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Facial Hair and Beard Color Ideas - Merman Gallery Guide 5 2
Facial Hair and Beard Color Ideas - Merman Gallery Guide
09-11-2018, 03:15 PM
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Video Facial Hair and Beard Color Ideas - Merman Gallery Guide

Beard Coloring Ideas for Facial Hair Styles - Merman Trend

As with men's hairstyles, one of the latest trends is to dye men's hair with atypical colors and, of course, facial hair and beards could not be any different. This is sometimes called the merman trend and results in quite the colorful looks in many cases. Thus, in our quest to spread the merman trend, we give you this beard colors inspiration gallery for those of you intending to dye the stuff that covers your face.

Word of caution, be very careful when dying your beard. If the facial hair is short (less than two inches) then avoid bleaching it so as to use your chosen base color. You run a serious risk of burning your face if you go down the route of bleaching short facial hair. Your best bet is to use a temporary dye that has the least harmful ingredients it. Glitter is optional (and much less aggressive on your skin). Those of you with naturally light-colored facial hair should really count yourself lucky if you want to go the merman way.

Any questions, let them know.

Facial hair and beard style color ideas:
All types of beard styles to suit just about any taste. Glitter-colored facial hair is also included.

[Image: f8eadb5d9345f9d982e530fbb74012ab.jpg]
[Image: bc8a9738d5a885042c9c8f85eb613e3c.jpg]
[Image: cac0518d93d93bc0c336192ddf85a675.jpg]
[Image: 67e4a096bf93eea749b27a9cba522e16.jpg]
[Image: d346d52768e0ae5708526feaa2644e39.jpg]
[Image: 598c378fd55b2afe34c5f38c704a8729.jpg]
[Image: 693999033da3584bc6da1ca40cdf5327.jpg]
[Image: b95fbd0a18cd89e43b66a3f61a47453c.jpg]
[Image: a523edb135d61b94f8eae4e19ab7a61c.jpg]
[Image: 3ab2462deadb297c7ebc1a4bb8fae6d4.jpg]
[Image: bf7ddf5fd0891377bfa6a5cc1b938adc.jpg]
[Image: 9c09273139bce1e123200a5838329656.jpg]
[Image: 73dabdf1f0e16a463675f99cabbbe621.jpg]
[Image: 205539de43285b3257131fabbd52d95d.jpg]
[Image: 48a848f245410eb63ac895eedebe01a9.jpg]
[Image: cf48606e551d225c703c7fea2e665f1d.jpg]
[Image: 25cd0356cb48832d76ecfb246f3da2f1.jpg]
[Image: 38547adf779e02cba70c14f208494351.jpg]
[Image: ae3c6a4e6a8ca0e838aa25d2790f9ce5.jpg]
[Image: 24f99a37715446b8777b1ed95ac706ac.jpg]
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09-11-2018, 04:17 PM
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More merman beard color styles.
What? You thought that this would be the end to our epic merman beard coloring gallery guide? Not a chance. Here's some more inspiring ideas to color your beard and facial hair as you may feel like doing.

This thread will be updated continuously, so make sure to check it out from time to time as we post more pictures too.

[Image: 43b876363bbb08c3add2d9bf9ff2b584.jpg]
[Image: 755ad65999fe2ed79203643987579814.jpg]
[Image: 655310b6774c4fe214b8fd10195106b0.jpg]
[Image: 6f66ae7ce6e1cf7d3326dd55af297738.jpg]
[Image: 8d02c08bd04927e43f4a7acbb0a29da8.jpg]
[Image: 928e114a20efcda5e21e85bd9460e2f2.jpg]
[Image: 56e3b7943f074ecc7869d4a61588c9e0.jpg]
[Image: 01561a7d02990faa6e6057ff82843ff1.jpg]
[Image: 27233031af02f832f49ff3aed2b91f82.jpg]
[Image: bff611a2d2ee24f4847b3c8c947ae8a8.jpg]
[Image: 10650962fc5f10d24ccf3930424695ac.jpg]
[Image: a5f8275ee4525886a3d6e6d5d5334a32.jpg]
[Image: f26d31dc0cd6b3134246b920024ac43a.jpg]
[Image: 16e1fb0d85f2e76757fa5b993e804e7b.jpg]
[Image: 86b4a5dcd7f4c71d01b7dc9cef2ad49c.jpg]
[Image: 84dda8c8fa90dd0bc0d244e529d24183.jpg]
[Image: 7d003ebf66197ad0fad6411f0af2af91.jpg]
[Image: 3702376119f9bb6f96b87cf5caf26769.jpg]
[Image: c5a77d5646dd8e97a837a5849f06ef76.jpg]
[Image: 67865073143a694b041edcd30f5cab7c.jpg]
[Image: 65eaac31006f0ae3447bda15f361bd3c.jpg]
[Image: ad0aaa760782467ea2da3debe727f801.jpg]
[Image: 0a4cd46df0acadedc23cc45d411a668a.jpg]
[Image: 9b61aa07511606ae54c23b1faa7708d8.jpg]
[Image: 2d5beec74882e47b5137837247502809.jpg]
[Image: cb4df68f1160d57aa10b41461c0ff937.jpg]
[Image: 7b4425f494afd2009f6892b4fdbba48e.jpg]
[Image: 3a2f681209c1edc641c4df30f5f9aed1.jpg]
[Image: b8388efc6738c647a94982dcdb11400f.jpg]
[Image: 31942ff207710dcca74f6676c66180dc.jpg]
[Image: 6c8703789f3a119c84bf8b9430066ca7.jpg]
[Image: d58b99c09b95efd1818c6df65ab1debb.jpg]
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