hair
05-24-2018, 02:05 PM
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Question Finding a style for fluffy, sticky-out unruly hair
Sorry for the lengthy post but I'm in need of some tips on what to do with my awkward, fluffy hair (see!AnfsAhhbSoUU6ngpvTjqvr-zm5JQ where all but the lower right picture are post-wash before I've put any 'product' in). I've tried numerous men's hair products with not much success, and despite being the wrong side of 35 I've still not quite figured out what to do with it. I suspect the secret lies in getting the right cut / style, but that's proving difficult to find and meanwhile it irritates me day in, day out (sadly, I even cringe when I look back at my wedding photos because it was a particularly ‘bad hair day’ and is hardly the vision of perfection that most people try to achieve on their wedding day).

To describe my hair type, I would say it’s quite thick (in terms of quantity) and heavy, in the sense that I have a hard time fixing it back without it flopping down where gravity wants it – nothing but strong gel works, and even that sometimes fails (and I’m not keen on the crunchy dried gel effect anyway). That’s with a reasonably short cut – no more than a couple of inches long on top by the time I get it cut again.

It’s also very straight, and has a tendency to stick right out instead of lying flat and following the contours of my head. This is most noticeable at the sides, where I have it shaved (once a month) with a number 3 clipper, and yet within no time it’s sticking out at about 45 degrees and looking fluffy. The area above the sideburns is a particular problem, as I end up with sticky-out tufts which I have to try and paste down (fairly unsuccessfully) with some putty, wax or whatever. I’m not sure how it compares in terms of hair breadth, if that even matters, although I doubt you’d call it especially fine. Colour-wise it’s light brown but with some red in it – probably nothing out of the ordinary for a Caucasian but it’s just the texture or manner of growth that seems somehow unusual.

I’ve consulted various hairdressers over the years, but we’ve never quite achieved something that I’ve felt happy with or been able to maintain. My current one pointed out that it’s best not to try and fight against the natural direction of hair growth, but in my case at least the hair on top seems to want to grow forwards. That means either having it fall on my forehead (which I find really annoying) or having it much shorter, which doesn’t suit me that well and just worsens the fluffy look. So instead I end up letting it sit forwards while it’s short and then I try to blow dry it back or to the side when it’s starting to get a bit longer, but that just looks awkward somehow (even assuming it stays put and doesn’t flop back down).

I did wonder if either a really short cut or growing it long might be the only answer, but it just doesn’t suit me very short (tends to look way too fuzzy and the undercut look just isn’t me), and it just seems to get more unruly as it gets longer. I avoid shampoos with silicone as they just seem to make matters worse.

I must admit it can make me a bit envious when I see a guy with neat, well-groomed ‘normal’ hair, holding a good shape and staying where it’s put, or with that deliberate stylish tousled look. I just need to figure out what kind of style would actually work for this type of hair – surely there must be one! Huh

In summary – my biggest gripes are where it sticks out and looks fluffy at the sides, and the general way it looks and behaves on top as it grows out; I need to find an overall style that suits and won’t be a struggle to achieve and maintain. If you can share any ideas, I’d be grateful. Thanks.
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