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Face shape haircut and hairstyle guide for men 0 0
Face shape haircut and hairstyle guide for men
10-31-2014, 09:19 AM
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Face shape haircut and hairstyle guide for men
This is a face shape haircut and hairstyle guide for men. It covers the 6 face shapes in men and the best hairstyles and haircuts for each face shape. I am starting this as part of a discussion that we can have with other barbers and hairdressers as well as regular forum members.

Bradley already started a hairstyles and face shapes guide and I posted the guide below in that thread too. I would like though to keep this guide and thread as the suggested best styles and cut for men according to all of you working in the hair profession or those of you with experience alone of finding your best hairstyle.

To begin, your stylist can determine a haircut that is appropriate for your facial shape but if you want to choose the best haircut for your face shape, it's important to recognize the characteristics of your face and how it impacts the hair style you need or want.

Haircuts should fit the shape of your face and enrich your overall appearance. Here are the main facial shapes and what they require when choosing a hairstyle or haircut.

Round Face haircuts:

A round facial shape means the face is has width with rounded cheekbones and a rounded chin and jaw.

Men with a round facial shape will want a hairstyle which is lean with the sides short or tapered and more length on the front and top of the hair so as to offset the round chin. Round faces call for a square cut with a side part to minimize the circular effect. See the businessman haircut with taper cut and side part in the link for a great haircut and hairstyle for oval faces.

Oval Face haircuts:

An oval facial shape has a slight rounding of the jaw, and the face is egg-shaped without atypical features. This is usually considered a desirable and handsome face shape as almost any hairstyle will suit this face shape.

Men with oval faces can choose their haircuts based on the style they prefer, and middle parts are fine. If a man has handsome features such as bright eyes, then the hairstyle can be chosen so that it is trimmed at an eyebrow length and emphasizes the eyes or any other facial traits. On the other hand, if the ears are large, then this can be offset with a fuller hairstyle with plenty of length on the sides.

Square Face haircuts:

A square face features a more vertical jawline, a face almost as wide as it is long, and squared cheekbones. Men with square facial features will want a haircut with short and tapered sides, with the top of the hair longer as for example in the Ivy League haircut (see the haircut in the link). Hair should taper down around the ears and the hairstyle should overall be square as well as it follows the contour of the head.

Long Face haircuts:

A long face on a man is longer than the width, with cheekbones at the same width as the jaw and the jawline often sharply rounded. Men with long facial features need a haircut that is lengthier on the side and short on top to de-emphasize the length of the face.

Layers help provide balance for a long face as so does a haircut that keeps the hair length even all around the scalp. Also, some men with long faces favor short beards or eye glasses.

Diamond Face haircuts:

Diamond face shapes have narrow foreheads and jawlines with the cheekbones being wide. The goal of the haircut here is to de-emphasize the wider cheekbones and add balance to the narrower forehead and chin.

Bangs and side fringes can work well to de-emphasize the forehead. Longer and curlier styles work and are sometimes preferred by men with diamond face cuts.

Triangular Face haircuts:

Men with triangular faces have a pointed chin and wider cheekbones and forehead. Bangs and side fringes can help de-emphasize the facial triangulation just as it does with diamond-shaped faces.

You want a haircut for triangular faces that will narrow the forehead, so a clipper taper or fade haircut on the sides of the head is a good haircut for a triangle face. Some men with triangular face shapes prefer to wear their hair longer as it gives the appearance of a longer and stronger jaw and chin. You can check these long hair men pictures for a lot of pictures of long hair that can give you ideas for future hairstyles if you have a triangular face shape.

Make sure you and your stylist get together and agree on your facial shape and haircut before the hair cutting begins. The right haircut can be a winner for the shape of your face if you just take the time to consider the hairstyle as part of the overall hair shape that you want to achieve now and in the future.
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11-05-2014, 01:11 PM
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RE: Face shape haircut and hairstyle guide for men
This is a very good face shape tutorial. Sometimes when I read a tutorial in another website it is only for straight hair or for perfect hair. The tutorial is not for regular hair like curly hair or different styles.

I lik this forum because the barbers and professionals of the forum consider the regular hair of the regular people like us. So can I ask you if this face shape guide can be used for curly hair?

I would like to translate this guide to Spanish and print it to take it to my hairdresser. He likes to cut my hair short all the time but I tell him I want a new haircut. He says that curly hair is ugly so cut it short Huh I want to change my hairdresser but this guy is cheap. Anyway I want to show this guide to him and he can learn new tips to cut hair for face shapes. Can I use this guide for curly hair?

Thank you!
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