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Feedback on how to 'upgrade' my hair care routine 0 0
Feedback on how to 'upgrade' my hair care routine
08-14-2017, 01:17 AM
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Feedback on how to 'upgrade' my hair care routine
Hi, I just joined as a member, but have been lurking and reading guides on here for some time now.
I was hoping to get some thoughts on my hair care routine, or rather, how to alter it to get the results I would like.

I'll try to be as detailed as I can in this post, which means it might end up pretty long, but hopefully some of you will still bother reading it! Smile

My hair:
I have long, straight hair (it has a slight wave to it as I often wear it in a ponytail, but otherwise straight), down to around my mid-back.
From what I can tell, it's pretty dry, frizzy and lacking volume - especially on my wash-day and the following day. After a few days of not washing it gets a more natural and sleek look, but if I go too long, tiny white 'globs' appear (which I imagine to be dirt/residue).

My hair care routine:
I used to wash my hair every single day, but after reading some of the guides on here, and recommended books, I have altered it to the following.
I shampoo my hair twice a week (usually every 3-4 days) with PM Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo.
I use a conditioner (PM Tea Tree Special Conditioner) after shampooing.
I sometimes use my regular conditioner or a deep conditioner once in-between my wash days.

I sometimes use mousses and other styling products - mostly in an attempt to deal with the frizz - but I'd
prefer to leave these out and have a natural, well-kept hair if possible.

I never use any heat styling or blow-dryers. I shower in the morning, leave it to dry for 30 minutes, brush/style it and head out the door.

I've tried some DIY masks, which I left for 20-30 minutes, and they worked wonders for the dryness and frizziness, but left my hair a little too oily. Following the next wash-day, the dryness and frizziness quickly returned.

What I'm looking to achieve:
Essentially I'd like my hair to grow longer and be more voluminous(less flat and stringy) with less frizz.
I've had this length for a long time, new growth would always end up being cut away when visiting the hairdressers due to split ends. After changing my routine, the split ends are basically gone, so I'm hoping I can at least grow it longer from now on.

The frizziness, dryness and lack of volume is where I'd like your thoughts on which direction to go, or which things to try out, to solve that issue.
So if you have any suggestions or thoughts on what might be the cause, and a possible solution, I'd love to hear them!

Hopefully I've provided enough details, but feel free to ask follow-ups if there's anything missing.
I'm at a loss here, and I'd really appreciate any help I can get - the changes I've made to my washing frequency have worked wonders, but I'm still trying to fine-tune the remaining parts to get that luscious mane we all wantSmile
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