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Faster beard growth and facial hair growth with Rogaine? 0 0
Faster beard growth and facial hair growth with Rogaine?
02-28-2015, 03:21 PM
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Faster beard growth and facial hair growth with Rogaine?
Dudes this is my 2nd question today on Rogaine and beard growth, does Rogaine make beard growth faster? in my other question i was asking about Rogaine making a beard thicker, but in this thread i wanted to ask only about any possible faster beard growth.
Why? because from what I read Rogaine makes head hair thicker but it isn't proven medically to grow hair faster, like increase the speed of hair growth. I have read in the forum that Rogaine 'may' speed up hair growth as people have reported this in the past. So by association would Rogaine speed up beard growth?
I am considering testing Rogaine to thicken my facial hair as i can barely grow a beard, it's more like a half patched beard haha i'm still young so hopefully my beard will grow thicker, but i'm willing to consider stuff like Rogaine to see if helps grow a thicker beard or at least give a faster beard growth. It looks like the only bad thing that could happen is that i grow a hole in my wallet but i may give it a try if it can help me grow a Lazar Angelov beard Big GrinBig Grin
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02-28-2015, 03:38 PM
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RE: Faster beard growth and facial hair growth with Rogaine?
Also since i mentioned Lazar Angelov, do steroids make your beard thicker?? or make the beard grow faster?
A friend of mine was diagnosed with low testosterone levels some years ago in his late teens and he was given some kind of hormone or testosterone cream to apply daily to his skin to improve his testosterone levels, it was scripted by a doctor. The dude was like me, hairless like a baby and a good number of months later he had so much facial hair that he was complaining of having to shave every day and get the five o'clock stubble shadow by late afternoon lol

I know that in this forum we aren't supposed to discuss anything that could be illegal which is why i would rather ask this in this thread instead of opening a new thread to ask that. Like i mentioned my friend and the huge increase in beard growth may have been caused, if anyone knows, by the testosterone cream? His doctor gave him a permanent prescription for it so it was nothing illegal, just saying. He actually had to go thru seven different doctors to get the damn cream to fix his testosterone levels. He even had to see a psychiatrist lol that roid rage!!! Smile he also gained like twenty five pounds in the 1st year of use and it was all muscle as his mid section was lean and he had six pack abs (he was a 'skinny fat fragile' kid before going on the testosterone cream), he did need that stuff because the guy looked like a walking skeleton with moobs and flabby skin...
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02-28-2015, 05:28 PM
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RE: Faster beard growth and facial hair growth with Rogaine?
Pal be careful with prescribed testosterone. It converts to dht in different levels depending on your own chemistry and can make you lose your hair before you know it if you are predisposed to male pattern baldness.

I use Rogaine and I have noticed that my hair grows faster than usual when I was losing my hair. Male pattern baldness just messes around too much with the follicles so hair grows less, thinner and sometimes slower as was my case. About a faster growing beard I would really be guessing but Rogaine (Otc) isn't like Propecia that you have to be really careful with (Propecia).
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03-01-2015, 07:30 AM
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RE: Faster beard growth and facial hair growth with Rogaine?
You may get faster beard growth or not, I actually think that the interesting part of it all is growing a thicker beard. You can do other stuff to grow your beard faster like eat more protein and take vitamins and fish oil. The facial hair will grow just a tad faster and that's because you're probably not taking in enough fish oil or vitamins so your body is finally getting the optimal nutrients to grow a thick beard fast.

Rogaine works very well for scalp hair but those lads who are balding always get better results when they use other hair loss solutions like a better diet. I recommend the same to you even if you're only wanting to grow a faster beard.

I mentioned in your other Rogaine beard growth thread to be careful when applying the Rogaine on your face. Make sure that you don't get any of it on your eyes and mouth. Also you should be growing your beard first, even if it's only a patchy beard that you can grow now. Once you have grown your beard, you can then use the foam version of Rogaine to apply it to your face. It's very important to use the Rogaine foam product and not the liquid form.

What you're set on doing is experimental. Rogaine works very well on scalp hair, and it is not claimed to work on facial hair. All the medical research has been done on scalp hair, so they cannot advertise Rogaine as also growing a thicker beard even though there's anecdotal evidence that it does. I would still consult a doctor about your idea of using Rogaine or minoxidil to grow a thicker beard. I'm a barber and not a doctor, so what I post is just my opinion and not professional health care advice.

About Lazar Angelov and steroids, I hope you're aware that Lazar Angelov's beard is photoshopped to look thicker and he also uses Toppik for it. This was discussed in the same thread you link so I don't know how you haven't spotted that and you're sill thinking of Lazar Angelov as the god of beard aesthetics.

About steroids, if you're talking of testosterone derivates then they usually help with growing a thicker beard. Your friend may have been using a DHT cream which is the male hormone responsible for beard growth. DHT is also responsible for male pattern baldness so you have to tread on a thin line when using DHT when prescribed by a doctor. Usually older guys get the testosterone and DHT creams but it's not rare for younger guys to be prescribed those creams or testosterone shots.

One of our barbershop clients is in his early twenties but he was diagnosed with hypogonadism so his testosterone levels are so low they're close to a woman's testosterone levels. As soon as he got on the testosterone shots his body began to completely change and he grew a thick hipster beard in no time. Apparently he started balding some time later so he had to get his testosterone dose fine tuned. He still keeps his thick beard and is very happy with how the shots helped him to finally grow a beard.

I just want to say one more thing, just cause your beard to be patchy and not thick, that doesn't mean that you have low testosterone levels. I'm adding this extra bit because I know that you Machado are a bit of a hypochondriac Big Grin

Also don't mess around with testosterone or DHT if you're really wondering about that. it's not worth the possible side effects just to have a thicker beard. In the last picture of yours that you posted you look like a healthy young guy, if you had low testosterone you would not look like you. It's quite possible that you have healthy testosterone levels but your genes simply mark for a patchy beard.

Cheers mate!
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